Entering Third Trimester! Yikes!

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

Hello… What’s up everyone? I’m fine here… Urghhh this keyboard is making me annoyed. Suddenly the symbols appeared not similar as what shown on the keys duh! Yikes! I’ve officially entered the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. How time flies so fast! I’m feeling excited when realizing about this… but honestly I’m nervous too most of the time. I have finished 7 months of my pregnancy so I have like more or less 3 months left to go. The clock is ticking! ;P

Anyway hmmm I have just eaten a slice of home-made white bread smothered with creamy peanut butter and strawberry jam MMMMM YUMMEH! We went out last night to shop for groceries since we didn’t do so on weekend as usual actually merely because we got into a little fight… as usual hihi! Owh hubby started it not moi okay ;P The reason was because hubby had promised to take me out shopping for baby stuffs but then ended up he went to work on both Saturday and Sunday. I knew he was tired and all and I tried to be understanding that he got so many works delayed because of overloaded works came in and he really needed to settle them one by one since there will be new tasks coming in also. However… I just really couldn’t contain my disappointment and my emotion also rose over my rational state of mind thus… I exploded! I was so angry, I blamed him, I cried and I refused to talk to him. Sometimes I just couldn’t stop being selfish and I just really need to fulfill the requirement of 9-desires-and-1-mind which made a woman… well… woman ;P Sorry la Ayang I always made times hard for you. I know it is not good for the baby and I also don’t want him to take after me. Just pray that we won’t team up to ‘fight’ against you then okay. I can imagine how worse if it is going to be 😛

Owh back to the peanut butter. Actually I have been dreadfully craving for the taste of peanut butter. The view of Smucker’s Goober Peanut Butter kept playing in my mind and I just couldn’t stop salivating when the nights came sigh… I miss the Goober peanut butter and jelly or Goober peanut butter and chocolate the most. I didn’t know what actually triggered me towards peanut butter lately but I’m sure there was something that cause this. Previously I had craving towards tiramisu once browsing the recipes websites so I ended up baking a tiramisu cake last week. Just before that, I craved for a beef burger after watching the McD’s advertisement on the tv so of course I did make the burger and the list goes on ;D So last night, we found the InsyAllah edible peanut butter for us and hubby helped me baked the white loaf right away after we got home. Fortunately we have the bread-maker and all we needed to do was to toss every necessary ingredients inside and let it do the rest. At 11.00 pm sharp, there came the nice warm smell of fresh baked white loaf. I let it cooled down and cut 2 pieces out of it. 1 was smothered with margarine and peanut butter for hubby while mine as mentioned above. We enjoyed the warm soft bread slice with a cup of cold fresh milk. My feelings? Definitely I was so contented. Hubby said that he noticed my appetite is getting big. Actually it is not big since I just eat as usual but only that the cravings towards so many other foods is increasing.

Other than that, last night I stayed up late until about 2.30 am because I was busy browsing and searching for children’s story, song and rhyme websites. I managed to find a few which are quite reliable. They are very interesting and I’m just so eager to start reading the story for Lil’ Munchkin like… now? hihihi! I did mention about this in my previous entry and even my MIL reminded me about this too. Ahah The Ugly Duckling story sounds interesting! Or maybe Thumbelina or Hansel and Gretel or… okay I better stopped already! ;P This is going to be my new everyday activity with the baby. I even came across the Ikan Kekek song in one of the websites and it really amused me that how a Ma*lay song can be there too? hihihi. But there is no lyric for the song, only the music is available. I also tried to find websites which contains kisah-kisah nabi in Ma*lay especially for kids. But unfortunately I couldn’t manage to find the proper one. So, I have to sort the stories first before I can choose one which is suitable. I’m talking about reading for the baby here, so that’s why I want to find the easy, simple, and interesting reading materials rather than more serious and complicated ones.

Talking about this, somehow it reminds me to read the surah-surah lazim specially for the baby more with the intention to teach him too. Rather than simply recite the Quran as usual more towards myself and just make the intention that The Almighty will bless both of us. Besides, it also hit my mind that I should teach Asma’ul Husna, some short and simple zikir, common do’as like… doa makan? ;P and a few common interesting nasyids. Or maybe it is just too early for most of that??? hihihi. Maybe I should wait for the baby to pop out first right? Do I sound too enthusiastic here? hihihi. Well… it is just too much to do everything at one time. I will make the links of the websites later at the side bar and you can take a look at them and… as for the activities… I should make my own list and schedule perhaps. I will just do whichever I feel like want to do at a time. I’m sure the baby can here me already and perhaps at least I can nurture the good habit of reading and other good personal qualities at the same time as early as now 🙂

This coming Friday we are going to have our next check-up. I hope its is going to be just fine. I’m so eager to get confirmation with doctor regarding Lil’ Munchkin’s gender. I hope he could give the certain answer soon. So that I can be more enjoyable while shopping for Lil’ Munchkin’s stuffs come this weekend, InsyaAllah. On the other side of thing, I’m a bit worried about my conditions. I’m having this once in a while pain in my abdomen area. I’m not talking about Braxton Hicks or pain because of the baby’s movements here because I’m sure this is other thing happening in there. Actually I don’t know whether this is normal or not. But I hope the doctor can sort it out soon and perhaps… it is just nothing to be worried about, Amin! 🙁

Last but not least, I haven’t finished troubling my mind with the baby’s names yet hahaha! Truly, I don’t mind about it though seems honestly I found it quite therapeutic for me ;D Right after having breakfast and before continue back to my sleep everyday, I will spend like 30 minutes to 2 hours browsing the baby names’ books, scribbling the names at here and there, comparing the number of alphabets, considering the sounds and meanings and so on. Err not really everyday actually since I do spend the time to read other books too. On heavy materials of course. Huh~~~ I think I just can’t help it to have a short name for the baby. Even if I tried, the names keep staying to be long hohoho! We will see how it progresses later. Owh yeah… I wake up realllly late nowadays… Apparently because I can’t really sleep early at night even though when I feel so sleepy. It is not like what I’m facing during the 2nd trimester. My sleep pattern was really really good during my 2nd trimester. Somehow I’m going to fix this condition I’m having now because it is not good habit for the baby… and myself… and hubby too. Since he can’t sleep peacefully whenever I stay up late ;P

Till then, toodles! 🙂

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