I Miss The Sea Breeze

Don’t worry, my entry this time xde part sedih2. Sorry lar I didn’t mean to make anyone sad. I just felt that I needed to express my feelings at that time, that’s all. Sedey2 jugak dalam hati but we both maintain cool, gelak-gelak, gedik-gedik and happy almost all the times, yeah! 😀 Apa2 pun kami tetap bahagia dulu, kini dan selamanya, INSYAALLAH. Amin.

I am left all alone in the house since hubby is in Nagoya right now bringing the trainees for sightseeing. Well… it is part of his job and he is paid to do that. I could join them but hubby and myself thought that it is a bit leceh if I tagged along. Last time hubby called me in the morning when they just arrived there and they were at the amusement park near the new outlet center in Mie-ken. Sampai ke situ pegi nyer semata2 nak main roller-coaster panjang tu ;P Kalau belikan handbag baru ke takpe lah jugak kan? kehkehkeh ;P I think at this time they have made their way to the beach sebab nak mandi laut katanya. Jeles nyer!

Anyway we went to Toyama-ken on last Saturday and only came back on Sunday. It was our first time reaching there and it was so much fun I must say. First and foremost thanks a zillion to the host family consists of PG, M*rni and little Za*na-chan for their great hospitality. Nanti boleh kitorang serang lagi ye? hihi ;D Actually M*rni had been inviting us to their place for so many times since she was pregnant with Za*na-chan but we never couldn’t make it because of a few reasons which kept restraining us. However Alhamdulillah we finally could make it on last weekend. I just made sausage pizza buns for us to eat during the journey and I also baked simple chocolate chips muffins for them. But despite of the good taste, my bun didn’t do justice for its look. Whereas for the muffin, it wasn’t soft enough as usual I made it might be because I didn’t stir the batter long enough until it was really moistened.

At first we decided not to spend the night there. But once we entered the car, ready to leave the house, we were shocked to see the total number for the time needed to reach there and what more the total distance between our places! We didn’t imagine it would be that far since actually technically our places are quite near to each other. Only then I realized there is a HUGE long mountain range between our prefectures so instead of following ‘I’ shape route as I imagined earlier which is actually non-existed at all, we had to use the only highway available and follow the ‘U’ shape route as shown on the car navigator. Fortunately I had packed our clothes earlier because I thought just in case we would spend the night there. We started our journey at about 8.00 a.m. M*rni did inform us about the new highway which would consume only half of the earlier total time traveled. Hubby thought that we would find the entrance to the new highway in between our journey. Not that we knew we were already on the wrong route since the beginning because the new highway is actually on the totally opposite direction hihi ;P

We traveled from the bottom part of our prefecture towards the top part, followed by entering into the left to the bottom part of Niigata-ken (the prefecture which was hit by HUGE earthquake a few months back), and then made a U turn and traveled along the high terrain facing the open sea coast before finally entering Toyama-ken phew! We reached there at about 12.40 pm right at their apatto parking area. We were served with Laksa Kel*ntan or L*ksam, tiramisu and rose syrup drink (one of the drinks I craved during pregnant before ;P) once we reached there. We filled our already grumbling tummies heartily and devoured all the delicious foods served burp! It was my 2nd time eating Laksa Kel*ntan and it was interesting to try new food 😀 Now I cant’s stop visualizing the Laksa Kel*ntan M*rni made causing me to crave for the usual Laksa K*dah I make nyum-nyum! Well… I already made it last night! 😀 Owh this also reminds me to ask for the tiramisu recipe of PG’s version. I have a few collection of tiramisu recipes and each has its own specific taste, that’s why I like it 🙂

Then after prayer at about 3.30 pm we left the house and went to the beach. There were so many people there enjoying the sea water or sunbathing. The car parks also were almost occupied. We found a spot and started picnicking and barbecuing there. Apparently the host family had prepared everything and the guys started grilling all the marinated chicken, beef, squid, prawn and etc. We were also joined by other M*laysian and I managed to get to know some of them. Well… as usual it was a good feeling to be surrounded by M*laysian especially the girls after quite some times since it is really a rare occasion in our place. When the sun was about to set… then only we got ourselves into the water. It was so joyful! That was my first time enjoying J*pan sea not like hubby since he had experienced this before for a few times. It was actually an open sea so the wave was quite fierce. Fortunately the authority has put up a few breakwaters over there so it was actually safe for visitors to swim. I got to see some people surfing and it was my first time too seeing such activity alive. Well… actually I don’t know how to swim so I just dipped myself all the time. The water was very salty… yeah of course duh~~~, a bit turbid and cold. Whereas for the beach was hurm quite nice actually but quite dirty too might probably because of huge number of visitors thronging the place everyday during this scorching hot summer.

After about 1 hour in the water the darkness was about to set in. So we moved out of the water and had a change. We are not sunburn since we got there when it was already late afternoon and the sun had made its way down to the west. Then after getting all the stuffs into the car, we separated from each other and made our way home. At night after prayer and resting a bit, we went out again with the host family. They brought us to a place up to the hill to see the night view of Toyama. It was e very beautiful scenery and we took some pictures. We never could enjoy this kind of scenery at night in our place since most shops stopped their businesses at 8.00 p.m except izakaya, pub, bar and the likes. Then we made way to a family restaurant and had some late dinner. We were already so sleepy to even eat so I just had a bowl of squid tempura salad, hubby had a plate of spaghetti while M*rni and PG had a glass of ice cream each. Za*na-chan had already fallen asleep on her ummi by that time. Lastly we directly went home then. After taking bath and doing whatever we should, we had a short midnight chit-chat before finally went into bedroom. I continued having some pillow talks with M*rni and finally dozed off at about 2.30 a.m because we were already knackered and it was already too late at that time. Gomen ne M*rni tak pasal2 je kena tdo lewat malam tu 😀

On Sunday we woke up at about 9.00 a.m. We took our baths and I packed our bags. Murni cooked some fried noodles, hot strawberry tea and air sirap bandung for us. Sedappp M*rni masak! Memang lah kalau orang masak semua sedap kan? Kalau tuan rumah goreng telur ajer pun mesti menjilat siku kesedapan asalkan jangan diri sendiri yang masak kehkehkeh ;P Actually M*rni is 2months pregnant with her 2nd baby. Betul2 rasa menyusahkan dia je plak. Never mind… nanti datang tempat kitorg lagi… masa musim ringo gari ke kan. I will cook for you plak that time okay 😀 After filling up our tummies, we left the house towards the Toyama F*mily Park. It was quite fun there only that it was very hot made us drenched with sweat. The park is quite big… since it is actually consists with a zoo area, picnic park, small theme park, activity center and so on. We had fun looking at the animals. Owh yes I love zoo by the way ;P Macam budak2 ke? Eh taklah jiwa aje muda hihi ;P After walking about half of the route around the park we were already tired so we hopped onto the zoo bus and had a thorough sight-seeing around the zoo. Glad that we took the bus because it was still far for us to complete the path and reach back to the entrance. I wished we could spend more time there and actually I really wanted to try the paddle boat but we were already running out of time.

Finally it was time for us to bid goodbye to the host family. They directed us to the T*yama-nishi interchange and we separated there. Again thanks so much to the host family for their treat towards us. Siap tapaukan air sirap bandung lagi sebab I mentioned to her it is hubby’s favorite drink and she even gave me some syrup rose cordial lagi. Wat malu je hihihi ;P Tapi suka! Thanks ye! ;D Well… I was rather happy to reach home fast since we were feeling already too tired. But at the same time I was really excited of finally got to reach Niigata-ken. I don’t know why I was so excited to reach there. Might be because I always thought that no way I ever gonna reach Niigata since it is quite far from our place. So… I was quite jakun along the journey in Niigata. Ni belum sampai Hokkaido lagi nih. Kalau tak lagi lah pengsan terus sebab excited sangat hahaha! ;P I told hubby we should stop at the borderline between both prefectures and take picture with the Niigata signboard. But of course we couldn’t stop since it was beside the highway ;P The highway was on the terrain of the mountain range which separated our prefectures. There were many highway tunnels along the seaside and we had to go through one after another. I was happy to see the blue wide open sea along the coast. I was rather sad too to be leaving such a very nice place. I love sea and I love it for the fact that I felt my mind was so peaceful as wide as the eyes could see upon the ocean. I felt as like all the burdens in my mind could finally be freed, fly away far from me and finally vanished from my view 🙂 Along the way… I tried to snap as many pictures of the sea as I could. I also tried to snap the pictures of any signboard written Niigata on it hihihi ;P Hubby thought I was being funny and non-sense ;P

Hubby decided to follow the long route instead of the new route since we planned to stop at the cosmos garden. The place is actually situated near one of the interchange along our journey. Honestly I kept bugging him since last year to bring me to any flower farm. At first I told him I wanted to go to a sunflower park in K*nazawa. Which meant we had to follow the new highway route. However turned out the park is slightly deviated from the actual highway route and furthermore M*rni said that the sunflower was already started to fall off since its season has coming to an end. So we decided to try going to the cosmos garden. We finally got into Nagano-ken and not long after that we got into the interchange and the garden was only about 1km from there. We reached the highland and I was so excited to finally got to be in that park. The garden is actually a place for snowboarding during winter. So during other seasons the highland park is turned into garden, agriculture park, hiking center or grazing farm.

We got to know that the peak season for cosmos viewing is on coming September. I was quite disappointed since I could only see green all around me and only little non-green colors. There was flower garden which consists of many kinds of flowers grown. I don’t know what are the names of the flowers but they were so magnificently beautiful. Same as the cosmos… the flowers were also still not fully grown-up and the buds weren’t fully blooming yet. Because of that, we tried to find a suitable spot to snap pictures with the flowers. But I’m sure it would be much more lovely and interesting if the flowers were already fully bloomed. As usual I became the instant-infamous-public-figure and the eyes were on me obviously because I was wearing tudung. It is a very rare scene… owh yeah they should see someone wearing tudung alive rather than in TV. Grab the chance and see me people! ;P ;P ;P Some people tried waving hands to us… some tried to smile and let them noticed and some tried to approach and create a short conversation. Well… they were just being nice and friendly… so that’s good actually. Since sometimes I encountered a few who obviously showed that they doesn’t like foreigners too especially M*slim.

Lastly, we hurriedly took a chance riding on the gondola. The weather was quite cool and the wind was blowing softly every now and then. I even had to take same picture of us for a couple of times since the blowing wind kept making my tudung kelepet 😛 We enjoyed the view towards on top of the mountain and told the person in charged that we directly wanted to make way down with the gondola because we wanted to reach before dark. It was a very serene and splendid view with rows of pine trees at our left and right, the view of the town down the highland, the big lake in between the mountains, the cloudy blue grayish sky, the foggy air and the green plants view which easing to the eyes. It was so SPLENDID! 😀 After reaching the ground we shared a cone of blueberry soft cream and exited the place. I really wish we would go there again next time before going back for good. We continued our journey and stopped once at the R&R? (I don’t know what they call it in here) to perform prayers and finally reached home at 7.15 p.m phew! 🙂

Owh hubby called again just now and they haven’t finished enjoying all the rides at the park. They are now queing up to ride the longest roller-coaster there *shriek*! Ambik peluang la tu bini xde kat sebelah ceh 😛 I hate extreme rides anyway. By the way… we are going to Nagano-shi tomorrow because we want to apply for re-entry visas. Yeah we are planning to go back for holiday during the coming new year holiday. May our wish be granted, InsyaAllah. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki, mudahkan jalan dan urusan, Amin. Nak balik! Nak makan baaanyak benda! Even list mengidam haritu pun tak habis qada’ lagi kehkehkeh! ;P Anyway, on the way back tomorrow we are planning to stop by at N*sah’s house in Matsumoto before heading to Suwa Lake to watch hanabi taikai. Tomorrow’s night gonna be the biggest hanabi taikai there. Whereas on coming weekend I guess we are going for picnic again beside the river. But I’m stiil not sure to just go with each other or to invite R*gine and her troops to come along. So… basically that’s how we are spending our natsu yasumi this time 🙂

Last but not least, enjoy the latest pictures of us during last picnic in here, holidaying in Toyama-ken and cosmos viewing in upper Nagano-ken 😀

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