The Tenth Check-Up At Week 36

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Ahhh~~~ Now only I manage to rest a bit and blog about the check-up I attended this morning. Today’s check-up appointment was set at 11.10 a.m and it all ended at about 1.15 p.m. Right after check-up at the hospital, we headed to a kombini to buy milk and onigiris because I was already starving even though I have already eaten in the morning before going to the hospital. I straightly had lunch by the way at that time. Then we stopped by Cainze Home, a DIY superstore to buy a few stuffs needed to be used while packing our things since we are moving out tomorrow. Just now I have just finished cooking for dinner and tomorrow’s morning siap2. Before that, hubby and I have started to pack few things into the boxes and bags. Now hubby is out to get and settle few things and so we are going to continue with the packing tonight since the removing process will be done on tomorrow’s morning.

Now back to the check-up. The hospital was quite packed today most probably because of the Golden Week holiday which has started since end of this week until early next week. At the maternity clinic too today only I could see many wives accompanied by their partners. Well, my check-up report for today is back to not so good to be heard. My sugar in urine got very high to ‘++++’. It was 4 ‘+s’ this time while I managed to get ‘-‘ for the last time. My blood pressure reading was back to the normal range today but as usual it didn’t go down much from the abnormal high blood pressure line. My weight seems to be a bit funny this time… I checked last night using the home scale and I got 57.5 kg. That means I didn’t gain much since the last check-up which was only 57.2 kg. After having dinner at a sushi restaurant I checked my weight again and it shown there on the scale the weight was 57.8 kg. So, I was confirmed that I really actually didn’t gain much weight since the past weeks and of course I was happy. However this morning after having my breakfast cum lunch, my weight jumped to 58.8 kg! That was about 1 kg extra than last night and of course I was shocked! Lastly while at the hospital, my weight got down a bit at 58.5 kg. So, that was what written in the report book lah. This time I don’t believe the one written in the book because I knew I’m actually a bit lighter than that hihihi! It seems soo logic though because I am having constipation right now so that might be the cause of the sudden extra weight gained. I’m gonna check my weight again right after my visit to the toilet later 😀 Tak puas hati betul lah huh!

Regarding the baby, well… again the doctor said the baby is quite small. His weight is now about 2.159 kg only. The ideal weight for his age now is supposedly be about 2.700 kg at least. She did double check on every part of the baby to be confirmed. Well, of course the machine isn’t that accurate lah kan but then there is really the possibility that my baby is indeed quite small. He is progressing good and in a healthy condition but his weight gain progress is a bit slow by 2 to 3 weeks late. The doctor also checked the baby’s leg bone length and it was also a bit small than it should. This time, not the usual doctor did the check-up on me and the check-up also was done at other maternity clinic special for pregnant lady who is about to give birth. The abdominal scan was done for quite a long time than usual and the doctor also seemed quite concentrated scanning and taking notes on the baby. Owh yes, this time memang doctor banyak focus kat muka baby aje. Tapiiiii sebab scan tu bukanlah 4D scan sooo we still didn’t get it to understand the image or even see the face clearly. Adoiii geram je rasa hihi! Yela orang excited kan nak tengok muka baby. Takpela… dah tak lama lagi leh jumpa baby, InsyaAllah. So here are the pictures of him. Banyak doctor captured sebab dia asyik gerak2 je sepanjang scan tu so susah nak dapat yang clear sket hihihi 😉

Both are pictures of his face but a bit covered by his hand.


The left picture is his face too but it is not clear because he was moving. The right one is also his face.


As usual right after that we preceded with the consultation session with the midwife. The midwife highlighted on my high sugar level again of course… ahhh bosan~~~. She said, might be there is problem with my bile or kidney that causes the sugar I consumed to be processed quite slow. Thus, this causes crowd in my blood stream and eventually causing my blood pressure tends to go over the limit too. The baby is small might probably because my blood circulation is not so efficient thus causing the baby not to receive enough nutrients he needed or by other words the nutrients don’t all get to the baby. She said all these based on her analysis on my previous results pattern lah kan. Even doctors and midwives sebelum ni pun cakap macam tu based on the results pattern. Come to think of it… well I really don’t know but it might be true. Tapi they all cakap my condition xperlu dirisaukan sebab might be jugak actually takde pape. Honestly I did consume sugar a bit more than for the previous check-up but I never go over the limit. Makan sket2 je pun. Then only last night I ate a piece of cake at the sushi restaurant. Hubby cakap sebab I was degil nak makan jugak2 cake tu semalam sebab tu gula naik. Pastu curik ais-krim hubby sket n then minum orange soft drink… padahal dia yang bawak balik n tayang2 makan depan orang sapa tak teringin kan??? So you see, even if I eat makanan manis sket je pun my sugar in urine level will definitely shoot up. She also told us that the baby’s weight will slightly decrease right after birththat I already knew… tapi if bila lahir2 je berat memang dah ringan… so macam ada harapan la nak kena tahan lama stay kat hospital. She said, only when the baby’s weight passes 2.4 kg baru bleh kuar hospital. Alamak… of course I’m worried sebab sekarang dah minggu 36… mana tau 1 week or 2 weeks lagi ke baby dah nak lahir sempat ke berat dia nak naik kan? I definitely don’t want to stay kat hospital lama2 huwaaa! Then… the midwife suggested for me to have my bile or kidney checked right after that because of the earlier said reasons.

So, we waited lah to see another doctor at the usual maternity clinic I visited before this. Punya laa lama tunggu last2 baru sampai turn. Jumpa doctornya 5 minit je tak padan tunggu lama2 ceh! The doctor asked lah whether I wanted to straightly proceed with the check-up or not. Sebab dia kata, sebelum ni my sugar level was ‘-‘. So, boleh jadi jugak sebenarnya takde pape pun. Might be sebab ada makan benda manis2 baru2 sebelum check-up tadi sebab tu sugar level tu tinggi sangat. After discussing with hubby, I decided not to go on with the check-up but just to wait and see first how it is going to be during the next check-up. Andai kata tinggi jugak, baru check. Hmmm… honestly mestilah risau jugak sket kan tapi macam dah malas laa nak amik kisah sangat. Baby pun so far sihat je… itu yang penting… cuma kecik sket. But then again la I will strictly banned all sugar intake terus this time. Orang lain lepak je makan macam2 benda manis hari2 masa pregnant tapi I’m not that lucky lah nampaknya huhu. Padahal asal2 before pregnant pun I’m not really sweet-tooth pun. Maybe badan memang jenis sensitif kot hmmm. Yerrr bohsannya. Better be safe than sorry kan untuk mengelakkan any complication. Then… in order to improve my blood circulation… I will have to take the chance of moving out and in of the houses beneficially lah. Masa ni even though dah sarat sangat I will still try to exercise by mengemas rumah keh keh keh! Might be jugak because sebelum ni asyik duduk aje and tercongok depan komputer aje keje kan sebab tu lah blood circulation tak lancar sebab tak active and darah tersekat kat kaki. I have mentioned about this pun dulu sebenarnya masa check-up bila ntah tapi still keje duduk aje jugak depan komputer 😛

Before I forgot, while discussing with the midwife we also asked about the placenta again. She wasn’t really confirmed but the way she explained as like it can’t be brought back lah. She said sebab law negeri ni kata xbleh tanam2 anggota manusia dalam tanah… it is illegal. Then selalunya diorg akan kumpul banyak2 then bakar. Lepas dah bersoal-jawab punya lah lama pasal benda ni…because we really insisted seboleh2nya nak la bawak balik gak kan hihi… so seboleh2nya hubby tak nak la mengalah… tunggu sampai dia kata TAK BLEH haa baru senyap hahaha!… then the midwife suruh tanya doctor. But then bleh plak we totally forgot to ask about that masa jumpa second doctor tu ceh! Yela dah penat tunggu lama punya pasal. Takpela… next week we will try to ask again. Come to think of it yelah kenapa selama ni kitorg tak tanya doctor terus ke kan senang? Takpe… ada masa lagi. Kalau dapat, Alhamdulillah. If xdapat nak wat camner kan tawakal je la.

Continued on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Haahhh I’m so tired and sleepy and hungry too. Not really that tired actually but because of the heavy body, it causes me to slow down with the movements. I don’t want to force myself in order to avoid any unwanted injury or complication. We have just settled removing all the big stuffs in the house into the new home. Last night we slept at about 1.00 a.m after packing the things. So just now in the morning at about 7.15 a.m the trainees and Namiki-san came to help removing the stuffs into the new house by using Namiki-san’s pick-up lorry. At about 8.00 a.m every thing was already settled. Sekejap je siap! Now cuma tinggal barang kecik2 je nanti angkat sendiri dengan kereta and tinggal nak kemas rumah lama ni. Tak sangkanya last night was our last night sleeping in this house. I’m gonna miss this house surely. But for the baby goodness we have to move out into a bigger home. By the way, the baby excited semacam je since check-up yesterday. Active betul! Tatau la nape suka nak pindah rumah kot? Ke suka g hospital? Padahal dia tatau Mama dia tengah geram dengan dia kenapa berat dia tak naik nih grrr! Hihihi! ;D

I think that’s all lah for this entry this time. Owh yes… regarding the GBS infection thing… rupanya takde treatment apa pun semalam. Masa on the labor itself baru kena buat treatment tu. Huh lega… Tak suka la kena2 check banyak sangat sana-sini. Well, I really hope sebenarnya takde pape la and I’m healthy. Malas sangat2 nak go on with the check-up sebenarnya. Will really watch out my sugar intake this week. Lil’ Munchkin… Mama xkisah la baby nak kecik ke pun takpe senang sket nak bersalin asalkan sihat wal’afiat, InsyaAllah. Mama takdela pecaya sangat dengan estimated weight doctor cakap tu. Dah nama pun anggaran kan. Tapi kalau boleh biar la lebih 2.7 kg or reach 3.0 kg sebab Mama takmo dok hospital lelamaaa huwaaa! Huhu xsabar nak tunggu check-ups seterusnya! As of today, dah 24 days je lagi towards the EDD! Yay xsabar nak jumpa baby! ;D ;D ;D

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