The Seventh Check-Up At Week 30

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

On last Wednesday we attended the 7th check-up but this time at the other hospital. The one where I will be delivering my baby at soon. So far this is only the 2nd time I had check-up at this hospital. Not like the usual hospital near our home where I had gone through my check-up routine, this hospital is much bigger and busier of course. Our appointment was at 12.30 pm and we were done with everything at about 2.00 pm. I went through the same typical procedures again and this time there were a few other things came along too.

As an overall… both of us are fine, Alhamdulillah 🙂 Firstly.. it was the second time that I took my blood pressure reading without the midwife using the electronic machine with hubby’s help only. Turned out, that was the first time I got good blood pressure reading already on the first check. Maybe next time we should do it again only by ourselves so that I can stay relax during the reading is being taken. Secondly.. it was quite a shock to find out that I gained 1.15 kg only in within 2 weeks time since the last check up. The weight seems increasing very fast. Probably might be because of the baby is now developing more fat in the body and he is now at the peak phase of gaining weight too. Lil’ Munchkin gained 96 grams since the previous check-up and he already weighted 1366 grams during this latest check-up. So now my total weight is 55.8 kg. Hmmm somehow I just hope I won’t exceed my overall-weight-gain limit. As usual, I’m gonna have to go on to maintain and control my weight gain.

Besides that… thirdly, my urine test was okay only that I maintained to get ‘+’ for my sugar in urine test just like the previous check-up. Again… as usual the midwife mentioned about that and asked the same question all over again… whether my parents have diabetes or not and I said no. Sigh… I can assure you I really don’t take much sugar these days but it is still so hard for me to get the good, ‘-‘ result for my sugar in urine test. Might be only when I throw away all the sugar in the kitchen then only I will get that frigging ‘-‘ eh? What can I say more? My sugar level really goes haywire… becoming so silly throughout my pregnancy duh! A friend of mine said she ate chocolate almost everyday throghout her pregnancy and she maintained to get ‘-‘ for sugar in urine test. I think I’m just so not lucky like her haih…! Fortunately nothing to worry about that though, phew! Fourthly, the abdominal scan was quite fun this time because we got to see Lil’ Munchkin’s face! We saw his eyes, hands, legs, stomach, heart, head and yup his ‘peanuts’ again ;D Unfortunately we couldn’t see his full face because he was covering it with his hands grrr! ;P We only able to see his eyes and forehead which I think he takes after hubby’s. So… I think he is going to have jendul macam hubby hihihi! Org tua2 slalu kata… kalau ada jendul ni pandai hihihi. Memandai je org tua2 ni buat andaian ek. Takpela amin kan ajela! 😀 I was a bit disappointed because I couldn’t see his nose. Hubby said he is going to have my nose. But I hope he is going to have hubby’s nose instead hohoho! Dear Lil’ Munchkin, please don’t cover your face again next time ya… so that we can see your face clearly. Somehow… looking at the picture scan making us so eager to see his real face live soon! InsyaAllah 🙂

Proceed to the fifth point, I had to undergo the vaginal check-up again like previous check-up sigh… It is going to be a compulsory procedure during every visits after this until I give birth since the doctor need to ensure with the condition of the passage and dilation so that actions can be taken prior to any uncommon conditions detected. Now, I’ve started attending the check-up once in every 2 weeks and very soon it is going to be once a week. So that’s probably gonna be like 5 to 7 check-ups more I’m gonna have to attend to before I give birth. Sigh… I really hate this vaginal check-up. It hurts! I just can’t wait for all of these to over… While on the 6th point, my blood was taken again for the second time as much as four syringes. That’s not little isn’t it? Habis darah aku ;P The blood was taken to check on all the many illnesses as I mentioned before during my third check-up entry. I will only know the result by next week. I pray that I will get all good results especially no gestational diabetes presence detected, Amin! Takutnya! 🙁

Then on other some important things, we still didn’t get the confirmation for bringing-back-the-placenta-home yet. Since it was other midwife we were having consultation with so she just said that she will check on the matter further. We also got a form which consists of questions like… what position I want to be in while giving birth… what do I want the doctor, midwife and so on to know about me or what message I want to deliver to each of them… does hubby wants to cut the umbilical cord himself… what do I want to do with the baby straightly after birth… do I want to cuddle and breastfeed the baby right away after birth… do I want to breastfeed or plan to formula-feed my baby… why I want to give breast milk or why I want to give formula milk to the baby and so on and so forth. Lastly, we also have to bring back other form given by the doctor which consists of explanations of a few illnesses, risks and tests towards the mother and the newborn. So we need to decide like whether to do the hearing test towards the baby or not and etcetera.

So basically, that’s all about the latest check-up and this is the latest scan picture of Lil’ Munchkin.

Lil’ Munchkin at Week 30. That’s the ‘peanuts’ and his legs on the left and the picture of his head and half covered face on the right. His right hand is covering his nose 🙂


A little updates on Lil’ Munchkin, we have settled about 97% on the preparation of Lil’ Munchkin’s arrival. Almost all of the baby stuffs are already completed except for the car seat since we plan to buy it the latest possible merely because there is no space in this tiny house to keep the car seat, the bath tub which I have yet to take it from my friend R and a few not really important stuffs for baby and confinement sent by my mom which have yet to be received. I hope the parcel will arrive before I give birth since my mom sent it using sea mail. I also can feel that Lil’ Munchkin is getting bigger each day since I can obviously feel his movements. He is very active I tell you especially during the midnight until dawn. Thus making me to tell him everyday to be a good boy soon, please SLEEP at NIGHT, PLAY only during the DAY, please don’t be a cranky baby and bla bla bla hihihi 😀 Pengsan la parents dia ni nanti if Lil’ Munchkin suka stay up malam2 ;P Since the space is getting limited for him to move, my tummy is somewhat getting to look like a big sack filled with full of potatoes. Kadang2 ada ombak2… perut senget sana-sini… dapat rasa jari garu2 at my lower abdomen… ada macam ketuk2… ada macam tendang2 kuat sgt continuously… ada macam menggigil… menggeliat n macam kena elektrik pun ada. However I find those movements therapeutic for me although sometimes they could be hurting.

Anyway, we did some shopping on last week and yesterday. So these are what we got. As you can see below, there are diapers, swaddling towel, rompers, sleep suits, toys and others. Owh can you see a small tin of formula milk there? It is soy milk formula for infant actually. Hubby thinks it is necessary to prepare one because we don’t know what brand the hospital is using. Of course I plan to exclusively breast feed my son and I am confident InsyaAllah I can do that. But we don’t know what the future might hold for us and we don’t know what’s God has planned upon us. Just in case anything happened and things turned out to be not as we expected like let say I would be unconscious because of painkillers in a very long hours, certainly we don’t want the baby to be fed with formula milk which consists non-halal animal-based substance especially pig-based substance. Dah la kena minum FM… ada b*bi plak tu. Ouhhh tidak! So I better be well prepared. Setakat nak yakin saja tak cukup. Tak guna for me to menggelabah n menyesal kemudian. Tak suka. Anyway, I do feel that the probability of this to happen is very low, InsyaAllah. But again… only God knows best. Owh this reminds me to write note about this in the form given by the nurse… so that the hospital won’t feed my baby with any kind of FM without our approval but to give only MY BM, InsyaAllah.

Hasil rembatan

Last but not least… regarding my condition… as an overall everything is still going on smoothly for me, Alhamdulillah. Except for I had been infected with flu very previously. I got it from hubby. Fortunately it is already easing off now only that my nostril is still aching a bit and I get nose-bleed a few times a day. I really don’t know why. I hope it will be gone very soon. Then… most important thing I want to highlight is I’m getting heavier from day to day. It is so hard for me to especially transit from sitting-down-on-the-floor to standing-up position. It will always be easier if I hold to something in order to support my heavy bottom. Owh I’m having the shape of a pear body shaped already. What a sad thing I have to admit 🙁 Other than that… I commonly face heartburn, leg cramps, frequent urination, sleep deprivation, fatigue, Braxton Hicks and followed by a few other symptoms but only sometimes. As for my next agendas, I have yet to re-pack my hospital list, wash some more of the baby clothes, re-arrange the things in the cabinets and drawers, re-arrange the baby stuffs especially the clothes and finally to gain some more knowledge especially in order to be MORE mentally strong and physically prepared towards the arrival day of the baby.

Just so you know, we are going to do everything from A-Z ONLY by both of us soon… so we really need to be really prepared… especially in the MIND part, InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah mudahkanlah jalan bagi kami dan permudahkanlah segala urusan kami, Amin.

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