The Ninth Check-Up At Week 34

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

As usual on last Friday we attended the ninth check-up at the hospital in Iida. This time I got ‘-‘ for my sugar in urine test woot-woot! Isn’t that great?! hihi 🙂 That really means I’m really free from gestational diabetes. Only that I have to be careful since my body is super-duper sensitive with sugar intake. So I have to maintain consuming sugar with a very low amount until the end of my pregnancy. My urine also was free from protein. My leg edema maintained with ‘+-‘. that is still good right? However one thing I noticed, my blood pressure was a little bit slighted than normal but need not to be worried. I took the test using the electronic machine and told hubby that the reading wasn’t so good. I thought might be I wasn’t really relaxed yet. So after a moment while waiting for my name to be called, hubby urged me to get myself checked one more time. Far from what we expected, we were shocked to see the blood pressure reading was up higher than the first reading. We just giggled in disbelieved and definitely I decided to show the first reading to the midwife then ;P Well, I really still have to watch out my food intakes especially salt and manage my stress wisely. Yes, I always get stressful 🙁

Let’s proceed to Lil’ Munchkin… the doctor said his weight was only about 1830 gram that was 2 weeks behind his supposed weight for 34 weeks gestation which should be about 2200 gram. However his leg bone length was according to his current age. Might be Lil’ Munchkin was still a bit lean and have yet to develop enough fat in his body. I don’t mind about this since the doctor said the baby was fine. Besar sangat nanti susah jugak. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the monitor during abdominal scanning since the doctor’s hand was blocking my view. But I got to see that it was getting crowded there… I mean here in my tummy. The funny part was the doctor finally managed to show Lil’ Munchkin’s face which was half covered by his leg! hihihi 😀 He was doing yoga I bet! Even the doctor tried to demonstrate the baby’s position when hubby was a bit confused. Hahaha klaka la doctor! His right face was covered by his left foot but we still managed to see his eyes, lips, spongy cheeks and his NOSE! Upon seeing the image I asked hubby, “Hidung dia macam sapa?” and hubby said, “Hidung Rinny la”. Then I continued…, “Ha’ah laa…” which caused hubby to look at me hihihi ;P Lil’ Munchkin did look tembam although his weight was a bit less than he should. But to think back, I was born only with 2460 gram of weight while hubby was at 3050 gram. So, might be Lil’ Munnchkin will be born a bit small too since we parents were also born small right? By the way after the check-up hubby said, “Apsal bunyi kecewa je masa tengok hidung tu?”. Then I replied, “Eh takdela kecewa. Kena la terima. Nasib baik Tuhan bagi hidung tau. Alaa hidung ni jugakla yang Abang terpikat dulu tu tau”. Hubby just laughed knowing that I really wished Lil’ Munchkin’s nose would take after him hihihi ;P

Below are Lil Munchkin at Week 34’s pictures scan. We got 2 pictures which are actually slightly different here and there. But I rotated one of it for easier view.

See his foot and chubby cheek?

Lil' Munchkin At Week 34 - 1

I think his head and lips are more like hubby’s. See the nose is like mine right? hehehe. Takpe… hidung Mama comel aper kan? ;D

Lil' Munchkin At Week 34 - 2

Overall, everything like the consultation with the midwife and doctor went on well just as usual… except for ONE THING. At the end of the check-up, the doctor showed to us the result of my second blood test and vaginal scan which I took recently. Turned out that I have been infected with GBS that is Group B Streptococcus bacteria. I felt the time was frozen and I was like in a time zone or twilight upon hearing the news. Of course I was having the shocked of my life! However the doctor said there was nothing to worry about and my condition will be monitored from time to time. So starting from next check-up and so on I will have to go on for treatment. We were still in vague what GBS was all about. Despite what the doctor said, of course I was worried laaa. Mcm mana xnak risau la, tell me??? So many thing raced in the center of my skull. I was thinking what have I done that caused me to get infected? Didn’t I wash my hand clean enough after going to toilet? Was it because of the foods I prepared? bla bla bla and so on. Hubby seems more cool and relax to receive the news thus causing me to ask him, “Abang ni macam xkisah je xrisau ke?”. What was I thinking? Of course he was worried sick inside but he didn’t show it. I was already devastated upon hearing the news so another person has to be strong to support the other one. After all there is nothing we could do except to undergo the treatment and the rest… to leave it to God to decide. So he said. Yeah, you are right. Besides the support, that was what I need to hear the most. Thanks 🙂

Once got home, I studied from the net and read numerously on materials regarding GBS. Apparently GBS is among the types of bacteria which can be found in human body. It lives in gastrointestinal track, genital track or urinary track. There are about 1:4 or 25% women on earth being the ‘carriers’ of this bacteria and it happened that I am one of them. By being the carrier, it means the infected woman’s body is being colonized by this bacteria thus caused it to be detected during the test. The carrier of GBS often never realized that they are infected and the GBS also most of the time doesn’t gives any symptom to the infected body. The woman can live healthily except when she has very low immune system or very poor health state like suffering from cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy, then only GBS could multiply and cause other diseases. The carrier wouldn’t necessarily be the carrier for the rest of her life. The GBS could come and go as it wishes. Men also can be infected by GBS. However, how one can be infected with GBS while others are not, is still UNKNOWN. It isn’t sexually transmitted and it isn’t one of the sexually transmitted disease though. So what’s the fuss here? Even though GBS can bring no harm to the carrier and the carrier doesn’t actually bring GBS disease but the GBS can infect the newborn during birth.

If the newborn is infected, the GBS would affect newborn either by early-on-set diseases or late-on-set diseases. The infection can be life threatening to the baby. So it is important for GBS-carrier-mom to get treatment at the end of pregnancy and MOST IMPORTANTLY during labor itself. The carrier will be treated with antibiotic and the labor also will be assisted with antibiotic which I’m not so sure how. But not just by consuming the antibiotic though. It is useless for the carrier to get early treatment during early pregnancy since the GBS still could come back. That’s why the test for GBS is carried out during the third trimester. If the carrier get treated the chance for baby to be infected is 1:4000 and if the carrier doesn’t get the treatment, the chance to get infected is far higher by 1:200. But 10% of these babies will die. Usually the survived baby, would always get sick and face many health problems throughout his life. So, this is the summary I can tell. For more information, you can click here.

Honestly, that is what has been bothering me since the check-up. I was already thinking for the worst. I was so depressed when to think back that I want more than 3 children but I already have to face this obstacle for my first child. I kept thinking about medical technology in M*sia. I surfed the net and at least I was comforted a bit to find about the acknowledgment of GBS towards pregnant women in M*sia. I hope there, they have the advanced technology and knowledge upon managing GBS since I really hope my next pregnancy will be a very wonderful experience too. Since I got to know that the chance of infection usually would get higher during the next pregnancy. I could feel the feeling of how it feels for a person who really wants a child but still doesn’t get one, how does it feels for someone to be having serious illness while pregnant and etc. Okay I know maybe I’m just thinking too much. I shouldn’t be worried right?, since the doctor said so himself. After all, there is nothing that I can do except to pray a lot to God for everything going to be fine, InsyaAllah. There must be reason for anything happened right? If infertile person could even get herself or get her wife pregnant after years of waiting and they never gave up to go through the obstacle… why can’t I face mine which still can be considered very small problem to theirs? I know I sound too exaggerating. But hey, I really need to let off some steam anyway! So let me be!

Don’t worry peeps. I am okay INDEED 😀 😀 😀 I’m fine. Of course I was shocked and miserable at first but I have already accepted the fate planned for me. Furthermore with the hormone roller-coaster ride in me… so it is reasonable for me to be EXTRA sensitive and vulnerable. Anyway, I have decided to invite my mom to come and visit us. Actually she already planned to come but we kept telling her to not come since our house is small. But since we are moving to a bigger house… and to think back actually I am already dreadfully homesick and miss my family… plus we can’t guaranty that we are really going back to M*sia for holiday early next year and I’m sure I can’t bear it anymore IF the plan will be postponed again… so I really think my mom HAS to come… since I really NEED her to save my SANITY! Before everything else I have already right away asked her to bring KFC, McD, cook laksa and kuih chara for me and ended with…, “Haaa apa lagi aaa? Nantilah pk dulu” hihihi ;P Anyway my mom said I’m thinking too much that cause my blood pressure to shoot up too. She said no need to worry and just take it one at a time… relax laaa! Well, that’s my bad… I just don’t know how to relax laaa!

Hmmm-hmmm what else to tell? Well… I really feel heavy nowadays. It is hard for me to stand-up or sit-down especially. With all the third trimester symptoms I have to deal with… I kind feel tired and can’t wait for this to end too. My tummy already looked like a rump and low. It is getting tighter too from day to day which makes the baby’s movements soo obvious. Sometimes it is really scary, surreal, amazed or whatever to see my tummy could be wavy because of the baby’s legs moving from up-down or left-right and vice-versa. There was one time I shouted to hubby because I felt seriau which caused him to panic. Well, it WAS panicky to see my tummy suddenly shaped like a mountain or banjaran which has sharp point or long top on it. Macam tiga segi pun ye… boleh buat slide! Owh one more thing is… besides the Braxton-Hicks I sometimes feel the contraction and it scaresssss me! It isn’t that painful, not synchronized of course and only lasts for a few seconds but I always keep myself alert every time! I really pray that I will reach full term period of pregnancy. Then after that, Lil’ Munchkin, you are more than welcome to pop-out! 😀 Peeps, help pray for us too ya 🙂

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