When The Wedlock Age Plus 1 Year

It is snowing today. Quite heavily in the afternoon but now it has already turned to sleet storm. The atmosphere is now wet and miserable. I mean… gloomy of course. Instead of feeling excited welcoming the snow… I am feeling much more towards funny. I think the snow should have stopped falling days ago. In fact the weather had turned to very sunny and quite warm too during past few days. It is very bizarre to see the weather changed tremendously from cold-to warm-to cold-to warm simultaneously. Seems like the weather has got confused up there 😀

Hmm… I guess that I didn’t do justice to this blog during these previously days. Not that I don’t want to update but it seems like I didn’t really have the mood to babble about myself or us in here. With the pregnancy entering maturity age, I am most of the time more ecstatic to talk about the coming bundle of joy. So, if there will be nothing new during you visit here in the future, that will be because I will always be there more than usual. Surely, you can understand why right 🙂

Somehow, it is really so unfair if I don’t note about something very important to us which took place quite recently… since it deserves an entry in the blog too. Yes… as the title says… quite more than a fortnight ago our marriage has reached its’ 3rd Anniversary on the past Tuesday, February 12th, 2008. Of course the number is still small and the marriage is still young I might say. But Alhamdulillah we have managed to come this far and definitely we are wishing to see the number growing bigger in years to come.

Anyway, we didn’t really celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary but at least I managed to ‘saved’ the day from being ‘destroyed’ like last year’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary hihihi! Well… it wasn’t really ‘destroyed’ but more towards ‘wasted’ actually. As for the 1st Wedding Anniversary, we didn’t actually celebrated it and the day was passed just like any other day. We were still apart from each other at that time and I just filling the day by reminiscing what happened during that particular times and minutes on the exactly 1 year before.

Honestly, there was nothing biggie for this year’s. I also didn’t expect anything since I already got the surprise for my birthday last month and dear hubby also always worn-out for every time he came back to work. Sometimes he did look haggard, poor him. Fortunately the busy-ness is already slowing down. On the night of February, 11th 2008; we went out to survey for baby stuffs, eat sushi and played bowling. Once we got home we were already preparing ourselves to sleep. I was already aware about the coming special day and kept alert about it at each moment since the day before. Only that I didn’t know how about him since I just kept mum about that because I wanted to see what he would do and most importantly whether he actually remember of it or not.

Once the clock struck 12 midnight, coincidentally he was about to lay down and I was about to continue surfing. We were chatting at that time and just right after he said he-really-needed-to-get-to-sleep-because-it-was-already-too-late, I nagged him by saying, “Ayang~~~…..” while my legs were pushing his. Then he got up and did what he should do before sleep… the usual compulsory ritual of, “…I love you… I miss you… good night… sleep tight… sweet dream…” followed by hugs n kisses. However of course I wasn’t satisfied since it wasn’t what I wanted and I said, “Tak nak yang tu… salah… bukan… salah… bukan…”“Hmmm xpelah tak nak dah… memang salah… sumer salah… memang Abang xdapatnyer buat betul…” continuously since he kept repeating it because he thought he did it wrongly for the ritual not as the way I wanted it to be hahaha! Only after when I said, then that was when it hit his mind… he smiled and wished me the, “Happy 3rd Anniversary”. Nyampah tau huh! Apparently he did remember about it but only right at the important moment he could forget about it because he was rushing to sleep. Hihi… well… it was kinda funny though remembering the night back ;D

On the anniversary day he was so busy with work that he didn’t come home for lunch and only came home at 10.30 pm. Even though I was hoping I could spend the day more with him but it was good though that I got more time alone at home. I used the ample time I have to search for wordings to dedicate to him, make an anniversary card, cook Bolognese spaghetti and bake a Black Forest cake. Even though I juggled between things and did multi-tasking with the hope that everything could be completed before he came home, I only managed to finally lay my butt on the sofa at about 10.15 pm. Of course everything was readied just before he got home. I planned to surprise him but unfortunately I couldn’t make the sweet smell of the cake disappear. It was as like the sweet delicious smell had absorbed into each and every corner of the house. As for the card, well… it was a bit messy at the outside because I used the fancy pens for the first time. I let the card’s wordings dried up on top of the rack before removing it on a lower level.

At 10.30 pm hubby got home and I nagged him to get bath fast because I was already starving. Just when he was putting off his wallet onto the rack, he noticed the card which I put at the slightly higher compartment, took it and said, “Apa ni?”. Of course I shrieked out and grabbed it immediately from him right before he was about to open the card. Obviously the surprise planned was failed! He laughed and me too. I just couldn’t stop hitting his shoulder, pinching and pushing him for ruining everything. But he blamed me for putting the card at the not-strategic (to him) place. Then I just shooed him to get shower fast and warned him not to open the fridge.

As he was done, I started to prepare everything while he set up the camcorder. I told him to cover his eyes with hands while I taking out the cake, card and setting up the table. Then… tadaa! I surprised him with the cake. Well… not that surprise of course but surely he was overjoyed to chomp down the cake! I handed him the card and he read it out loud to me. Actually it was a song lyric by Jessica Simpsons, I Wanna Love You Forever. I chose that song among other plenty songs’ lyrics might be because the lyric was kinda suited what I wanted to say to him. The funny thing was, he didn’t know the song and just sang it as he wished ;P He could have checked for the video which easily can be found in YouTube but he hasn’t until now. Soo… not… sentimental… husband… of… mine ;P ;P ;P I wanted to show him the video but couldn’t help keep forgetting it. I will… later on.

Then after the mushy-mushy part was finished, we preceded by cutting the cake, had our dinner of Bolognese spaghetti, devouring the cake and last but not least watching the video that we took earlier. Hihihi the video was funny… but sweet though ;P I told hubby that it was as like celebrating his birthday instead of our 3rd wedding anniversary. So I said to him that he owed me. As for the next time, he should do something back for me hihihi! Well… the night ended just like that. I hurriedly cleaned up everything and he also needed to sleep fast before it was too late. Me too… was so exhausted that my feet were aching badly… owh not forget to mention the back pain too. We slept like a log until morning.

As I said earlier… nothing biggie happened. But I was satisfied for that I managed to convey what I wanted to say. Truly he always knew what I really want the most. It is something not material which means if he really considers it… that may be more hard to give. I always expect more… but I know he can do it. Other than that, I just hope that he will always appreciate me for who I am and what I have done towards him. Of course I know he does.

3rd Wedding Anniversary

[Well… dear darling hubby… I just want you to know that you are always my everything and I can’t live without you. I would do anything for you. As long as you will always love me too until forever. Moments of hardship in life is more meaningful with you always by my side… rather than living in comfort but we are far apart. I’m looking forward for more happiness in our lives ahead… together,

Thanks for being a wonderful beloved husband for me,

May The Force will always bless us with more blessings and guides,

Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Surah Al-Imran (31),


Love… Yours truly]

Ini gambar tak berkaitan, taken during one weekend morning very previously when the snow falling heavily.

PS- This is one of the Do’as I recite every time I cook for him. The Do’a is good to be practiced to build more love towards the relationship of husband and wife and thus to bring more happiness in the family, InsyaAllah.

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