5 Years In Relationhip

Happy 5th In-Relationship Anniversary to my ever dearest hubby. So, 5 years ago today was the day hubby proposed me to be his girlfriend. We hadn’t met each other yet at that time. In fact we only knew each other for only about a month before that. Still… I agreed to accept him as my boyfriend. Although our courtship period was very short which most of the time it happened in the cyberspace, despite of the progress was quite monotonous, I didn’t give him much hard times wooing me and in fact he agreed it that it wasn’t so thrilling during in the process of stealing my heart…. but still today I’m so glad that it happened anyway 5 years ago 😀 Not really a big number if compared to many other couples who had gone through like 8 or 10 years of kisah cinta agung before they finally tied the knot. Still, we are in the process of producing our own kisah cinta agung since we got married like 3 years and 9 month ago. I’m praying for more happines in many more years to come, InsyaAllah 🙂 I love you so much Ayang Ucuk XOXO.

However there isn’t gonna be any celebration whatsoever except that I’m gonna make some special dinner on today or tomorrow. Even on last night when I wished hubby before sleep he didn’t have the idea that it is going to be another anniversary for today. He flatly said that he only wanted to remember the solemnization day, so less the date to remember 😛 He wished me too anyway, plus some cuddlings and kissings and we reminisced a bit back on the first day. Anyway… by special dinner means, we are going to have foods that I rarely serve on the dinner table. Well, nothing so special actually like burger, some fries and chips, mashed potatoes and some salads. We love burger. Especially for the fact that no place we could order burger in anywhere in this country, had actually turned us into big burger fan. I seldom make burger because it consumes so much time and energy. I have to actually make them from A-Z, you know the patty, the bun, the grilling the baking and so on haaah~~~! That are so many works to do. But still… it all worth it when we take the first bite on the burger then 🙂

By the way I am fasting today. I missed 14 days of fasting during the R*madhan. I even missed to fulfill my plan to fast during the Sy*wal. I didn’t fast even for a single day after raya what more to reach 6 days 😛 This dawn, I had a doughnut with a plain water in the bed inside the thick blanket beside hubby who was snoring in his sleep. It was so cold! So I took the box containing the remaining 2 donuts from the kitchen and refilled my tumbler. I dozed back to sleep before getting up for the dawn prayer then. This morning while having breakfast hubby asked which doughnut I wanted while his hands were busy opening the box. He was shocked that he had no choice since I gobbled down the one with chocolate flavor earlier, and left him the one with custard flavor hehe ;P

I did the laundry right after hubby off to work since it was sunny in the morning. Unfortunately the sun was hidden right after that up until now duh~~~. In the meantime doing the laundry, I curled myself in bed with the heater on. After I completed with the laundry task, I went back to sleep until noon. I was so tired since I had quite a restless sleep last night. I kept waking up because I didn’t feel comfortable with my stomach, the cold weather, the position and so on. I don’t know why. Poor hubby that he keept awakened by my constant tossing and turning in bed too. Anyway, it occured in my mind this morning that… why do I always feel tired and hungry as early as getting up in the morning when I decided to fast on that day? Why I don’t usually felt like that during the day when I didn’t fast even though I didn’t even eat for the whole day? ;P Huh… so… I don’t feel energetic right now. Usually I would start preparing dinner after As*r prayer but as for today I’m gonna finish up some fried kueteow from last night’s first for breaking fast later.

Owh yes, my main reason to blog today is because I wanted to tell what did I do on the weekend. Well, we went for autumn-viewing finally on the Saturday in G*fu. I forgot what is the name’s place but it is quite a famous one too. There was calm and wide river far down the terrain and the splendid colors of leaves were all along the rocky terrain from above. The water was green in color and there were boats bringing the visitors to enjoy the view from below. But I didn’t know where the port was actually situated at. The view was really enchanting which at one point, we thought that there were gold or coins thrown in the water by the visitors. Then only we realized that it were only the fallen yellow leaves from the trees above. The golden color leaves really sparkled from the surface of deep dark green river. However unfortunately, it was drizzling on that day. The atmosphere was a bit gloomy and misty too. So… we didn’t get to see and capture the clear variety colors of the leaves. Or else the colors of the leaves would definitely be more shining and highlighting under the sun rays. By the way the place was actually situated beside the road and the are for the viewing was quite small too.

After about an hour there, we preceded towards T*ki. While we were on the way, we stopped at a restaurant parking area. There was a small garden there and there were beautiful trees with yellow and red color leaves. We spent some minutes taking pictures there too and really satisfied with the outcome 😀 We reached T*ki at about 1.00 pm. It was our first time going there. That is the nearest outlet from our place actually. Before this we had gone to N*gashima Outlet Mall in M*e-ken and K*ruizawa Prince Shopping Plaza in N*gano-ken. Well… since the place is quite new so there was no other places to visit all around the shopping outlet. The previous outlets we went have more beautiful architectures and scenery compared to T*ki’s. We did some shopping of my needed stuffs. Honestly… I had been longing to buy those stuffs since quite some times and by having those stuffs, I could replace the old ones and make things a bit handy for me. Thanks Ayang for buying those things for me *smooch-smooch*! Yeah… you know it I don’t have money and as you always said your money is also my money, right? So… I guess that should eliminate the guilt a little bit ;P We were there until about 3.30 pm before finally we decided to go home.

While on the way home, I fed hubby with some lunch box I prepared earlier. We were really starving since we didn’t have anything in the between since after the breakfast at home. Actually I thought we could so some picnic under the trees if we found a suitable place and the weather was good. I brought along the picnic mat and stuffed everything in the picnic basket. Unfortunately there was no luck for us to picnic so we had to picnic behind the wheels instead 😛 We stopped at a R&R to perform prayers and finally reach home before 6.00 pm. Talking about performing prayers while outing. I always feel more comfortable to wear my telekung. Sometimes I would even wear the telekung complete with the bottom kain. Usually the clothes I wore were already covering my aurat from top to toe. But still I always insisted to hubby that I wanted to wear my telekung. Yeah… he always the one who had to stand the stares from others hehe ;P I didn’t care though because I was busy praying and I knew that hubby was always there accompanying and guarding me ;P

Whereas on yesterday, we went out for autumn viewing again since the weather was quite better compared to the day before. But still it wasn’t sunny in fact it was grey, misty, windy and cold. We went to the park near our home. There weren’t many types of trees there and most of them were only orange and red in colors. But still we had fun taking pictures and they turned out very beautiful too 😀 If only we had a DSLR camera they would be even perfect ;P Then, we went to the suppa… ate and took away some doughnuts and bought some groceries. We reached home when it was already dark. So basically, that was it how our weekend took place. It seemed like the luck wasn’t really on our side since past weekends because the weather had been gloomy all the time. Perhaps better luck next week? InsyaAllah. But I hope the trees won’t go even halfy naked yet 😀

Autumn-viewing pictures taken in G*fu and in our place. (Gambar2 actually lawa tapi jadi tak okay bila upload dalam Ph*tobucket tatau la nape)

Foods I prepared recently.

Honestly I am really not in the mood to update the blog nowadays, even for bloghopping, leaving comments, replying comments or even to say hi. I’m so sorry guys if I just keep being silent. I feel like I’m so occupied with stuffs or is it because of the brain-freeze? Somehow sometimes it makes me feel good just to keep silent and ignorant from what is happening outside of my world 🙂 But still as for today… I’m making an effort to blog also because I wanted to tell about my blogger friend Yatie who is organizing quizes in her blog and the winner will get the chance to receive gifts posted directly form her in Dubai, UAE! Actually I kinda late in promoting her blog but I guess better late than never, right ;D Opsss be warned that you gonna need to read this entry or this which listed down all the regulations and conditions ruled by her first, before you are qualified to take part in her quizes. You might still have the chance to win something from her so go click her blog now!

Last but not least, I found THIS while blog-hopping. I always have this kind of thinking even though I’m not a millionaire, YETTTx1000. So it was really surprising that I got to find a real millionaire who have the same point of view and actually living by it, everyday! This is really inspiring and different from the usual typical thinking most people usually have in mind. Come on, do spend some minutes and take a look at it! 😀

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