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How’s your weekend? I’m sure most of you have had the chance to stuff your tummies with loads of delicious foods from the open-house, or open-houses to be exact? Well… ours weren’t bad either, we managed to fill up our tummies by taking bites on fresh apples and pears from the trees. Except that of course we needed to pay for the entrance, while attending open house is definitely free. It was on last Saturday that suddenly hubby decided that we were going to apple-picking. Actually I didn’t have that in mind and thought of doing some window shopping at first. But I didn’t object either upon his plan. I did question back for a confirmation but he didn’t answer.

Well, he was being cold towards me because we had a fight on the night before. Nothing major really but I reached my limit then burst. But he thought I was being gaga over it and not reasonable thus he got mad and annoyed with me 😛 😛 😛 We woke up late due to the dragged fighting until the middle of the night. You know things like… I spoke up to him… he talked back to me… I cried… he ignored me… I asked why he didn’t coax me… he told me that it wasn’t his fault so he didn’t need to… I sulked even more… he got angrier and so on :P… To cut the story short, so after waking up on that day; I thought no way I was going to waste such a lovely day. I went to him and saw there he was lying in front of the tv watching to his anime. I lied next to him and hugged him but he ignored me and said not to disturb him 😛 😛 😛 That was when I asked him about going out and he answered me nonchalantly about the apple-picking.

Just so you know, we are living in the town of apple and pear. Which means there are all apple and pear orchards available in every directions from my house as near as a sight away and as far as at the edge of the town. Once got into the car, hubby just drove away and finally decided to stop at a quite appealing apple and pear shop. Just like any other shop, the orchard situated right at the back of the shop. There were quite a number of customers at this shop and in fact there were a small tour bus which brought quite a number of pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik from elsewhere. Once I entered the shop all I could here was oishi ne… oishi ne… nak dekat 10000 kali. Which means each of them would say oishi ne… for an average number of about 1000 kali kot? Okay, of course I was exaggerating there hohoho! We scanned the fruits in the shop and then paid 500 Yen per person to get into the orchard. An obasan lead us the way into the orchard and she gave us a basket to put plucked fruits, a small trash pail and a knife. There were about 2 or other 3 families in the orchard too and we sat at the cafe like round table and chairs.

The apples seemed like not at the peak of its ripeness yet but still already ready to be plucked. I noticed that the trees exposed to sun light have the fruits more reddish compared to other trees. The obasan showed us which trees ready for apple picking and which one we couldn’t. She also told us the kind of apples available in there. But we couldn’t care less and all apples looked the same to us. All we knew was there were green apples, red apples and pears available in the orchard and we just searched for the big ones to pluck. We ate like 3 pears, 2 red apples and 1 green apples before we became so full. The fruits were indeed very big, heavy and definitely fresh and crunchy too! Apparently we didn’t take lunch before going out so that’s why we managed to gobble down quite a number of fruits. By the way, I brought a peeler along in my handbag since both of us didn’t know how to peel a fruits skin using knife hihihi ;P Plus being an ever prepared me, I brought along a tumbler of water to drink, a handkerchief, a small pump bottle consisted of water for easy hand-washing and a few pieces of kitchen towel for cutting space 😀 That was why I had my spacious tote cramped ;P Nasib baik aku tak bawak sabun sekali ;P

We were there for about 2 hours because we spent like half of our time there taking pictures with trees and fruits hohoho ;P We were the last to left the orchard. We plucked 4 apples to bring back and paid about 400++ Yen. The pakcik thought we were Ind*nesian but we told him we are M*sian. Obviously because I was wearing scarf so that’s why he was asking. But we didn’t tell him that we actually live quite nearby hehehe ;D Anyway, we were lucky that he gave us 2 more extra apples; not so fresh and big ones but still way much better compared to the ones sold in the supa. Seems like we don’t have to stock up our fruits supply for 2 to 3 weeks to come, yippie! 😀 Actually the orchard we went this time is about 10 minutes away from home. Hubby didn’t want to go to the ones nearby the house because it might not be so exciting especially he afraid there would be people he knew in there hehehe ;P Well, think about act-tourists hihihi ;D

Here are our pics on that thay. Well… having the face covered with the smiley, I can’t really share what were expressions that we had on that day; right? I’m giving you guys the freedom to imagine how we were feeling like hihihi! ;P But of course we were happy lah ;D I think this kind of place could be a very romantic wedding venue isn’t it?

On the Sunday nothing was interesthing since I was left home by hubby. He went to F*ji Q with the trainees. Actually it was as usual one of his job to bring the trainees sight-seeing. I could tag along but as usual we think that it was going to be troublesome if I tagged along. So he promised me to bring me there at another time. He left the house at the wee hours of 6.00 am and reached home at neary 12 midnight. He brought back some H*lal P*kistan-Ind*an foods he bought from Y*amanshi when they stopped for dinner. We don’t have any H*lal restaurants in our place by the way. So, I really enjoyed my foods consisted of nan, vege curry, chicken curry, butter rice? fruit yogurt, tandori chicken, beef something and spiced fish, chicken and prawn. Yummeh! *Mekacih ye Yang! XOXO* I saved my tummy since the morning to give space for these foods, you know. But I only managed to eat half of them. The thing about P*kistan or Indi*an curry I noticed is, the smell of their curry could last on the hands for as long as 2 days despite of the amount of soap I put and scrubbings I did.

On yesterday, Monday; apparently hubby was having public holiday. So, in the afternoon I just reheated back my last night’s foods and asked hubby to join me. He kept refusing by saying he bought it for me lah… he had have enough on the night before… he pitied me and knew I like the foods very much and bla bla bla. But at the end, the foods were finished by half of them landed into his happy tummy *rolling eyes and gnashing teeth grrr!!!!!* Belakon baik je dia tu. Siap curik2 lagi from my plate. Ceh memang selalu bagi betis nak peha tau ;P ;P ;P *Kasih ditarik baliklah macam ni! hehe* Then after that we went out for some window shopping. There were sales at the places we went but nothing caught my eyes. Finally I only grabbed 1 purple top and a pair of pajamas. I love the pajamas so much because it felt so comfy while trying it last night and it has pink ribbons and small pinky flowers. Soo kawai!!! But I haven’t snapped the pictures of the clothes and I have dumped them into the laundry basket. But please believe that the pajamas is really kawai okay ;P Lastly, we brought some groceries and headed back. On last night before going to sleep we had good laughs watching the movie, G*t Smart 😀

As of today… the weekdays routine have started back as usual. It is raining today since the morning and it is definitely very cold. I turned the heater on beside me but this heater isn’t that powerful I think. No doubt, it is a very old one 😛 It is 3.40 pm and it is 12 degrees C brrr! Hmm… the rain has come to sprinkle now. I’m gonna cook nasi lemak sambal sotong for tonight’s dinner. Balik2 benda sama. I don’t have any idea what else to cook ;P Okay, I better drag my butt to the kitchen now.

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