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First and foremost I present to you Lil’ Munchkin’s latest scan picture….. Taraaaaa!!

Can you see the ‘peanuts’? Yup! It’s a BOY! 😀 😀 😀

It's a boy! :D

This is gonna be a very long entry. Ehh selalunya memang xpenah pendek pun kan? ;P On last Friday we attended the check-up at 2.00 pm. As usual bila sesi petang memang isolated je hospital tu. Both of us memang suka sebab xperlu tunggu lama compared to bila pilih sesi pagi. As I said before, the doctor prefers all his appointments to be done in the morning session. Tapi untuk kali ni hubby chose afternoon session. Lagipun kesian hubby if kena tunggu lama sangat banyak keja dia kat kilang yang tertangguh. Lagipun pagi2 selalunya dia busy sangat. So the doctor has to bear with us lah kan. Ada gak sorang patient lain yang datang after us. Datang2 je terus started with the check-up. Surprisingly this time, I managed to only gain 700 grams of weight since the last check-up yeay! Padahal makan macam biasa je only that since the fourth check-up I am more careful with my food intakes. In other words, makan benda2 berkhasiat je and try to avoid makan berlebihan. As usual blood pressure kena amik 2 times. Even the 2nd reading pun xbagus sangat resultnya. I just really couldn’t relax xtau nape. While for my urine test, last time it was ‘+++’ but this time dah turun tu ‘+’ only. Tapi this time I got ‘+’ for protein in urine. Last time it was ‘-‘. I also had to go through vaginal check-up sebab I told the doctor about the pain in my abdomen yang ala-ala macam dah nak bersalin tu. He checked me and fortunately nothing unusual happening down there phew! The passage is still closed. Kalau tau memang okay awal2 xnak bgtau about the pain. Tak pasal2 je kena vaginal check-up yang sakit tuh.
Regarding the abdominal check-up, as usual; the most exciting part of all… the doctor started to scan my tummy… and my head looking up to the screen. I could clearly see the baby’s head but not his face though. Dah besar kepala dia. Then he showed us the baby’s spine… pun dah makin panjang. After that he showed us the baby’s leg bone, the beating heart and besar perut dia. The doctor said the baby is in the correct position just like before. Hopefully he will maintain to be in that position until the big day. Untuk berat baby plak, sekarang berat dia dah 1270 grams which means he gained more than 500 grams since the last check-up. Which also means, I only gained 200 grams since the last check-up! hihihi 😀 At the end on the scanning session, he searched something on the baby and suddenly we saw the ‘peanuts’!!! So the doctor said he is confirmed that the baby is a boy and we need not to worry about the baby’s gender anymore. I was excited and felt like wanted to laugh tapi I was more focused on seeing hubby’s reactions 😀 He was smiling and giggling at the same time macam tak leh nak stop je while looking at the screen. I of course didn’t want to add up the keterujaan tu kan. Kena la control sket depan doctor. Dah la when I laughed perut goyang2 and so the scanner and tangan doctor pun goyang2 hohoh! I felt so sweet that I could see the excitements on hubby’s face hihihi! His looks was indeed a very priceless sight to be missed… 🙂

The conclusion were I still need to control my sugar intake sebab kalau boleh doctor nak tengok the result to be ‘-‘ instead of ‘+’. The doctor and midwife highlighted more on my blood pressure… they said I have to control my salt intake. Memang lah I couldn’t be calm and I am easily to get adrenaline rush but somehow just to reduce the possibility of the blood pressure from arising too much or too fast, I need to take care of my food intake too. As for the vaginal check-up the doctor said there is nothing to be worried about. If I feel such pain again, that might be because of the baby’s movement, or the abdomen is practicing for the coming labor, or I need to change my position or I need to lie down to get some rest… that’s all. Unless if there is obvious extraordinary signs like sakit sangat2 or ada blood stain noticed haa baru cepat2 pegi check. Other than that, I still need to maintain my weight gain since my weight now is already 54.65 kg. However I am not so worried since I have like 3 kg more I could gain. Andai kata terlebih pun… most probably takkan sempat nak terlebih sangat2 hihihi 😀 Sukaaa! Sebab I really determine to be a cute and vogue mom after bersalin nih hohoho! ;P Then, we preceded with consultation session as usual with the midwife. As an overall, both of us are fine, Alhamdulillah 🙂 Masa balik je from the check-up… I couldn’t help feeling happy all day long hihihi. Yela mana tak nyer. Cuba kalau result check-up tak best macam b4 this, sure rasa hangin je satu hari ;P

On yesterday… we straightly went to do some shopping on Lil’ Munchkin’s stuffs dekat Nihsi*matsuya in Ina-shi. Jauh sket la tapi naik highway ada lah dalam 45 minutes je. Best shopping kat sini sebab it is specific department for baby stuffs and maternity. Nasib baik ada 1 branch shopping department ni nearby our house. Barang2 dia mostly memang very good qualities, sangat banyak choices, cantik2… cute2… fancy2… and yang paling best sold with very reasonable price! I loike!!! 😀 If compared dengan other baby store like BabiesRUs, sini memang jauh murah. Bila compare diapers pun… harga2 kat situ memang lagi murah compared to yang ada jual kat supermarket or shopping complexes lain. We departed from home at about 12.30 pm and reached there at about 1.15 pm. Memang rambang mata… pastuh dengan over excitednya sampaikan tatau mana satu nak pilih. Banyak sangat beli sampaikan trolley yang besar gabak tu penuh dengan barang2. Semua orang tengok je kitorang. Malu gak la hahaha! Tapi yang diorang sibuk je nak pandang2 tu apsal sibuk je tau huh! 😛

We were kinda pening masa dok pilih2 barang tu. Macam xtau nak warna apa. Takkan semua nak biru kot boringnya kan. Hubby pun dah pening. Last2 main amik je mana2 yang agak comel and sedap dipandang mata. Kebetulan for newborns warna2nya takla fancy and striking sangat. We were more focusing on buying for newborn essential stuffs… like baju2 nak pakai kat rumah… towel… handkerchiefs… swaddling blankets… blankets… grooming set and so on. Owh talking about grooming set. Mula2 nak amik P*ooh set tapi tak jadi. Ada hair brush yang buat daripada bulu b*bi ye. So be careful masa membeli tu. I told hubby to check first pun sebab I always remember that selalunya brush2 yang lembut sangat ni made of bulu b*bi. Konon2 fine sangat lah. Cisss najis jer 😛 I also bought some things for myself tapi sket2 je mana yang tak cukup and tak beli lagi. Ada jugak beli nursing pillow. Itu pun xtau nak pilih mana satu. Ada P*ooh and M*iffy but then I took the stripy blue one sebab dia macam lagi besar sket je and siap ada baby head pad skali with the same price jugak. Lagipun it looks nicer and sweeter 🙂 We paid all for the total price of 24,000 Yen ++ kot. Xingat. But I think it worths it lah sebab memang banyak kitorg beli and barang2 tu very good quality. Some stuffs like diapers and baby car seat xbli pun siap2 semalam sebab nyer we were running out of time. Truly, reason sebenarnya sebab malu trolley yang gabak tu dah penuh hahaha! ;P

After that we went to eat sushi at K*appa Sushi nearby the Nishi*matsuya. Then only we went home. During the night, I opened all the packagings and susun2 all the things sebab excited sangat okay! However only after that I realized that warna2 that we chose almost all sama aje. Mcm monotone je huhuhu. Tapi takpela sesuai la untuk newborn sebab baby baru lahir kan macam ala2 suci gitu hihihi ;P Tapi yang tak bestnya boleh plak terbeli nursing bra yang salah size. Cisss! Macam mana boleh grabbed saiz lain masuk dalam trolley? Hubby la punya pasal nak cepat2 sangat. Dah lapar la nak makan la nak apa la 😛 Hmmm pakai jela nanti sbb dah terbeli. Bila dah susun2 all the things jugak… baru boleh nampak apa lagi yang kurang and perlu dibeli. Baju2 semua dah cukup rasanya. I even bought a few extras but in bigger size so that boleh pakai lama sket. Jadi jimat lah dan tak membazir kan. As for after this, I plan to buy a few more things yang tak cukup lagi and baju2 jalan2 sket tapi kali ni all the colors must be bright and fancy plak. Baru lah meriah sket taklah dull aje. Hubby kata the baju2 can wait… tapi I just really can’t wait lah. Sangat excited okay n geram tengok baju2 yang comel2 tu. I’m going to make my check list for both of us in my next entry. However here are the pictures of the things we bought yesterday.

Comel tak?

Owh yer… baju2 tu dah selamat dihumban dalam washing machine tengahari tadi… dah dibasuh… dah disidai and dah kering pun. Tinggal nak lipat je lagi and simpan dalam drawer. Eee geram tengok. Tak sabar nak bagi Lil’ Munchkin pakai 😀

Talking about Lil’ Munchkin is a boy… Alhamdulillah we are going to have a son as our first child as we wished. Hubby suka sangat! Dia kata as first born, hopefully the son can take care of his family bila dia dah xde nanti. Some more he said he feels lucky sebab sekarang dah akhir zaman… so susah nak dapat anak lelaki. So after this if dia dapat anak perempuan berderet pulak pun dia dah tak kisah. Janji dah ada sorang anak lelaki. Honestly, I feel the same too. However I said to hubby that how I wished I would get a pair of twin. Lagi best sebab dah boleh guna nama baby girl which I had been thinking macam nak pecah kepala day and night tu. Lagipun tak dapat lah nak pakaikan ribbon dekat kepala and skirt kat Lil’ Munchkin nanti. Even masa shopping semalam rasa gerammm sengat tengok all those baby girls clothes hihihi ;D Owh tak dapat la nak kumpul pinky-pinky stuffs! I love pink! Ishhh ngarut je lah ;P Tapi andai kata tetiba the scan pic tu tipu and baby girl yang lahir. We will still be grateful… asalkan baby tu sihat… itu yang penting kan? InsyaAllah 🙂

Last but not least, I have started to read children stories and sing children songs and rhymes for Lil’ Munchkin. I’m kinda sooo excited buat benda ni sampaikan I ended up couldn’t stop rewinding Itsy-Bitsy Spider Song in my mind setiap masa! Nak tido elok2 tgh baca doa tetiba kuar lagu Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Bangun2 celik mata je tetiba terus nyanyi Itsy-Bitsy Spider hihihi! Kronik tak? Luckily it only lasted for one day phew! I practiced singing the song with hubby siap buat gaya lagu tu skali. Fun sangat and so cute! Even hubby pun kata geli hahaha! Owh not forgetting to tell too that I have started producing milk yikes! Saya sungguh teruja! 😀

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