When You Really Have To Be Extra Carefull With The Foods You Order

The weather has been very comforting nowadays. Not so cold and not so warm… just nice. It is raining today since the dawn. I love gloomy and rainy days but only when I’m at home. This atmosphere kinda give peaceful feeling in my heart and mind. The rain during spring isn’t really a heavy one which accompanied with fierce lightning and thunder like the one in KL. I don’t even realize it that it is raining outside until I heard the sound of water on the road splashes from the moving car. But come summer… I could see the rainy days like the ones in KL. In fact there usually would even be the best time for scary fierce typhoon to strike. When I was back at ‘home’, I would sleep in the room rather than to stay awake during rainy days 🙂 Yup what else the best you could do when it is raining cats and dogs outside of the house? I couldn’t get the internet ON if I didn’t want my modem to be struck by lightning, I couldn’t ON the TV either or else it might end up kaput too and even Ast*ro would even go sucks as early as the first rain drops from the sky. So usually I would crawl into my bed and read comics or books… but as I move from one page to another and another, my eyes would go heavier too… that was when finally I just decided to sleep lah! 😀

Last night we went out for sakura viewing for the first time this year. Actually it was the first time for me. However it didn’t out to be an interesting night-outing though. The sakura in our area is now already fully blooming so hubby decided to bring me to the Sakuramachi in Iida. We arrived there quite late and almost all of the shops were already closed. It is a small and bosan town remember? ;P However there were some people strolling along the streets to view sakura too. Unfortunately to search for the parking area nearest to the Sakuramachi road was quite a pain in the ass you know. The one available was quite far from the place. If we parked the car there we needed to walk far with me being heavily pregnant, with a full tummy since we just had dinner and also it was already dark and most of the streets were already quite isolated too. Lastly, after a few rounds at the same roads; hubby decided just to park the car at the eki. Although there were a few cars parked beside of the roads but we didn’t want to take the risk since I saw a police patrol at one of the streets. We are so used with the roads in M’sia… senang je nak cari parking even pegi mana2 pun. Tapi kat sini susahnyaaa! Memang ada byk parking area tapi bukan nyer public parking. Kalau main parking je kang kena saman bukanlah sket2 plak kena bayar. Hmmm never mind, next time if we go there again we’ll go early and park the car at the one available which a bit far.

So after parking the car at the eki we walked towards the road. Actually it wasn’t a park. The sakura trees were planted along at the middle of the road. So there were like small very long park where people can enjoy the sakura viewing. I don’t think it is suitable for people to have picnic on the ground there since the park is in between roads but at least there were benches for people to sit. We tried to snap a few pictures but our camera has very low performance at night. It is a very sensitive camera and we also forgot to bring the digicam. There was once just when the camera was ready to shoot the picture of us suddenly the lamps of the road suddenly went blacked out. We moved to the front part of the road and tried again but all pictures were so blurry. We spent like only 15 minutes there since it was already late and actually was worried about the car. By then hubby already didn’t have the mood and just wanted to go home. I hope to go there again soon but it must be on the day! Hubby plans to bring me to Ina-shi like last year for sakura viewing later when the sakura is fully-bloomed at that place. But hmmm… surely it’s going to be throngs of people there like last year. The huge park was packed with visitors! It is quite a famous place for sakura viewing actually. I have to climb the hill a bit some more. So I hope I’m fit for that. Actually… I don’t like to be in the crowd… some more… they bring anjing too. Lots of anjing you know. Siap duduk dalam stroller lagi. Itu okaylah. Tapi ada yang bawak dukung2… bawak skali banyak ekor… so… it is quite annoying la. Takut terlanggar ke apa ke. But well kenalah akur… tempat orang… pandai2lah nak lari kan 😛

Actually just before we went to see the sakura, we went to have dinner first at one of the Japa*nese Restaurant in here. It was our first time to dine there. It was quite expensive and the foods also not bad. But somehow hmmm the foods didn’t really suit our taste lah. The only Japanese foods we could really enjoy are sashimi and sushi. By the way we ordered tempura soba set for me, tempura tendon set for hubby? (I don’t remember), one sushi set and apple juices. Somehow hubby said that the foods weren’t really delicious especially the soba since he had tasted much better at other place. But the sushi was marvellous though. For hubby’s set, there was a kind of pudding for desert… which contained seafoods, meat and vegetables. Fortunately he didn’t simply scoop it into his mouth. I thought it was only plain pudding until hubby stir the pudding then only we realized there were fillings in there. Ada daging lagi nasib baik xmakan. On last weekend, the same scenario happened went we dine in at Yumeian, a restaurant which we always frequented. Usually we just ordered tendon set since that is the only food fully safe for us to eat. But on that night hubby wanted to try something new so he asked on one set of udon whether it contains meat. He just mentioned niku which means any kind of meat la and all these while memang dia tanya macam tu aje pun. Once the order arrived, hubby checked on it and there were gray substances. I told him it was mushroom la. But then he picked out some more which looked like meat. Then hubby asked other waitress what it was an turned out it was pork. So, hubby got to change his order because it was the waitress’s fault for giving false information to him. Nasib baik xmakan lagi. I wonder if it was me sure dah selamat masuk mulut. Though they were just a very slight incidents, but every time I remember the situations, they kinda make me shivers. Euw geli!

Hmm what else to tell? There is really nothing interesting and everything seems so dull nowadays. I also don’t know why sigh… My mind is empty and I’m not in a joyous mood to do anything at all. Might be I’m just tired physically thus without me realizing it making me tired to even think or otherwise… whatever. I don’t even have the appetite to eat because everything seems to be so boring to me. I’m lazy to cook but still I have to duh~~~. If only I’m in KL my life would surely be much more meaningful and interesting. I can go do whatever I want anytime and go anywhere I want. Eating out… owh M’sian food is the best! There are so many things to do, not like in here where it is lack of many things. Of all the places on earth… why am I stuck in here? I really wonder why…? Honestly I don’t mind to be in here for a longer time if it is at least a bit better with many things to offer. You know… for the sake of life satisfactions. Or is it my fault for being a city-growned-up individual? I always think for how long more I could survive. Sometimes it is just unbelievable for me to realize that I’ve gone this far and I never realize that I could have this much of patience. Sometimes when I’m on the verge of breaking down and I’m happened to be at my lowest point… my mind just becomes so blank. I feel so lost… empty… lonely… dreadfully miserable and also… at the dead end. Fortunately I always get back to my senses and just remember God. It is even amazes me every time I could hold control on myself and keep praying to Him. Alhamdulillah He never leaves me and despites of me giving up on things fated by Him… yet He still keeps me under His blessings.

Might be I should just be grateful with what I have all around me… think positives always… and accept fate as the way it is. I know it is depends on us to strive to change our own fate but… I’m talking about something that nothing I could do. Because if I knew I might not be happy too even if I choose other options available. Every decision has its’ advantages and disadvantages and every decision made also has its’ own sacrifices, no? We can never get all we want at one time right, no? Well… just be grateful… keep striving and praying for the best… last but not least at the end when nothing I could do… just leave it to God’s will. I bet one might able to lose his/ her sanity just to be in my shoes… really. I thank God for keeping me sane though… forever, InsyaAllah. Dear Almighty, please gives me strength to keep me survive always, Amin.

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