Happy Birthday To Ayang Darling *smooch-smooch*

I MUST update the blog by today! If not I don’t know until when I’m going to continue procrastinating on updating the blog. As the title says it, last 2 weeks was my hubby’s 25th birthday… so that also tells why I set the entry’s date on his birth date July 9th, 2008 even though today is already July 17th, 2008.

Dear Ayang,

Happy 25th birthday to you. Even though I’ve wished you on your birthday but I think I owe you an entry in this blog for your big day. I kept procrastinating because I didn’t think I was prepared yet to write this entry. I need to do this properly. So… I’m sorry for the delay. Not that you care anyway but this is important to me since I have so much to say.

As I told you… when the time you were still fresh out from the oven I was already about 6 months old. I already could crawl and my teeth might start to appear too. I would have bite and bully you at that time if I were there with you. At that time you never can be mad at me if I do anything towards you huahuahua! ;P Honestly I don’t know why I have this kind of thinking… but I think it is interesting anyway.

I hope you like the cake I baked for you and I knew you did. I think that cake was much delicious compared to previous cake I made for you last year even though you think otherwise. Truly, my plan was to make a little hand print on your cake and wrote something sound like this… ‘Happy 25th Birthday Papa Darling… from _ _ _ _ (you-know-who)’. But unfortunately turned out it couldn’t happen that way… yet. But it was still okay… at least I could still make a cake for you this year. If there was an additional little member around at that time… I might have just need to ask you to order or buy a cake from the bakery by yourself simply because I couldn’t although I desperately wanted to make one for you. Never mind… perhaps… who knows next year I could realize this tiny dream of mine… InsyAllah 🙂

Ayang Darling… thank you so much for being the greatest husband from God to me, Alhamdulillah. Thank you for being with me during the times I need you most. Thank you for always never let go my hands and being my inspiration to move on. Thank you for sharing tears with me and always lend your shoulders for me to cry on. Thank you for putting me in the comfort of your arms when I am sad or can’t sleep at night. Thank you for sharing with me your strengths when I am at my world’s end. Thank you for whispering surety words to comfort me when I am scared of the thought that I’m gonna lose you. Thank you even as much as the uncountable stars in the sky for being the most amazing dad for our son even though it was for a short time. For I knew you too were striving to be the greatest dad for him too. If only he could… I’m sure he would present you with hugs and kisses and tell how proud he was for having a dad like you.

Again… happy 25th birthday to you, Ayang. Semoga Allah melimpahkan lebih rahmat dan petunjuk hingga ke akhir hayat. Semoga Allah mengurniakan kesihatan dan umur yang panjang agar dapat terus beribadat kepada-Nya. Semoga Allah sentiasa mengurniakan ketabahan dan kesabaran dalam menempuhi dugaan dari-Nya. Semoga Allah tingkatkan iman, memurahkan rezeki, mengurniakan kebahagiaan dan memberikan kejayaan dalam apa jua perkara yang dilakukan. Semoga Allah menjadikan kita umat yang sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat-nikmat yang diberikan. Semoga Allah permudahkan jalan dan segala urusan yang dilakukan. Last but not least… I pray to Allah for our loves to always grow until forever. Congratulations for actually you are already a Papa… and I pray that someday Allah will grant our wish and there will be the next one who can really call you by that name. Amin.

Also again… thank you so very much. As my appreciation towards you… I want to present you the most precious gift a wife could give… that are MYSELF and lots of I-LOVE-YOUs 😀

I-Love-You-Ucuk X infinity = I Love You So Much, Ucuk! XOXO ;P

Your lovingly,

Ayang yang sukaaa sangat baca blog orang (sibuk je!)… I want you to response for this entry in the comment box yerr hihihi! Please… I don’t want to hear and I don’t want to see any bersungut-sungut sesungut or any jelingan-jelingan ke apa ke tau… As I said many times before… make your comment into words ;P

So, that’s all for today. I have many other things to update actually but I’m gonna write them in next entry. Tapi rasa nyampah plak sebab font ni asyik jadi macam hape je. Furthermore I’m having this BRAIN-MELTING currently due to the so hot weather. Ya Allah! Panas la sungguh. Malas nak wat pape… asyik rasa nak melepek je. Owh tableh-tableh… kena exercise! Toodles!

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