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……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

Wow… how time flies. I couldn’t believe it that I have less than 90 estimated days left before delivery as shown by the ticker. I am starting to feel nervous thinking about what I’m going to face next. I really hope and pray that everything is going to be just smooth and fine, InsyaAllah.

Firstly, I want to talk about my conditions during the end of this second trimester phase. Ever since I’m pregnant, I keep having vivid dreams very frequently. Vivid dreams and nightmares are common during pregnancy. Dreams may be the mind’s way of processing unconscious information. During this time of emotional and physical changes, the dreams may seem more intense and strange. I am able to remember my dreams more clearly when I wake up as like they really happened to me. Honestly to say, most of the time I am disturbed about them. How could I not if the dreams tend to be very scary which cause me to wake up suddenly in terror with my heart pounding fast! Regardless of all the do’as I read before sleep, I still keep having them. Usually when that happened, after that I would wake hubby up to accompany me to the toilet which is only about 5 steps from the bed. He has to wait right in front of the door some more and I even let the door slightly opened so that I could see him! Sigh~~~. Then when I sleep back, even if I glued myself to hubby tightly; I would still feel scared.

Sometimes, if the dreams are not scary; erotic dreams tend to appear. Well… of course the dreams will be ‘fun’ if the person involved is hubby himself but usually it will be very disgusting indeed when other person were involved what more if they are the persons I knew regardless their gender and age euwww!!! The dreams were so horrible and unbelievable okay! Once in a while… the dreams could be so cruel too. They might tocher my feelings for the rest of day especially when the dreams are about bad circumstances involving our loved ones. I found out that there are no other way to avoid those dreams. In fact I should just enjoy them and not be bothered by them. But I wonder how can I??? duh~~~! However, fortunately this morning I dreamt about giving birth to a baby. It was at my parents’ house which didn’t at all looked like theirs’. I slept after giving birth and only went to look for my baby when suddenly I remembered about I should breastfeed him. He was in other room far from mine and he was alone in a room which was so like a store room 😛 I breastfed him… then he got full… then he walked… playing in the room. I could really feel as like I had just practiced the correct way to hold a baby in my arms when I woke up. He didn’t look like a newborn though in fact he looked like he was already 2 years old instead hohoh. He has fair skin… round eyes… the nose of his dad’s ;D and wavy hair. Well… he looked handsome indeed. Yeah… it was a HE. After all, it was only a dream. But I woke up feeling happy today instead of disturbed 🙂

Other than that, of course now my belly is growing bigger. I can feel the baby is always struggling to move inside there since the space is becoming more limited day by day. With itself growing up day by day, I am more used to its strong kicks, punches, rubs, pushes and so on and so forth. They are becoming more regularly from day to day. Honestly, sometimes the movements tend to cause pain towards me, tire me and make myself feeling uncomfortable too. Somehow, I dare to bear with that since it is also a way of reassurance for me that the baby is doing good inside there. Following by this, of course the back pain is becoming more obvious nowadays. Not only back pain. I also face pains at the shoulder, butt, thighs, hands, calves and my ribs. This also includes heartburn and leg cramps. Any sleeping position doesn’t give full comfort to me. I have to turn every now and then when the pain arises at particular area. Then turn to the opposite when the pain appears at the opposite too. Owh… even to move my butt is hard to do. My mom would be shocked if she sees my butt size now hmmm 😛 As for the heartburn, drinking milk usually be a great help to me.

Not only that, I can’t be in a sitting position for too long too. Since it causes pain at my ribs and abdomen. This is also the reason why I am not really in the mood to blog or be in front of the pc nowadays. I can’t be in standing position for too long too. When I try to transit to standing from sitting position, sometimes I can’t lift up my butt hahaha! I have to hold to one thing to help me stand up and sometimes hubby will help me but of course accompanied with his teasing ;P I know that walk and stand are good but unfortunately the small feet size is so not compatible with the growing body. My heels ached easily and thus cause my abdomen to ache too. Ermmm talking about pain at the abdomen… I tend to feel it more often now and it scares me. It is nothing severe but somehow I couldn’t help to stop worrying. Anyway I will just stay alert so that if I notice to be feeling very weird than usual, I can hurriedly get myself checked. I still never vomit yet… owh only once but thats was only because I was eating so fast. I don’t face any bad headache or dizziness. However, now I’m starting to feel easily fatigue just like during early pregnancy. Which cause me to rest, lie and sleep more often now hohoho! I’m having shortness of breath too which easily cause me to pant when I’m in a rush.

After all… at this phase of pregnancy so far I still can say that I’m having a very very smooth sail, Alhamdullilah! I’m hoping that my last third trimester gonna be easy phase for me too, InsyaAllah. Most importantly I hope that I will always be strong mentally and physically and able to be more patient all the time. Owh yeah… I try to do Solat Hajat more often now but unfortunately I really can’t stand the shortness of breath while doing sujud in a bit longer time hihihi. Poor me. Then, I just cut everything to just be a very short and precise do’a ;P My MIL reminded me about reading story books to the baby. I kinda forgot about this long ago but fortunately she mentioned that when hubby called her recently. Unfortunately I don’t have suitable story books available with me. So I just read the Qur’an translation to the baby. Actually, I do this everyday since long ago but it is more towards myself. But I’m easily lost and my mind can’t stop wandering about other things when I read the translation loudly (ni banyak setan kacau la ni) since the translation isn’t in direct language. So… mmm I think I’m gonna find stories for kids in the internet so that I can read loudly. Truly, even my English isn’t good but I read lousily in Malay rather than in English. Owh prophets stories sound interesting 🙂 If anyone knows good websites which contain stories for kids, do share with me okay.

Regarding other things, I have started to focus on Lil’ Munchkin’s arrival preparations. We are going to start buying the baby’s stuffs on this weekend. Owh I really can’t wait!!! ;D I also asked my mom to send me some things for the baby and confinement which can’t be found here. Besides that, I have received few things from our acquaintances recently.

Baby stuffs. All given by others. Thanks a lot! Alhamdulillah 🙂

As you can see in the picture, we got the baby crib from hubby’s Brazilian Japanese friend and already got it set up. I think we are the 4th or 5th hand to use it since he has 3 or 4 children hihihi. Well… I don’t mind at all since it is still in good condition and of course it already saved us about 10,000 Yen at least 🙂 We also got the crib bumper and mattress from him. The crib bumper is still as good as new! As for the mattress, I will try to find a new cover for it. Whereas the Pooh set is a set of ready for travel futon bedding from Auntie M in Toyama. Lil’ Munchkin says, “Thanks Auntie for the gift. I love it to the bits! Sends my regards to you lovely daughter ya! ;D”. Auntie M posted it all the way from Toyama and we received it on last weekend. I think this set is sufficient enough to complete the bedding set. Fortunately coincidentally everything is in a matching color phew! So it looks like I have to prepare the bedding set for Lil’ Munchkin all in off-white, cream or yellow color. Futhermore it is suitable for both boy and girl. Also not forgetting, I have recieved some things both new and used from my friend, R. She gave me 3 sets of new feeding bottles bought for her son but never been used. She also gave me 3 sets of used newborn clothing and a baby bath tub which I have yet to take from her. All the hands-down stuffs have already been washed by me and kept nicely so that it will be ready to use later. Last but not least, I had long ago got a very lovely souvenir from Yatie in Dubai, UAE. She sent me a beautiful red pashmina months ago, Thanks Yatie! I really love it ;D I had planned to buy a shawl for breastfeeding purpose. But since now I have the pashmina, I’ll be using it later during breastfeeding and of course to use it as scarf when I’m already expert knowing how to wear pashmina on my head hihihi 😀

So… I think that’s all for the updates. We are going to have our next check-up next week. Urghhh I’m tensed about check-up because I hate it if I need to hear on the not so satisfying report 😛 Last but not least, darling hubby said that I am like a teddy bear now and he loves to hug me. Last night, while sitting in front of me and holding my legs he also said that my now-expanded-big-thighs used to be the ‘slim-slim’ thighs he used to see when when just got married before… so is my butt. Then he continued saying but I am cuter now. Is that a compliment or what? hihihi ;P Somehow I cut him by saying that yelah of course I realized that I am now fat… buruk… sememeh… comot… so on and so forth… he didn’t need to hint to me or perli2 ;P Hahaha ala… saje je cakap macam tu… I love hearing him saying he always loves me regardless of how much I have changed and looked. Gedik… I know ;P

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