Patiently Counting The Days

It is about 8 degree C at the moment. The weather is gloomy,very windy and actually drizzling too. So it is pretty cold outside and… inside hurm~~~ The autumn is going to an end and soon the winter is gonna sets in. Last week unbelievably it had already been snowing. So of course I was shocked with the sudden freaking cold temperature. We ended up spending the whole day around the heater. Apparently on that day the whole west J*pan from north down to the south received heavy snow due to the cold wind from the northern hemisphere blown down from above. Fortunately it had been snowing very little and the snow melted once it reached the ground on that day in our place. Compared to other places in the west side which got their soil all whitish covered with thick snow.

Somehow living in single unit house made the atmosphere in the house much colder. Sometimes I feel like living in a cool box, really. I wonder how am I gonna face the absolutely much bittering cold coming winter with bountiful snow. It’s gonna be like living in the freezer by then. I’m sure I would rather let myself grilled and burnt on the heater rather than shivering in coldness. Imagining myself as a grilled Y*mame fish. Mmm sedap dimakan ;P Even at this moment of time I always get myself covered in my beanie, 1 t-shirt and not only 1 but 2 sweaters, a tight inside of my pant and a pair of warming socks hubby got for me from the pharmacy. Not forgetting that he bought me a tube of warming cream too. That’s how crucial I already am within this phase of coldness. Besides, I feel fat within these layers of clothes.

Yesterday was quite sunny and I must say that I was quite relieved. Actually I think I’m starting to catch cold. My nostrils and throat feel hurt. Last night I was sneezing a couple of times and blowing on runny nose. A few days back hubby got the same symptoms too and on Tuesday he was down with cold. He came back as early as 10.00am since he couldn’t stand the tiredness once the cold set in. So I was playing nurse and doctor for him until yesterday. He got quite an earful from me of haa tulah… jangan buat tu… kena buat ni… tula degil… dengar ke? and so on. Poor my not-so-little Baby Bucuk! Well… I nagged because I was worried sick and I cared a lot for you, that’s why. So just live with it and let me be me okay ;P Now back to me… I think I got this from hubby. Who else?! I hope it is not worsening to real cold what more down with flu. Owh I just got to know 2 days ago while Googling how to prevent and cure cold and flu that cold and flu are actually different sicknesses but only their symptoms are quite the same. However flu is usually followed by fever and more severe compared to cold. Now hubby is playing doctor for me and he nagged me to take the medication. I haven’t taken the pill yet because I don’t like it. Don’t tell him!

Talking about this reminds me of last year’s winter when I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with late Lil Munchkin. I was down with severe cold and flu. It was really one of the most tormenting moments in my life and miserable too! Owh it was hubby too who brought back the virus. I feel angry every time I remember about this because I don’t understand why I wasn’t given medication to cure the sickness when we went for check-up. Perhaps it was because of our fault too that we didn’t insist and due to miscommunication the midwife and doctor thought it wasn’t severe. Despite of the truth that I was in agony to catch every single of my breath every night. I cried in the middle of the night and slept in sitting position since lying down would only make me suffocating myself. Well my Hubby Bucuk being the forever great sleeper he is didn’t realize what was happening at that time since he slept like a log until the morning. In fact he didn’t know many things I used to do when he was asleep since the midnight until dawn. Of course now he already knew. Anyway… last time it took quite some times for me to recover. Since then I am so prone to catch a cold up until now. Maybe the immune system in my body hasn’t been so good yet. Perhaps next time if I ever catch a cold or flu again when I’m pregnant I’m going to pester the doctor to prescribe me some medications by hook or by crook! Ayang, please take note of this!

The left side of my head and neck felt hurt too last night. Fortunately it already subsided a little especially after very helpful massages from hubby. Thanks Ucuk! XOXO 😀 Great thing about him is I can always bug him and be like a baby whenever I feel want to ;P ;P ;P I love being pampered especially when I don’t feel physically or emotionally good hmmm~~~ Hey he too lurves being a baby okay ;P That’s surely one of the things we share in common. By the way I always got headache at one side of my head especally on the left side since 6 months ago. Luckily most of the times it was just mild headache and it happened very rarely nowadays. Hopefully this is only because of wrong body posture and position or because of the settling hormones in the body. Hmmm, whatever.

Since it is already getting cold day by day, this is the major cause why I found it is so hard for me to blog at the moment. I’m experiencing brain-freezes, fingers-freeze, feet-freeze or by other words everything is getting freaking freezing on me and all around me 😛 😛 😛 Owh no! The heater is runned out of gas! Why now?! No, I won’t fill the gas. I would rather stay freezing and wait hubby do the task for me ;P It’s his job! Siannn lah siapa jadi husband dia ni? ;P Anyway I have listed down some things to do before going back holidaying in Msia. Some of them are of course souvenirs hunting for the families which will be done starting this weekend and spring cleaning the house like to clean up the toilet, kitchen, fridge and so on. I must make sure to leave the house looking gleaming, glowing, and refreshing filled with lovely fragrance so that it will welcome us in the most pleasant setting once we set our feets into the house later 😀 That surely gonna help us rejuvenating after the long hours journey. By the way, the first thing we wished to do once we reached the KL*A is to storm the K*FC. Arghhh I can’t wait! 😀 Just so you know, I dreamt of eating K*FC’s chicken a few nights ago goshhh! This is what happened when you have been away from home for so long. It has been 2 years plus since the last time we got back.

My foods-hunting list ;P


What else to tell? Well… nothing interesthing has been going on lately. Day in day out, everything is pretty much so mundane. I can’t share everything in the blog so that left me with almost nothing ehee 😀 Owh yes, I was craving for cinnabon the other night. In fact I was salivating to sleep! It was all out of a sudden. No, I’m not pregnant duh~~~ and please be warned that is the LEAST favorable tease I wished to recieve. I planned to bake it on the tomorrow of the day but only to realize that the yeast had already finished once I had everything already readied on the table. So, I made some apam pisang instead. Very easy and yummy! Still, I’m planning to bake some cinnabon in time to come since I have like many more days to survive before I reached home soon. Sigh… I really want some!

Some foods.

Whereas these are a few pictures I took when we went up the hill near our village a fortnight ago. Living in this mountainous village make it common to be surrounded by mist and fog. But this is the picture of moving evening cloud during gloomy day. It was raining earlier in the afternoon. So the cloud was quite thick and low and on its way evaporating towards higher altitude. I never thought that I could actually get into the cloud. Seemed like another one of my dreams had actually come true. I DID get into the CLOUD! But… you can’t actually jump from cloud to cloud, still. Those cartoons in TV are liars! ;P Actually, we wanted to capture last scenery of autumn from above the hill but we couldn’t because the scenery was all vanished hidden within the cloud.

See how the moving cloud nearing the village below the hill at behind of us.

The mountainous autumn view in front of our house.

Sigh… since now the sun sets as early as as at 4.40pm… I use to feel very lonely and boring when it is already dark. I feel like I have to wait longer until hubby comes home from work. Perhaps this is because I’m not feeling well so I’m becoming more cranky and clingy towards him. Ucuk, please bear with me! *smooch-smooch*.

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