Happy Fasting!

I’m feeling so dragged right now but I want to make an update anyway. It is raining cats and dogs outside with the loud thunder and flashes of lightning every once in a while. Should I or should I not stopped already and turn the pc off? It is scaring me. I think I better have a peek outside.

***After 1 minute***

Wow! It is snowing outside! In the middle of summer?! Hihi no it is nottt….. There is a tree beside the house which have small white flowers. The flowers just bloomed lately and the petals keep falling down the trees every time when there is wind blowing. It looks just like a sakura tree to me. Or might be it is also a type of cherry blossom? But it is summer now and cherry blossom only blooms during spring, no? Well… I really don’t know what tree it is. But I think it is beautiful and fascinating. There is white petals fully scattered on the grass because of the heavy downpour and strong wind blowing right now. Despite of the gray environment I still feel very peaceful to see such view. I really should take the picture after this 🙂

I never realized about the tree before. Of course I knew there is tree outside beside the awning where I usually hang the clothes. But I thought it was just a common tree with green leaf. But one day I accidentally had a glanced outside through the sliding door glass from the bedroom and I was gasped with what I had just seen. I straight away said, “Ehhh salji???”. I rushed to the glass then only I realized the presence of the blooming white flowers. It was windy on that day and it was indeed captivating to see the petals falling slowly just like snow onto the ground. That instantly reminded me of one type of white flower cherry blossom tree which hubby likes. He kept mentioning about to find such cherry blossom during last spring because he was boring with the usual-well-known-pinkish-sakura type.

Here are the pictures how it looks like outside…

Well… it seems like the downpour has subsided. Good. Now I can blog peacefully. Hmmm on last Tuesday, August 26th marked our 2 years ‘wedding-reception anniversary’. Read it carefully… it is ‘wedding-reception-anniversary’ and not ‘wedding-anniversary’ hihi 😛 Yeah… as I had mentioned in the blog a few times before, our wedding reception only carried out 1 and half years after the solemnization ceremony due to we were busy with our studies… we didn’t have sufficient time to run everything in a short period… we were far away from each other and also… we simply didn’t want to add more headaches to what we were already having. The parents preferred to carry out the reception ceremony right away but we vetoed so that was it! Terbalik plak eh? hihi. Despite of people kept talking like… “Ehh lamanyer tangguh?”“Ehh peliknyer?”“Eh baik takyah kawin dulu kalau macam tu!” and so on. Pedulik apa? Bukan korang pun yang nak kawin kan? After all… we were soo glad that we have very ever supportive, understanding, sporting and open minded ‘parents’… in fact we still are! Love ya ‘parents’! 😀 Why I use apostrophes there? hihihi ;P It simply means ramai betul orang yang menyibuk bercakap masa tu. Padahal our parents tak cakap apa pun. Eloklah diorang utamakan apa yang wajib daripada benda yang remeh2 tu betul tak? By the way… we will be celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary coming February 2009, InsyaAllah.

I reminded hubby about the wedding-reception-anniversary last weekend and the conversation we took sounded something like this…

Me: Eh Ayang… next week wedding receptionnya anniversary lah!

To which sepantas kilat he replied…

Him: Alaa tak payah la. Bukan yang tu. Ingat yang lagi satu tu je dah la. Semua nak celebrate-celebrate malas la. Banyak sangat upacara-upacara *pok pek pok pek pok pek*…!

I felt annoyed and instantly retorted back…

Me: Eee apa nih! Orang cakap je nak ingat kan. Sapa nak celebrate. Ish macam makcik! Bising je!

I laughed heartily and pinching-pinching him from behind…

Him: Sayang la… *pok pek pok pek lagi*…huh!

Kehkehkeh! So on the day itself when he was at work, I smsed him saying, “…bla bla bla happy 2nd wedding reception anniversary…bla bla bla arini abang masak…bla bla bla”. To which he replied, “…hepi 2nd wedding reception anniversary to u 2 *love-lip-lap-lip-lap*… malam ni rinny masak k..*pink-smiley-with love-love eyes*…” Kehkehkeh it was funny to me. But when he got home he said I must be on cloud nine while reading to his sms. Nyampah! Anyway he hardly replied my sms except for the extraordinary occasions like this one. On the night, I made bolognese sphaghetti… mushroom soup with garlic bread… corn… salad… and mayonnaise roasted chicken. Quite special than usual but it was only a coincident. Not that we wanted to celebrate the day but I wanted to finish up some food stocks like the instant bolognese spaghetti sauce and the instant mushroom soup. Hape? We would be kebuluran lah if semua tu I wanted to masak sendiri. I just improvised the instant ones with fresh stuffs. That’s all. But we did wish the anniversary before eating. Syarat je lah hihihi ;P

Anyway I’m now having infection in my right eyes. At my lower eyelid to be exact. Hubby brought me to the eye clinic on Wednesday and the doctor said my eye got inflammation. But when I brought the prescription given by the doctor to the pharmacist. He explained as if I am having a ketumbit. I’m just guessing here. Actually he mentioned that I got ‘monomurai’ as the name of the illness in N*hongo. Is ‘monomurai’ means ketumbit? Sapa tau? But I just don’t think it is ketumbit lah. Because it feels and looks slightly different than the ketumbit. My eye feels very itchy and the eyelid is red inside. I think it is just inflammation in the eyes. Kena jangkitan bacteria kata doctor ye! I remembered that on Tuesday while we were ready to sleep suddenly something got into my eyes. It was dark and I just rubbed the thing out with my finger. It felt like eyelashes but I wasn’t sure. So… I think I got the infection from my dirty finger or the thing that got into my eye. But the irritation has subsided, thank God! since I have been dropping the eye-drop medication that I got.


Well, that was what I wrote on last Friday, August 22, 2008; but I didn’t finish the entry hence that is why I’m putting it in today’s entry. Okay maybe some of you are wondering apsal tak publish je then today buat je lah entry baru hari ni kan? Tak pun alah citer dah lepas buang jelah kan? Honestly I also don’t know why but I think this is my way lah kot in producing an entry. Penat mengarang Friday’s entry tu and macam biasalah kalau selagi the entry tak cukup panjang melepasi piawaian I will definitely be feeling dissatisfy and weird. Soo not me lah kalau entry tak panjang hehehe ;P But I’m trying hard actually to write shorter entry. Setakat ni belum membuahkan kejayaan.

So as of today… it is not at all raining and in fact it has been rain-free since Monday. No more flower-snow falling down to the ground. My bacteria infected eye also is getting better. I still put the medication since I can still see the very tiny red spot left in there. Anyway how was your fasting so far? Mine… well I only fasted on the 2nd day since I’m back not fasting today phbt!!! 😛 😛 😛 I really don’t like this but what choice do I have? I don’t want to be left with so many days I have to replace fasting. Hubby came home from work very early on the 1st day. By very early, means he reached the house even slightly before 5.00 p.m. Kecian nyer baru hari 1st puasa dah macam tu hahaha! He said that actually he didn’t feel tired or hungry at all but he was feeling soo sleepy that he couldn’t really do his work. As for yesterday… he came home at nearly 8.00 p.m. We only had our proper iftar after he got back. By the way imsak at the moment is around 3.55 a.m whereas Maghrib is around 6.14 p.m.

During last year I was newly pregnant with Lil’ Munchkin so I was being extra-miserable for the whole 1 month over my craving towards Pasar R*madhan foods. So this year’s is way much better. Although I’m trying hard to prepare delicious meals for iftar So that at least I could feel a bit similar like celebrating R*madhan at home. However the good thing was last year I could fast and perform T*rawikh Prayer complete for 30 days. Unfortunately for this year awal2 lagi dah rongak!!!!! Oops I haven’t wished you guys yet, have I? So, Salam R*madhan to all of you! Please forgive me if I had done anything wrong towards any of you in any possible ways intentionally or unintentionally. Maaf yerrr sebab saya tau saya tak-jahat tapi tak-baik jugak. Tapi saya tetap chomel! <== biarlah orang nak perasan ;P Semoga R*madhan kali ni akan kiter manfaatkan dengan lebih baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya, InsyaAllah.

Hmmm I think I’m gonna make chicken curry for today. Yummeh! Before I start to cook… let’s take a look at what I have cooked during past previously days. Korang kat M*sia lambat lagi bukak poser kan? Tengok2 lah ye? ;P ;P ;P

I don’t know what is the name of this fruit. But I think it is the adik-beradik plum or peach kot? It was too sour for us to eat. So I made it into pickle supaya tak membazir…


Past weeks’…

2nd day iftar’s…

Below is picture of my right hand fingers. I think I didn’t realize that I have touched something which later have caused the skin on my fingertips to peel off. There is slightly a spot on my palm too. It feels very sore and it is hard for me to cook especially when the cooking involves chillies. In fact I am a righty so I use right hand a lot. I hope it will heal fast. I just put lotion anyway and it shows good recovery since my effort of putting some kind of oils were no to avail. <== ni pun nak citer ke?

My poor chomel finger tips ;P (well, they don’t look bad enough in the picture though)…


PS- I think this is my first time ever inserting other colors in my entry ;P

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