When It Is So Windy Nowadays

It was so cold this morning as if it was one of the recently passed winter morning. It might be because of the continuous rainy weathers since yesterday’s night. Even the wind up until now is blowing quite strongly too. Well, at least this kind of atmosphere is more comfortable rather than coming scorching hot summer. I don’t really look forward for the coming summer since it is gonna be much hotter compared to in KL. Anyway I couldn’t sleep last night and I think I only dozed off at past 3.00 am. My sleep is going topsy-turvy nowadays causing me to fall asleep late at night and wake up late in the afternoon. I usually continue back to sleep after doing some studying and reading right after hubby goes to work and take my breakfast. I try to sleep early but weirdly even when I’m so tired and sleepy, I just can’t keep my eyes shut. I hope this sleep deprivation will not last long. Anyway… I just enjoy the present state of myself. There must be goodness behind this sleep deprivation thing. Which is… I tend to sleep more often every day which also means that I’m letting myself to be pampered with enough sleep hihihi 🙂 Moreover I’m sure I’m gonna miss this precious sleep privilege once after the little one pops out soon. Am I right?

Truly I just feel like want to blog something today so I hurriedly make use of this mood before it fades away. I hope to finish this up fast since I have yet to create financial record file on Excel. Actually the plan has long been wondering in my mind but I kept procrastinating up until today. Before this I have been monitoring our expenses through housekeeping book only but it will be more easier too to monitor all the transactions through the using of software view. Moreover, there had been a few times I lost track (due to procrastinating) with the recording thus that’s why with the over-expensed of the budgets allocated. So, I really need to take it more seriously after this… especially after I had discovered that hubby secretly spent quite a big sum to play bowling early this month. He said it happened when he was sulking with me… he got stressed and didn’t know what to do keh keh keh! Comel ke tak ek? ;P Well… after all it is his money by the way… but at least I should control him from spending unnecessarily. Even he himself regretted over that incident… a bit hihi ;P He loves bowling by the way… what to do? Plus he never do shopping anything for his own already for a very looong time… so okaylah… it was an exception… forgiven.

Besides that, during in the morning nowadays I’m learning Ni*ongo more seriously… err not that serious lah but at least consistently. However it is kinda hard for me when I have no teacher to teach me. Especially when my supposed-to-be teacher is sooo not like a teacher urghhh! ;P So… I use to get stuck at here and there every once in a while. Like for now… I think the most challenging par for me is to master the writing system… the katakana and kanji. Err actually I couldn’t find the katakana table in the book and have yet to ask hubby, my so-called Nihongo teacher 😛 Hopefully I could see some lights after this to guide me through. My vocabulary is increasing too but then I think the biggest obstacles is I don’t have the chance to practice speaking which apparently may help me to memorize all the words. ‘My teacher’ is not so encouraging enough lah. He just follows my paces despite of actually I’m kind of need someone to keep forcing me though ;P Hihi suka je nak salahkan hubby jugak. Never mind… at least I have to keep moving and be disciplined in my learning process that is what more important. Macam ni lah belajar sendiri2 je huhu ;P

Honestly, what makes me want to blog today is because… on last Friday after coming back from work hubby told me that we are offered to move into a new home by the company. This house has the concept of typical Japanese house and it isn’t a new house. But of course the condition is still good because it has been taken care by the company all these while. The house of course is much bigger compared to our current house since it is 2LDK which means… there are 1 dining combined with the kitchen and 2 rooms that you can actually select which room to be the living and which one is the bedroom. It is also not an apartment house which also means I can make use of the ground like gardening? if we move into that house. Most important of all… the rent of the house might probably be only around a division to 5-10 of our current house rent! How good is that, right? Our current house now as I mentioned a few times before… is actually not a family house. This is house is intends for single or couple to stay. So it is actually only 1LK? I’m not so sure how to write it since describing a house in J*pan is a bit in a different way. Anyway 1LK means we only have I kitchen without dining and a room that’s all. Go figure yourself. Shocked huh? But well as I said before… we are indeed comfortable still. Sometimes you won’t know your limit until you try it first and at the end you won’t believe yourself!

So… back to the house. We are still weighing all the pros and cons. Already at the first thought it is indeed a good opportunity to be missed. Even other people also said so. The house is actually situated right besides 3 other houses occupied by the trainees from M*laysia. These trainees are all guys and they are replaced with other trainees every 6 months. Usually they are about 4-10 of them. So this house we are offered to is all these while had been made as a transit house by a boss from other branch every time he came here for work. Which means most of the times the house is empty. Hubby went to have a look at the house on last Saturday and he said he is quite satisfied with the condition of the house. Some of the things in the house are owned by the boss which have yet to be taken back. If… we are going to move into that house… it is indeed would be a great comfortable and savior in many matters. There are many blessings along the way that I noticed upon the arriving of the little one. One of the major ones is now… this house. My mom said… these blessings from God are upon the coming little child. Yup… I think the same too… Alhamdulillah. However there is still… no final words yet about the house but… there are 70% probability that we are going to move into that house asap. Anyway, what do you guys think? Should we take the offer?

Last but not least, I have been attacked by foods craving symptoms quite badly recently. All my cravings are more towards kuih-muih M*layu. Mana nak carik weyyy?! So want it or not I have to scour the net for the recipes and fold my sleeves up preparing to declare ‘war’ in the kitchen. In previous entry I made the kuih pau for the first time after nearing 2 years salivating over the pictures of pau I saw in the net. Then after seeing pictures of Fadh’s pau in her Fotopages recently, I said that’s it by hook or by crook I had to buy the steamer set no matter what and hubby got me the biggest size available hihihi ;P We kept holding on not to buy the steamer all these while because there is no room to store the steamer in the kitchen. So now we keep the steamer on the cabinet placed on the rack. Got what I mean? hoho ;P Harap2 xjatuh timpa kepala dah la. By the way the pau was simply delicious and soft! I used instant red-beans as the fillings and perhaps I’m going to try making it again with kaya fillings or curry. It is pretty easy to make too. Thanks Fadh for sharing the lovely recipe 🙂

Following after the pau, I made kuih seri muka on Saturday. I got the glutinous rice sent by my mom previously together with other things. Anyway does anyone knows where can I but the glutinous rice at especially online? B*ticrom xde kan? Ini lah susahnya duduk kampung ni. Mana la nak ada kedai Asian ke apa ke. I used cake tins since I don’t have proper dulang to make the kuih. The kuih turned out to be superb only that it tasted a bit lack of sugar but still nice though. Moreover I still have to limit my sugar intake so after all the kuih was perfect for me. I devoured the kuih heartily and after a few pieces I realized that the pulut part tasted sebijik like lemang! So I put some sugar in my plate and ate the pulut with the sugar. Hmmm simply blissful and sinful too! Banyak lemak okeh! Nasib baik xde rendang if not lagi la makan macam xsedar diri dah bulat. I was so lucky that I got to taste 2 different foods from 1 type of kuih I made. Alhamdulillah… rezeki Tuhan bagi… dapat jugak mak buyung ni merasa sob sob! ;D However hubby didn’t really fancy the kuih seri muka though. As my MIL said… dia ni suka kuih ala2 modern sket macam cake ke brownies ke tart ke keh keh keh! Yeke Ayang? ;P

For my next mission… I’m thinking of making kuih cucur badak and cucur udang. Hopefully there will be no more addition into the list. Dah tak larat nak masak satu hal. Yang penting… dah xlarat nak pikir berat yang dah naik banyak nih arghhh! Below, I’m presenting the pictures of my kuih seri muka. Owh please excuse the presentation of the kuih since it was my first time making it. But never underestimate the taste though! Anyway I got this delicious recipe from here. Thanks to the owner for sharing ;D

The first batch. Looks nice but a bit hard for the bottom layer due to over pressed-down.

Seri muka

The second batch. I found some people said that in order to get the smooth surface, the steamer lid has to be covered with clean cloth. But err in my case it turned out the opposite though. But this batch was nicer in taste and texture.

Seri muka

That’s all for now. till then 🙂

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