Cobwebs Everywhere!

No… not in this blog but inside and outside the house! Grrrrr! Let’s get back to this later.

Well… it is finally sunny today and quite hot too. However fortunately it is quite windy so I’m quite comfortable with the weather today. Berapa banyak ‘quite’ lah? It was rainy for the past few days and yesterday was the wettest. I love gloomy, rainy, cold and saaad looking day because that really suits the conditions I am in now har har har! No, I’m just kidding. I simply like rainy day since forever except that it is bothersome when I couldn’t do the laundry or go outing. I hate it when I got all drenched (who doesn’t anyway?…) yesterday when we went out to buy groceries. Anyway my weekend was kinda boooring duh~~~. I planned it that we went to Toyama and Nagaoka for the past weekend but hubby thought it would be too tiring for him to drive for long hours on Friday night after working during the day. Plus he got a few things to settle with so we had to cancel the plan. Though actually I’m quite disappointed or else I could meet some friends and even make new ones. Never mind… there will always be next time.

Turned out… hubby went to help do some wiring at his friend’s house on Friday night then continued configuring on 2 new laptops because he needed to change the settings especially from Japanese to English and the operating system. The laptops are white color S*ny Vaio and white color T*shiba which I forgot what model. There are so cool I tell ya and of course there are ours, NOT! 😛 Well… there are trainees’. They bought for their own since they are going back to M*laysia soon. So as usual want it or not hubby is still gonna have to be their savior… and I’m the one who is suffering from negligence! 😛 Hubby had settled with 1 S*ny Vaio last week and the T*shiba yesterday. So now he has another 1 S*ny Vaio to work on left. I just hope he can finish with it fast because the laptops got his attention more than I do since for the past 2 weeks! Anyway… I’m not affected with the laptops might be because I once had my own for years… (ceh ayat belagak giles :P) before I gave it to my mom and furthermore not that I’m desperately needing one now. By the way we thought the T*shiba one is much cooler than the S*ny Vaio in terms of various aspects. Rupanya tak lah best sangat2 S*ny Vaio tu… Our own opinions aje kay no offense please.

I still haven’t got the chance to do the ‘real’ gardening activities since my handsome ‘gardener’… (kena la bodek sket ;P…) is soo occupied with so many things. I’m not really gonna plant the veges myself in fact I’m just gonna be the ‘mandur’ who is gonna give orders since I’m scared of the worm from earth. Yes… even the sights of the wiggling earth-worms and the not-earth-worms too will always make me quivers. The tiniest types of worms are much more scarier to me because they could get into the body. You see… the soil around the house is very fertile. It is brown to black in color and in fact the neighborhood is full with orchards everywhere. So this also means there are so many worms around. Last 2 weeks when I was hanging the clothes outside, I saw there was a long black fat earth-worm glided from the underground. I kept looking at it while doing my work since I feared it would come near to me. After a while… the worm reached the dried-soil area which exposed to the sun and suddenly the worm wiggling and jumping (yes it really was!) as if it got the shock of his life! I though might be he got depressed with the hot weather and just decided to perform suicide 😛 So I finished my work fast and got inside before I would be fainted just by having to look at the very eerie looking creature.

Anyway… I just hope my plants won’t die. My mom had helped planted cherry tomatoes and I had bought a chilly plant. I need to relocate them onto the ground before they get too big. My mom had planted curry tree too. But I don’t know… I just hope there will be chance left for it to live. I have bought a few tools for gardening and I’m proud to say they are still clean and shiny till today ;P I told ya I’m waiting for my ‘gardener’ to be available. Sigh… it is a waste of source! I really want to use the fertile soil all around the house but I’m just too scared with the all little creatures and the not-so-little-creatures which could sting and bite erk!!! Furthermore the soil doesn’t look interesting and clean like the beach sand you know… so I’m just scared of feeling dirty ewww! (wahhh gediksnyer menyampah! :P). Never mind… slowly there will surely be lovely plants around the house soon. I’m amazed with the locals because they make use every little space available around them by growing vegetables or simply flowers. In fact I believe I can see this kind of sights all around the country. I want to take this chance too… and by that… I have started learning about gardening. Hmmm… I’m sucks at this. By the way I want to try to plant some roses and lavender when the right season comes later weeeee! *grin* 😀

I’m feeling so full just now. Owh my weight have reached 50 kg *clap-clap’! so that means I have 2 kg to lose to achieve pre-pregnancy weight and 5 kg to lose to achieve my target-weight. I’ve just had my lunch of prawn noodle which I used spaghetti as substitution for the noodle. Not bad I must say. Plus if I’m not mistaken spaghetti contains less calories than noodle. Hubby said it was delicious even though the prawn wasn’t really enough. It is my first time making it and I’m sure gonna make it again later. The recipe is definitely a keeper! Urgh I’m sorry I can’t put up picture like usual I did since our camera is already broken down even though the camera isn’t at all that old yet. There is something wrong with the screen and might be we just have to buy new one (when?????). There will be no way I’m gonna buy any S*ny camera anymore phbt :P! My life is sucks without a camera and a baby ;P We have two camera phones and a digicam but I’m not so keen to take pictures using those things. I wish to show progress pictures of my plants too. Perhaps hubby will consider to buy new camera soon, amin. Apa? U nak beli kamera baru untuk I? Buat susah2 je. Thanks ye Yang 😀 huahuahua!

By the way… people still keep asking whether I’m okay or not. Well… guys I really appreciate the concerns towards me 🙂 I’m fine… most of the times, Alhamdulillah. Of course I tend to be a bit ‘jiwa-kacau’ sometimes but I think that’s normal. Don’t worry I’m not gonna bother anyone with my sighs and woes except to ‘you-know-who-you-are’ hehehe ;P Thanks to ‘you-know-who-you-are’ for being so faithful to always attend to me and being patient with me whenever I am in the time of needing. Although you might be busy with your own stuffs during your critical limited times to chase dateline and having to deal with your own problems but you would always still be considerate for me. I approached you all in a sudden, spilled out to you whatsoever I wanted to say and right before you managed to say anything about yourself; I was already out since I already got what I wanted from you. That sounds how selfish of me towards you right? Well, I’m so sorry… I just couldn’t help myself and of course you knew why. Anyway… just so you know… I owe you a lot and I’m really thankful for that mmuahhh! 🙂

To others too… well I never believe that I am strong. But might be from the prayers of you guys, I must say that I do feel like I have strengths inside of me and that’s why I manage to be strong and move on. This is great you know. Sometimes I just wonder how come I could cope with all these happening around me. What a miracle. Might be I should be proud with myself… NOT AT ALL! 😛 Obviously it is all from you people… who keeps praying for us and supporting us from behind. Thank you so much… really 🙂 Of course I’m not yet getting over with it. Hey I believe there is no such thing as ‘getting over with it completely’. That can never happen. The pain will never vanish completely. There will be birthdays for the coming years and the small special occasion would be enough to rekindle back over what had happened. That definitely will rush back all the feelings towards us and of course we gonna miss him as always. This is the simplest example I could give. Somehow… I never think this is actually the horrible or worst memory in my life… but it is actually the sweetest… the happiest… but yet the saddest too 🙂 Although it is deeply painful for me but when I think back… I should realize there are so many blessings in disguise behind this. It is all about ‘my time’ or ‘my turn’. It is a common thing… people live… and pass away. Apparently my son has completed his cycle. There are many others whom are much more unfortunate than me right? So… I am grateful… and I should accept the fate with open heart 🙂 I’m still trying.

On other point, I’m planning to buy a mini-stepper to help me burn calories fast and then achieve my target-weight. What do you guys think? Does anyone has a stepper at home? Can you share with me how efficient is a stepper to help you lose weight? We went out to buy one yesterday but there weren’t any we could find. How unbelievable duh! I have tried workouts and keep on doing it until now. The workouts are more on crunches types and majority of them based on yoga. I even watched yoga video and tried to follow it. But unfortunately I think yoga is kinda slow for me. I am so not a person with high level of patience so I got bored fast. I kept counting the time and thinking when it was going to finish haih~~~ I can’t imagine if I try Tai-Chi. That’s gonna be much worse for me. But of course I know yoga is good really. Only that I don’t have that kind of patience with me. Or may be I should just bear with it and learn to be a more patient person at the same time. Yeah right! ;P I’m just sooo eager to lose weight owh I can’t wait! I really want a mini-stepper! Or a treadmill kan Ayang? ;P

I think I better stop now. I need to vacuum the house and also all the cobwebs at every here and there. I really don’t understand why there are soo many spiders in the house and outside the house. Exception for the ones outside the house since I also understand that it is summer now so they are everywhere making their own private kingdoms in the bushes and flower beds in front of the house. But the ones inside the house are so annoying and scary too! They are crawling everywhere. Most of them are black in colors and some of them have colors. I’m afraid if they really bite or have poison that can be very dangerous. There were a few times we encountered the big ones hanging on the wall. Of course I definitely will force my charming ‘warrior’ to battle with the hideous creature. Sometimes I accidentally crashed into the cobwebs with my hands, body and head too! That is so irritating and terrifying! At least why can’t they build their home at a more strategic places where we human definitely won’t go pass there? Does anyone have tips on how to overcome this? Once I cleared them up… there would be a new ones on the next day. In the meantime, the vacuum will be an excellent help. Maybe it is not that efficient to get rid all the spiders and cobwebs off. But at least I can just suck the spider egg-sac with the vacuum-mouth. Urgh I wonder how many little-spiders can be in one sac…

Anyway… is it really a sin to kill a spider? I’ve heard about this somewhere. So we just either sucked them using vacuum or caught and threw them outside every time we found one.

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