It Is Warm Today

So that’s why I’m here blogging right now ;P Lately I’ve been not in my blogging-self mainly because of the cold weather. Since today the day is quite sunny and bright thus I should grab the chance to do some updates. Actually, i need to sit facing the wide window because here is where the PC located at. During lower temperature day I need to put my feet facing the heater which situated at my right side because of the coldness. I can’t stand to let my feet freezing. So it is pretty hard since I need to twist my body and of course that’s so uncomfortable position for me to blog. I need to be in good mood and comfortable before I start thinking crucially on updating my blog. Yeah I know it shouldn’t be that crucial merely just to update about what had been happening around me but I guess it is because Engl*sh isn’t my mother-tongue, so that’s why ;P Furthermore I usually blog in long hours and yeah I don’t know what takes me so long to produce an entry ;P

I’m so eager to go back holidaying soon. In fact I’ve started doing some preparations for this such as cleaning up the kitchen a little bit and checking the food stocks which nearly to reach expiry date. I need to use those foods in my cooking or bake something in order to finish them and by this Sunday I’ve planned to do spring cleaning in the house. I hope hubby is going to give full cooperation on that day ;P It is not that he is not such a helpful husband except that sometimes he likes to do things in his own pace which would affect what I’ve planned and needed to do. I’ve instructed that he will be handling the kitchen simply because I think he is much reliable in that area (I can make full use of him ;P ;P ;P) while I’ll be cleaning up the rest of the house. And of course I can’t wait to pack the luggage woot-woot! But that will have to wait until next week. However I’m already worried because it seems like the souvenirs for families are like… so many and that’s already gonna conquer at least half of the luggage space.

Owh yeah Happy Aid*ladha to all. How’s your raya? Hope that it was benefited wisely. Not merely to enjoy with all the foods and new clothes. But the message that lies behind the holy day is what was important. Although actually I didn’t perform the Aid*ladha sunat prayer and in fact we lived the day just like any other ordinary day ;P. Hope that we understood what Aid*ladha really means. One more thing is… I came across a few blogs of M*slim bloggers. Some of them commented about the practice of slaughtering the animals. Some said that they think it looked violent to slaughter the animals in the public and they pity the animals. Well, I really can’t agree with them. This practice isn’t simply be done because of the passed down traditional culture but it is summoned by Allah to Prophet Ibrah*m.

I think the animal are much grateful and proud to be the chosen ones to be slaughtered with the name of Allah rather than died in a non-Islam*c way. They actually died in an honored way. So we shouldn’t really be pity for the animals. But this doesn’t mean M*slim doesn’t pity road killed animal victim or hates animals for examples. And after all the slaughtering of course should be carried out in a very proper way fulfilling all the terms and regulations as stated in Islam*c teaching since one of the reasons is to minimize hurt to the animal. There are reasons why the slaughtering is carried out in the public and why the slaughtering practice being done at the first place (I’m not gonna list them down though) and if I’m not mistaken we are even encouraged to go see the practice. Well… after all who am I to talk about this? But I don’t think any M*slim should let his/her mind be affected by the way of non-M*slim (only a few non-M*slim) thinking regarding this or anything that had been stated by Allah. By saying that M*slim is violent and slaughtering animals during Aid*ladha as a proof that Isla*m promotes terros*sm is such a SHALLOW thinking. Sometimes I wonder don’t they think how they can get to eat the burger, steak, sausage and so on first before starting accusing others ridiculously? *rolls-eyes* 😛 😛 😛

Anyway this month so far has been a month full with surprises and joy. Congratulations to all my friends who had given birth to cute, healthy and not forgetting miracle babies. Congratulations too to some friends who had just found out that there is bun in the oven on the way! Owh I admit it I really envy you guys and happy for you of course! 😀 Although I’ve experienced the wonderful phase of life myself. But now I’m wishing my late ‘Ab*d is gonna get baby sister or brother soon too someday, InsyaAllah. Don’t even dare to ask about this though and don’t even think of it 😛 I think maybe I miss all the beautiful moments I had before. It was indescribable! After all Allah knows best what’s actually best for us. So I’ll just keep praying and trying ;P To a few friends who are going through a very difficult moments in life… please keep holding on! There are surely reasons behind what had been fated. May Allah grant them with patience and strengths to go on lives.

On other thing… after months of none M*lay-movie-watching moment together, we finally managed to do so last night. Actually we watched S*pi on the night before but since we started late so we managed to watched about 3 quarter of the movie. So last night we continued to watch the remaining. Honestly I’ve watched the movie a month ago through a blog. Even though I didn’t concentrate while watching it for the first time but truly to say I was really moved by the movie. Seriously I would give 4.5 out of 5 to it. I even think that it is much better than C*nta. I told hubby about the movie and suggested that we really should watch it together. Before we started watching the movie I had warned him to concentrate and keep silent. However there were many interruptions from him and so much comments and questions too. I told him to shut up and just watch since because we were actually in the cinema (as if) so we couldn’t make noise. In between when there were touching scenes in the movie he started to kiss, hold hands, hugs and say that he loves me and so on (dia memang slalu macam ni kalau tengok movie ada part2 romantic) which actually came much to my annoyance. I told him again okay okay let’s just watch and concentrate until one time I just hugged and totally ignored him until the end of the movie. Thennn only he understood why I didn’t answer his comments and questions (I didn’t want to spoil it!) plus of course I wanted him to feel all the emotions as in the movie. Sigh… so much of a quality movie time together huh?! Cuba kalau dia tengok One P*ece anime episode ke kalau langit runtuh pun confirm dia tak sedar kot? 😛 😛 😛

By the way I made cinnabon last weekend after days of procrastinating. I need to finish up the cream cheese plus I really crave for some (no I’m not pregnant). However due to some wrong technical methods my cinnabon turned out quite upside-down and soo messy. But you never judge book by its cover. The taste of it was soo yummy that once the combination of sour cheese and sweet cinnamon plus the so soft yet chewy dough combined on the taste buds, would make me craving for more! You guys should try it, really! I got the recipe from here. Here is the picture of my cinnabon. I really didn’t do justice to its taste, did I?

I thought of answering the tag given by Kak Azr* but after looking back at it… I think I may save that for next entry. Obviously because I don’t think I can give short answer to each questions ;D

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