The Eighth Check-Up At Week 32

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

On last Friday, April 4th, 2008 I attended the 8th routine pregnancy check-up. Hubby and I were not so in the joyous mood on that day probably because as for me… I thought I need to go through the vaginal scan again but to my surprise it wasn’t required to be done on that day, phew! While as for hubby… might be he was just tired and having had to get to know my not so good check-up result made him a bit worried and tensed. For this time, my sugar level in blood arose drastically from ‘+’ to ‘+++’. Whereas my blood pressure was a bit elevated passed the normal level too. Not only that, I’m sure now I have already exceeded my supposed overall weight-gained since on last Friday my weight was 56.35 kg that was about 9 kg weight gained throughout my pregnancy so far. Because of that too, since I have small feet to support my growing body; I have started to develop leg edema. Of course the side causes are because of water retention and exceed amount of salt consumed too.

Updates on the baby… the doctor said that Lil’ Munchkin was a bit small for his age since his weight was only 1.588 kg only and the supposed weight for his age was at least 1.7 kg. I found this hard to accept since I got to know that I gained about 1.5 kg since the last check-up. During this age, the baby also supposed to gain weight rapidly as much as about 500 g in 2 weeks period. His weight was compatible to his age during the last check-up. It was weird to me to think that the baby only gained about half of the supposed weight gained when my overall weight gained was quite a lot! Actually, during this check-up a new old doctor done the check-up on me, replacing the usual previous doctor who has been transfered to Nagoya recently. This doctor is really old I told ya… and he even didn’t really know how to use the scanner. Most of the time, there was an extra nurse had to stand-by beside him all the time in order to assist him. I didn’t understand the images of the baby he tried to capture and instead of squeezing the gel on my tummy, he squeezed the gel on the scanner surface before scanning my abdomen. Of course he couldn’t smoothly slide the scanner and the image was blur too. Lama jugak dia scan macam tercari2 amende ntah. So… I expect there must be errors with the scanning result. Thank God I didn’t have to go through the vaginal check-up with him. I wonder if he really knew how to use the speculum or not and I can’t imagine his wobbly hands inserting the device into me, gulp! Yelah doctor dah tua kan. Might be outdated sket dgn technology nih ;P

Lil’ Munchkin at Week 32. The doctor was eager to show the image of his head and spine.


Fortunately… that was going to be my first and last time appointment with the old doctor and also my last visits to this hospital. Because after this I will only have to attend my next check-up and onwards at the respective hospital where I’ll be giving birth soon which is in Iida. I really can’t wait for the next check-up on next week since I’m so eager to confirm myself about the baby’s weight. I also hope my blood pressure and sugar level will be back to normal. Sigh… it is just so hard for me to control all these things in the body. I haven’t consumed much sugar, salt and carbohydrate since months ago but still despite of that, everything still goes haywire. From my readings, I found out that might be because of less movements done everyday could be the root cause of all these. You see, I stay at home all the time and most of my time everyday is fulfilled by only sitting. I don’t do exercise (only once in a blue moon… okay MY bad), I don’t do house cleaning everyday, my house is also a small one which doesn’t require me to move a lot or clean frequently and even if I do things, I don’t need to actively move myself here and there but only stand still… like cooking in my tiny kitchen. So… because of this; the sugar in my blood keep increasing but hasn’t been used to be burn to energy. Thus… causing my blood pressure to arise too since the high amount of sugar got cramped in my blood vessels.

Hmmm so… one of the safest and easiest solution to be done is to drag my fat ass to start doing exercise already! This is quite challenging for a couch potato like me you know, argh!!! Besides of that, I only put little salt into cookings and sometimes doesn’t put any at all or in other words I only eat tawar foods nowadays. As for sugar… as usual I only take them very little at a time once or twice a day. I also strictly banned myself from any baking activity except baking bun and white loaf since I need to prepare lunch-box for hubby. Furthermore bun and loaf don’t require much sugar in it. I also eat lesser rice in a day… in fact I’ve become boring to take regular meal anymore. Just makan untuk elakkan lapar saja. Reasons… malas nak masak satu hal… xtau apa nak masak… n dah tak larat nak masak pun ye. Penatlah nak bawak badan hmmm… Ehhh tapi semalam I did cilok hubby’s ice-cream. Really couldn’t resist by just looking at it. Zalim tau dah tau orang xleh makan ice-cream dia lagi nak teringin2 makan ice-cream. Hubby bengang je because I ate the ice-cream as like it was mine and bila dah tinggal separuh baru bagi balik. Actually he didn’t want to give it at all to me but I pinched him continuously because I reallyyyyy wanted that ice-cream despites of I had already brushed my teeth and all hihi ;P However I really can’t resist water sebab memang kuat minum air. Hmmm itu nasib lah…

I’ve just referred back my pregnancy book and this time only I went OOOHs AAAHs even though I’ve read the monthly progresses many time already. It always tends to be like that. I only feel easy to remember the facts once I’ve started experiencing them. I’ve started to feel like I’m soo heavy nowadays. Everything I do I need to do it slowly in order not to hurt myself especially when trying to transform my positions. All the time I’m feeling myself as nenek tua. I also feel like the baby is getting lower already… that is a condition called lightening. Which caused me to leak urine sigh… and I noticed that the vaginal discharge is increasing too. Frequent visit to the bathroom? Owh bathroom is my 2nd home nowadays and in time to come I’ll be ‘living’ in there during most of my times hohoh! My bones, muscles and joints also tend to hurt more frequently especially when I sleep. I noticed that I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica syndrome, red soles, stuffy nose and a few others. Also not forgetting constipation. This is really annoying since it is getting worse since about last week although I already taken a few prevention steps like eating more prunes before meals. So starting today I’ve stopped taking my iron supplement just to see how it is going to be. Moreover, I take multivitamins supplement which contains iron too so I don’t mind to skip the iron tablet. These are the obvious symptoms I’m having at this time. Anyway the first twos causing me to have disturbed sleep all the time. It hurts when my hands, feet or hips become numb. Sleep deprivation or insomnia is also one annoying thing. I hardly can fall asleep even though when I’m really sleepy.

In less than 2 months I’m going to give birth. Everything is all ready. I’m feeling eager waiting for the baby to arrive. But at the same times sometimes I feel like owhhh I can’t wait for all of these to end already. We are excited but also it is tiring to wait you know. Plus I just can’t stop playing with all the mixed emotions and thoughts. Hmmm I’m nervous, scared, worried… but happy of course. Hmmm okay whatever. All in all I pray for the best from God, InsyaAllah.

Really can’t wait to see the little one since I had been dreaming of him more frequently in my sleep nowadays 🙂

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