Gloomy Weekend

So… we didn’t go to visit the grave in Y*manashi on last weekend. After discussing, seemed like there were some unavoidable circumstances which made at the moment as not a suitable time for us to go there until after our holiday in M*sia. Since I don’t need to blog everything in here… so let’s just leave it there without elaborating further.

Somehow… maybe it is good for me to not to go there yet in short time to come due to what I said in previous entry. If you could noticed which part. Sebab as usual… I don’t share everything in the blog. Moreover, my never-end prayers will always reach him every time; no matter during whenever and wherever I be at for the moment. Lagipun pegi sana bukan ada apa. The cemetery area is also very well-maintained by the monk who also acts as the caretaker for that area. I don’t actually need to cabut rumput ke apa ke. Owh in the wide cemetery area ada sections for each religion including Isl*mic Cemetary section ye. Karang tak cakap ada plak yang rajin tanya soklan bernas yang malas sungguh nak dijawab. Anyway I got to see a picture of his grave from a friend when she and her family went to visit their daughther’s grave last 2 months. It looks good as always and the small plants we planted were still alive. Basically… that’s more than good already. Perhaps, we will go there after coming back from M*sia next year and at that time we can fix new tombstones at the grave too. We are planning to order a new tombstones set for his grave and my PIL had already checked on this and they said it will be better if we go to see by ourselves and select the most suitable one. Hopefully we can find the one that has high resistant with the weather and not soo heavy for us to bring in our luggages later. However… I’m still hoping too that there will be a suitable square fence set for the grave. Or else… we have no choice other than to order the square fence in here much later. Semua ayat2 memujuk hati sendiri hahaha!

Also… we didn’t go for any autumn-viewing last weekend mostly because the weather was gloomy almost all the times. It had been drizzling alot every now and then… the ground was wet… the mist was thick and all we could see was grey environment and got our pants soaked every time we got out. We could find a better spot still if we wanted too but the big thing is autumn scenery isn’t at its peak yet at our place. We could hardly find any golden and red autumn view yet except 1 or 2 trees at here and there. Well… it has just started in here for the leaves to change to significant colors. Perhaps by next weekend or another week to come the weather will be very promising enough for us to enjoy autumn-viewing. Owh I can’t wait! But… there is also a spoiler. Hubby needs to go to T*kyo this Saturday for work and he needs to work too on the next Saturday phbt 😛 😛 😛 Which means… I only have like only 2 days of precious Sundays which I must not waste at all. I pray that nothing will spoil the day and especially not from me or hubby. Or else definitely I will meroyan sebab kuciwa tak dapat autumn-viewing. Ayang… you are warned here hahaha! Kalau Rinny sesaja merajuk pun silalah pujuk tauuu! I kan drama queen ;P ;P ;P

Owhhh by the way… yup we are going back on this coming new year, yeay!!! woot-woot!!! Makcik sangat happy yer! 😀 😀 😀 We will be going back on December 20th, 2008 until January 10th, 2008. So that’s gonna be like 22 days or 3 weeks to be exact. That’s actually not so much of time since if we divide by 2… hubby and I are only gonna spend like 11 days for each family side. At the same time, there are lots of things we need and need to do and there are also many places we need to go. I already have such long lists for Things To Do, Things To Buy, Foods To Eat, People To Meet and so on hehehe ;P I’m gonna blog about this and show my lists when the date has reached me nearer. I really want to meet the soo many long-time-no-see friends so I really have to organize our schedule wisely. But still… I just need to say that families and our personal matters are on top our priorities. So, to whom it may concern… I’m gonna try my best so that we can meet up okay? If not, I hope you will understand. Anyway sesiapa nak ajak g open house new year ke nak belanja makan ke nak ajak jenjalan ke sangatlah dipersilakan ye muahaha! ;P All in all… there will be like 55 days? before the exact date. Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan so that we both boleh pergi dan balik dengan selamat, InsyaAllah. Amin. Tolong doakan jugak ye ;D

Lastly, now I’m gonna answer the tag given by Kak Yati previously during the fasting month kot. Kan? 😀 I don’t know thew title of the tag. So… here it is…

1. What were you doing five years ago?
That was in 2003 isn’t it? I was in my 2nd year in university. All I can still remember is, that was the most thrilling years in my life. I didn’t study much and I didn’t know why I was so dumb to waste my time in university not studying. I was busy lazing around. I was at the lowest phase of my life in term of everything. Langsung takde apa nak dibanggakan. Kinda a bit lost but still striving to improve myself in terms of study. The main reason was I got too carried away being in love with my exbf. Although once in a while I could sense we were not suitable for each other but still I stayed in the relationship because I thought love need sacrifices and I didn’t dare to hurt him. But it turned out he was the one who decided to dump me.
It was during the beginning of the year. Well the turning point was actually because he had family problem and it was on its most crucial time. Thus he became lost in everything and didn’t care about anything else. Which obviously shown that he wasn’t a good man for me. The incident eventually made me hurt my parents too unintentionally. To cut the story short, I kept chasing him to accept me back and he kept running away from me. That was going on for good 2 months until one day I became soo tired with all of that and was at the point of started to dreadfully hating him. I just realized that why I was being so stupid to put myself with all the troubles when he never care about me at all. That was when I started to hate him so much and kept praying that if only I never met him before. Later… it was during the mid semester holiday that I got to know hubby indirectly via my best friend. It was duirng the end of the year. It all happening so fast and I am so grateful for what had happened between me and my exbf. My exbf did try to befriend me but I said to him thanks alottt for leaving me. It was really a blessing in disguise since actually God had a better plan for me. He blessed me with the most amazing person as my other half who will always loves me back unconditionally and appreciates my presence in his life. The rest is history 🙂 There were so many lesson learned from the breakups (gatal ni banyak exbfs ;P) especially from the latest but one thing I learned the most was it obviously doesn’t worth it at all to hurt all other people who loves me and myself even more merely for a guy. There are so many people around me who really care and love me so I shoudln’t be selfish to others and ignore their feelings just like what the exbf did to me. Of course I can say this now since I’ve already met my Mr. Right hahaha! Kepada adik2 yang bercinta… kalau putus cinta jangan sedih lama2 sangat dan jangan buat benda2 yang bukan2. Semestinya ada orang yang lebih baik untuk adik2 nanti. Jangan cakap I can’t live without him ataupun takde orang lain yang lebih baik/sesuai dari dia. Belum bercinta lagi dah luka parah macam mana lah plak dia boleh jadi yang paling baik/sesuai ye tak? So semua itu adalah bullshit hahaha ;P Lebib baik doa kat Tuhan supaya cepat2 bagi kiter lupakan exbf yang berkenaan dan cepat2 temukan jodoh yang betul. Talking from experience. Kalau dah tak suka ur partner pun cepat2lah clash. Buat apa nak go on with the relationship if the love is no longer there kan? Soon or later mesti diri sendiri or the partner will hurt even more badly. Opsss talking from another experience kehkehkeh! Owhhh ditujukan untuk adik2 saje ye hohoho ;P

2. What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
Clean the house
Cook for dinner
Take a look outside
Wash my hair
Do some calculations on a few thing

3. What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
I don’t really eat snacks. But I love…
Pastry like pie and puffs
Green tea/ Red tea/ Coke

4. What are 5 jobs you’ve had?
I never work officially yet. Owh, only for once as a practical trainee for 4 months during my 2nd year in university. At the moment, I’m a homemaker and I love it to the bits.

5. People I want to tag?
As Comei
Mai – Mommy Rayyan


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