The Fifth Check-Up At Week 25

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I am now while my hands busy typing, my mouth is devouring the rich taste of Ferrero Rocher melting in my mouth and sipping bit by bit the so nice taste of chilly Van Houten Cocoa Milk. Owh not forgetting that I did have 2 big slices of Black Forest cake that I bake for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary 3 days ago. All I want to say is… MMM CHOCOLATE IS HEAVEN!!! Har Har Har ;D Aih… balas dendam ke? Well… not really balas dendam but in fact, I’m feeling geram right now ;P Why?

Here is the story… This morning I went for the check-up routine. This time since we made the appointment during the morning so there were many mommies thus we had to stay longer than usual at the hospital until everything was settled. Owh by the way I never see any husband accompanying a wife in the maternity clinic since the first time I went there up until now. Why eh? Well I knew lah obviously because the husband needs to work and even the wife also can speak Nihongo. Not like me, I can’t speak Nihongo so that’s why I need my husband to go with me. But somehow I feel that even if I undersood Nihongo I still want my husband to tag along lah. Never even once I could see other husband lah… ke tunggu kat luar? Anyway somehow… I kinda feel my husband is macho lah because he always don’t mind to be surrounded by women plus I thought as like he is more caring lah ececece… perasan la plak hahaha! ;P

Ehh back to the main story… so to cut the story short, the doctor said my baby is a bit small for its’ age that is about 766 grams only at the age of 25 weeks and 3 days. He said, the weight should be in range of 800 grams to 900 grams instead. Other than that, he measured the head size but I don’t know which one in the scan picture that mentions the head size, the fetus leg length and so on. He also said the baby’s head is in correct position but somehow there are wide chances the baby would turn around. All in all, the doctor said there are nothing to worry about at all since I am fine and so the baby. He said it is still normal for the baby to be a bit smaller than it should since looking at me, I am small too. Even if eat much, that won’t help to increase the baby’s weight. We will only have to worry if when the pregnancy reaches 8 months later but the baby is still so small, then there will be something will be done to us.

Ahaa this time the doctor said he thought the baby might be a BOY lah plak… he showed us the image that he thought might be it was the ‘bird’. But again, he said he couldn’t really confirm aisehhh. Ish kejap girl kejap boy. Camner ni… I’m going to start to buy baby clothes very soon. So eagerrr already!!! Nampak gaya kena la beli unisex color aje to be safe. Takyah beli bebanyak la. After 1 month also can start shopping again and time tu boleh la beli pinky-pinky ke biru-biru ke kan hihihi. Honestly, I feel a bit relieved when the doctor said it might be a boy. Reason? Because I am already having headache deciding over the baby girl’s name! Boleh? hihi 😛 However I will still and must confirm on one name for baby girl even though the doctor confirm later that it is going to be a boy. Bukan leh caya. Dah confirm2 pun karang kuar lain plak camner? Nanti kelam-kabut ;P

Other than that, to my disbelief… I gained 1.95 kg for the past one one despite of I had been strictly (okay not that strict lah actually) to control my food intake. How come lah??? So now my weight is already 54 kg and I have only about 4 kg more I can gain. We were looking towards each other in shock when the number appeared on the reading screen. What makes me rasa xbest is while I’m gaining weight fast, why the baby is gaining weight slowly? Baby… tak sedap ke makanan yang Mama makan? Baby nak makan apa cuba bagitau Mama. Hihi macam mana la nak bagitau. Whereas for my urine test… despite of I had been seriously watching out on my sugar intake, I got one more ‘+’ for the sugar in urine result. In the book, the most scale it has there is ‘++’ while mine was added up with one more ‘+’ by pen tadi boleh??? DUH!!! Luckily this time there is no protein in urine. Somehow again the doctor didn’t say anything in fact he said it was normal… just like what he said before. Whereas regarding my blood pressure… as usual the first reading mestiii takaiii! Pastu kena check lagi sekali. Tak sah kalau tak amik 2 kali ish pelik betul aku ni.

Right after that as usual we had the consultation session. But this time with other nurse… she is kinda veteran sket… talk veeery fast and ganas jugak la. The way she talked was as like hubby didn’t understand Nihongo hahaha! Well, she was okay la but I didn’t feel really comfortable with her and we prefer the nurses we met before rather than her. We talked with her about the sugar in urine result so she explained don’t eat too much sugar bla bla bla (yawn :P)… benda biasa lah. Then I told hubby to ask her about glucose screening and tolerance test which usually be carried out between 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy if I’m not mistaken. Sebab I did read about this in my pregnancy book and some of my friends had gone through this test… tapi kawan2 dekat Mesia la. Then after hubby asked, the nurse repeated back what she said earlier about sugar intake… siap cakap lagi no need to worry at all sebab ini semua very normal plus the doctor also didn’t say anything bla bla bla. Caused hubby to retort back to me…, “…mmm takpela dia ni pelik sket… lain kali la… susah nak cakap…” hahaha! Then I was like, “…ehh?… mmm… okay… okay” hihihi! Apparently ntah la… the nurse thought hubby tak paham kot apa dia cakap sebelum tu siap tanya balik, “…paham ke?…”. Ada miscommunication ke apa ke or nurse tu salah dengar ke ntah lah.

Truly… in the morning I did have breakfast of 1 cup non-sugared Milo and a bowl of oat added with a small spoon of sugar. So hubby macam bengang gak la since he said jangannn makan sugar langsung before that! I tot takde pape lah sebab I did have breakfast 2 hours before check-up kan? Takleh ek? hihihi. Yelah2! Nyampah! Besides that, the nurse also advised to get more rest, to straightly lie down whenever at all I feel ache on abdomen area, feeling dizzy, feeling tired and so on. She said might be I didn’t get enough rest and my blood circulation isn’t good causing the baby doesn’t get enough nutrient since less blood travels along the supposed area. Hmm rasa macam dah terlebih rehat dah pun. Ntahla might be because I always sit down kot which caused my abdomen tersepit sket? She also advised me to wear the bengkung which the Japanese always wears during pregnant and keep my abdomen warm. Hmmm oklah will do all that… better be safe kan. So… marilah menambahkan lagi kemalasan dengan berbaring2 aje dalam futon hihihi ;D So as an overall… there are nothing to worry about… we both are fine… but still despite of that of course I’m feeling worried and uneasy. Lil’ Munchkin says, “Kan saya dah kata… dia cepat risau…” hihihi ;P

That’s all about the pregnancy check-up. On other thing, actually I went for dentist treatment right before I went for my routine pregnancy check-up today. My gum had been swollen since 3 days before and yesterday there was pus and blood coming out from the gum. Last night also I couldn’t really sleep well. I thought, the gum was swollen because something got stuck inside the gum. Apparently, the dentist said there is actually another wisdom teeth wants to come out but there is no more space for it. He suggested me to get it pulled out and he also said it can be done so easily. The way he explained also as like it is a very small matter and nothing for me to worry about. Of course I felt scared earlier… ye lah from all the stories I heard from friends yang ada pengalaman ngeri cabut wisdom teeth ni. He also said I am at the stable state of pregnancy if I want to get the teeth extracted. But somehow tadi we opted only to clean up the gum and tomorrow I have to go for follow up and get the gum cleaned up again. The dentist said I better get the teeth pull out before giving birth. While my gynea opinion is, he preferred the teeth be pulled out after giving birth but somehow he said it depends between me and the dentist lah. Now my gum is still aching but little bit only. I don’t know… I think I better pull it out je lah malas nak pikir dah lagi pun nanti sakit2 lagi ke. Tapi takut ler… What do you guys think?

I will upload the picture of Lil’ Munchkin’s photo scan later. Actually, I don’t understand the picture at all pun hihihi. So, toodles… ngantuk dah! Esok kena bangun awal jumpa dentist and then after that starts with furnitures re-arrangements in the house… 😀

Lil’ Munchkin At Week 25

Lil' Munchkin At Week 25

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