My Raya Journal

Hi, I’m back. So… how’s your raya? Mine was better if compared to last year. Actually this is my third raya abroad and the sixth for hubby. As of now my raya has officially ended. I didn’t really feel sad or syahdu whatever on the 1st Syawal since perhaps because I’ve gotten used to it and I kinda expected it already of how it should be. But of course I missed the foods more than anything else as always. I’m soo jealous! Yeah… I missed the families too but I do miss them too on every other days. So… basically that didn’t make any difference on the raya day itself. My principle is simple… hari2 pun boleh mintak maaf n hari2 pun boleh rindu2. In fact hari2 pun mesti mintak maaf n ingat families sumer tau 🙂 I couldn’t care less about raya as long as I have beloved hubby (though sometimes meny*mpah dan rasa nak lari dari rumah ;D) with me, nothing else matter. But of course if I have hubby and could celebrate raya just like in M*sia at the same time it would be a bonus! Perhaps that’s gonna be 2 to 3 years to come. Well… we’ll see.

*alamak pakcik (xingat nama) tgh potong rumput kat luar lor. bising laa. takut pun ye. tak suka. tapi takpe… rumput dah panjang! mekacih pakcik! jangan potong memain tau! (sebab penah sekali dia potong macam tak potong je :P). nanti cukup bulan mintak kaisya bayar lebey kay haha! ;P alamak… camner nak sidai kain ni?*

Honestly… I really don’t have the mood to blog 😛 Not that I have interesting stories to tell pun kan? Well… I do have lotsss of stories but everything has already gone with the wind and I couldn’t care less to even think to write in here. Hihihi I do sound soo lazy right now. Yup, I really am! So, that’s why! 😀 Moreover I have soo many things to do and at this point of time everything has piled up and I feel so unsatisfied with myself. I feel so non-productive. I really have to start back whatever I have planned to do and finish up the projects I have set up one by one. What projects? Nothing important pun but just as for the sake to fulfill my desire, needs, and satisfaction; that’s all. One of them is to sew all the clothes that need fixing so that they can be worn again. That is a need and is a must! Hmmm malas! Anyway, my bloghopping activity is going on as usual. I visit all other friends blog as well as all my silent readers blog too. Hmmm yeah… I rarely leave comment nowadays or even a simple Hi. Honestly haritu n skrg macam xsempat2 nak visit sumer blog. Sorryla ye. Even to a few others’, I never leave any reciprocate comment yet. I maluew la ;P If not nanti kiter sama2 dah tak jadi silent readers dah la kan hohoho ;P

Throughout past R*madhan I think I only manage to shed off 1 kg more or less thus makes my weight now is about 46.5kg. Not much of losing isn’t it? Perhaps it is because the fat that left in me is the stubborn fat which I have restored since before I got pregnant or might be long before that. However as an overall of course I have gotten back in shape already a few months ago. Only that I haven’t achieved my target yet. Yes, I want to be kerempeng so let me be okay ;P Well, I’m gonna talk about this next time lah. Somehow I’m afraid if I have gained weight pertained to raya festival’s foods. There were lots of foods although not as much as if in M*sia. I ate more than usual but kept reminding myself no to go overboard though. This is also why until now I have restricted myself not to cook various raya foods all at the same time or consequently one after another. There must be breaks in between or else all my efforts of losing weight will go down the drain. I am not gonna let that to happen 😛

Owh let’s see how did my raya took place. On the night before raya, I cooked chicken rendang, nasi impit, steamed glutanious rice, and prepared some salads and cucumber. Actually I was craving for lemang. Then it occured to me that suddenly it popped in my mind thus blinking the bulb in the center of my skull to improvise the way of cooking the lemang. I shouldn’t really need to fire lemang on the ground using bamboo, should I? 😛 What was important to me was to get to serve the taste of lemang on my tastebuds, that’s all. Of course the taste, shape, and texture of my ‘improvised-lemang’ were huge different compared to the original one. But as long as ada rupa and rasa sket2 dah la hihi ;P So… that was why the steamed glutanious rice was in the menu. I put in thick coconut milk secukup rasa, a bit of salt, a bit of water, pandan leaves for the smell and finally tadahhh! There I was savouring the taste of rendang and ‘improvised-lemang’ in my mouth, yummeh! Alaa yelah panggil pulut je lah! Poyo je nak panggil lemang jugak haha ;P Ke I am the one yang ketinggalan baru terpikir to make lemang this way? ;P

After having dinner on that night, hubby tried to call his family but all handphones were unanswered. Tengah bertakbir kot sumer orang. Suddenly my father called us and he and my brother insisted to talk with hubby. Hubby told my brother about me making lemang by saying, “Kak In* buat lemang! Terer takyah guna buluh pun! Jadi plak tu!”. Hahaha rasa nak gelak guling2 masa ni when I heard hubby cakap semangat plak tu. Comel la Ayang ni kan! XOXO I also called them back when they already got home from my grandparents’ house of my mother’s side. I got to know that the whole day they were busy membakar lemang untuk makan sendiri and orang2 kampung tempah. They also masak rendang dalam kawah outside of the house as usual. Alamak teringat rendang paru. Sedapnya! 🙁 Then, we continued watching tv. When we were about to end the night, hubby wished raya greeting to me in bed dengan penuh gedik. But I didn’t entertain him because he should wished me on the tomorrow of the day itself lah kan.

On the 1st Sy*wal nothing much happened since hubby has got to work on that day. Unfortunately raya fell on weekdays this year. Hubby didn’t take leave since kalau cuti pun we weren’t going anywhere since we are living quite far from any mosque or surau and nothing much we could do that day. Plus hubby needs to save his annual leave balance for coming holidays in M*sia soon. I served the rendang and my so called lemang I made on the night before for hubby during breakfast and off he went to work as usual. We didn’t even wish raya greeting towards each other perhaps because we didn’t even remember or feel like raya at all except that we didn’t need to fast anymore. Throghout the day… I just called my mom in the morning but I didn’t get the chance to talk with others since they were still at the mosque. I asked for forgiveness from her, mintak halal sumer2 and mintak doakan then she suddenly started buat suara sedey. I teased her and langsung dia macam bengang hahaha! ;P Then I told her I would call again on the night because it was so cold and I wanted to continue sleeping. So much of hari raya for me kan? ;P In the afternoon till evening, I started to cook 2kg chicken rendang for the party with the trainees on that night. I also cleaned the house a bit. But when hubby got back from work he told me suddenly the party was cancelled so I just distributed the rendang to them and hubby helped them grilling the satay. He brought back the marvellous satay and peanut sauce. The trainees also sent some chicken rice and marinated fried chicken. All in all… everything was delicious and definitely it was good to taste others cooking. Even tak berapa sedap tapi masih la sedap hingga menjilat jari. How’s that? ;P

After hubby was done with all the grilling and lepaking with the trainees; he got back and called his family. He also told MIL about my lemang thingy hoho! Again… hubby was being comel. Dia mesti tak paham why I say like this. In fact I don’t think all of you would understand too hihi 🙂 On 2nd Sy*wal… nothing special to tell about. I made some custard marble pudding because hubby said the trainees wanted to visit our house. But they didn’t come pun sebab hubby didn’t invite them hihihi 😛 So I told him to send the pudding to them aje. Alah rumah jauh selangkah je takyah datang pun takpe lah hohoho ;P After that, I called my family again and heard to their stories. We were YM-ing with them, talking and webcam-ing. They sent me the raya pictures and we chatted about so many things and of course nearly 80% of them were all non-sense things lah ;P On 3rd Sy*wal also nothing interesting to tell only that I baked yummiest chocolate cake (it was my 2nd time and I’m gonna stick with this recipe always) in the afternoon, ironed our clothes; and prepared for the stuffs to cook chicken rendang again. On the 4th Sy*wal just after the dawn, I started tossing everything into the wok and let the rendang to simmer and dry.

Actually, we were invited to celebrate raya with others in other parts of N*gano and their place happened to be far up north compared to us who are living far down south. Jauh ooo! Masak duduk dalam kete! They invited us last year too but we couldn’t make it. Some of them are already working and some of them are still studying. There were only 1 girl but still definitely I had so much fun to be around them. There were lots of foods like laksa, nasi Turki? (I can’t remember), beef rendang, mutton rendang, peanut sauce, satay, nasi impit and including the cake and chicken rendang I brought. I didn’t eat much since we were busy chitchatting and taking pictures using their canggih DSLR cameras. Actually we reached there quite late at 3.00 pm and we spent time there for only about 2 hours before we decided to leave. It was already dusk in the horizon. Owh yeah everybody was donning in traditional baju raya except hubby who was wearing t-shirt, shirt and jeans. Buat rosak gambar je hihihi ;P Somehow, we went to K*ruizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, the outlet plaza. Hubby managed to grab 2 jeans and a hoody at L*vi’s. We got into C*uch outlet too but I couldn’t think properly since it was already nearing closing time, 8.00 pm. I hate to shop in a very limited time so I really wasn’t in the mood. We also didn’t take any picture with the K*ruizawa trademark background since it was already dark and I wasn’t in good mood, remember? So we decided to leave since we have long journey home. Finally we reached home by 10.00 pm and feeling incredibly exhausted.

*budak2 trainees tengah bising2 in the compound in between our houses. what on earth they are doing ye? by the way, rumput dah pendek yeay! this time pakcik tu potong betul2. bagus ;)*

Regarding baju raya, my mother ordered baju kurung for me but I told her not to send the baju to me since I thought of wearing that baju during any occasion which gonna take place when I’m home soon. At the first place, I didn’t think I was gonna celebrate raya in other place except home either. Fortunately I was offered with a red kebaya from a friend. I got that baju just before hari raya from her since she decided to pass the baju to me because it didn’t fit her right when she tried it. Turned out the baju fit me perfectly! 😀 Somehow the baju has reached me much as a saviour. The best part is I looked slim in that baju kebaya on that day, yippie hahaha! ;D Or else I would have to wear my blue baju kurung without a matching shoes, tudung, and handbag and definitely I would be looking fat. So, thanks very much! 😀

Here is the picture of us.

raya in saku-shi

So… that was it how my raya took place. As an overall it was quite an okay one according to perantau standard. Well… although it is already a week after raya but I haven’t really got the chance to eat trademark raya foods. I wish to make satay again maybe on this weekend and lontong some times later. Obviously I’m not gonna make rendang anymore since I have had enough of it. As for raya cookies, I only made 1 raya cookies since it seems like I have many other cookies sent by my mother and MIL. I’m afraid to see these varieties of cookies what more to eat them. So… I think I’m gonna postpone making other cookies much later. But if I feel rajin… maybe I’m still gonna make them since actually I plan to give some cookies to some particular people. Hmm we’ll see.

Chocolate chip cookies. The only type of cookies I made and it is hubby’s favorite too.

choc chip cookies

All the cookies posted all the way from M*sia. Gigih angkut ke hall nak amik gambar nyer pasal. All are delicious and sinful isk isk!

Hari raya dishes we had at home.

Pictures of some of the foods we had for iftars during past R*madhan.

Now, before I end it… previous entry was actually my first attempt trying on digital scrapbooking hihihi ;P I know it looks well… not creative at all. But not bad for a start I think, no? Now I’m hooked with doing this stuff. I’m so excited and engrossed each time doing it and couldn’t complete 1 peace yet even for hours because there are soo many embellishments, fonts, papers and whatnots to choose from. In fact, I even don’t know which picture and what theme to start with every time! ;P

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