On Snow, Lil’ Munchkin and Sushi

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

On Snow

Ah~~~~~~~~~~ the weather is so nice now. It was snowing non-stopped on yesterday and the night before. Even on the day before that, the weather had started to turn gloomy with rain and sleet storm falling continuously. Yesterday also we went to the playground near here which is beside the river and play snow there. The playground is always deserted and I really don’t know why not many people go there. Well, the place of course not that exciting but somehow it is still quite nice to play and have a walk. So we played with our heart content as if the playground was ours! Actually Mama was already a bit sulked with Papa since he was about to break his promise on bringing me to play snow before that. But he came back just before the dusk and Mama hurriedly put on my jacket and went down.

It was still snowing heavily at that time and Mama started to crush the snow because I was so happy to see my feet buried in the white soft untouched snow. Then we started to take pictures but as usual Papa didn’t take good pictures on Mama. Eee geram! Whereas Mama as usual mesti cantik amik gambar Papa. We also took video using the new camcorder while we were busy making snowman. Once in a while there was car passing by the park and people looked weirdly at us hihihi. Yelah kiter je yang jakun nak main snow. Diorg tak kisah pun tengok snow tu. Mebbe that was also why the playground seemed undisturbed pun ;P Mama rolled the snow to mold it into round shape but after a while I was already panting. Cepat penat lah main snow nih. After that Papa took over but he just pressed the snow to form the snowman’s body shape. Langsung jadi ntah bentuk apa hihihi. But since Papa didn’t want to disappoint Mama, he kept doing that and shaping the body until it got tall and big enough although it wasn’t really round in shape but more to oval. Mama continued after that by making the snowman’s head. Finally Papa continued again to make the snowman’s hands, eyes, hair and mouth hihihi! The snowman looked funny though but it was fun! Papa admitted that it was his first time making snowman! ;P

By the time we finished, it was starting to get dark so we played some more by throwing snow towards each other. Mama also busy cam whoring at every here and there before lastly we took a few more pictures and decided to go home. Furthermore the place was quite deserted and the road there very narrow and dark too. Huh we got ourselves all wet especially our jeans and socks. It was sooo fun and in time to come if the snow seems to fall again Mama wants to go there again to play snow hihihi. I still can’t get enough of snow furthermore I didn’t really play harshly like running and jumping and I didn’t even lying on the snow so much because I just wanted to be extra careful for my health and safety. Itupun yesterday I was already a bit worried because I felt a bit stretched below my tummy. After settling ourselves we moved on and stopped at Kiraya to buy groceries. There were so many people there perhaps because everybody was lazy to go out and only waited with the hope that it would stop snowing but unfortunately it wasn’t. Now as for today, almost half of the snow is already gone because of the very sunny weather today. Everywhere seems to be very wet and dirty too.

On Lil’ Munchkin

Owh actually Mama want to report about what we had done during the weekend. On the Saturday Papa had to work so we only went out during the evening after Isya’. Mama nagged Papa to go to Jusco AGAIN to have window shopping on baby stuffs. Papa dah bosan asyik window shopping barang baby katanya. Arghhh I really can’t wait to buy your stuff Lil’ Munchkin! Everything seems to be so cute and it drove me crazy! However this time, Mama had started to scan the necessary stuffs more thoroughly like surveying and comparing the prices and taking notes on which brands to buy later. We also discussed and made decisions over a few stuffs there and now we could imagine more clearer on our next coming agenda. The agenda, obviously is on buying the stuffs later. I thought I could start within this month but somehow, we need to wait until March through April to start and complete with the shopping activities because now almost all the baby stuffs on the racks especially the clothes are for winter collections. That means there are not many choices of clothes suitable for you yet. You are going to be May Baby which means you will be born InsyaAllah at the end of Spring. The weather will be starting to warm already at that time so we better make wise and correct purchase.

Other than that, Mama surveyed on the baby car seat too. There were sales going on so we could find car seat with the price as cheap as 10,000 Yen after 20% less. However we didn’t buy since we thought it is way too early to buy car seat. That is the last thing we planned to buy anyway. Furthermore, we already targeted on 1 brand name since it is good in quality plus the price also quite reasonable. I want to make thorough survey at other places too and buy the one which I feel the most satisfied in terms of price, model, design and color. Whereas on the baby crib, Papa thought of buying the play pen as to be used as baby crib. But it is not suitable isn’t it? I’ll do some more research on this. Besides regarding the crib bumper, Papa thought it is necessary. Owh I did find a few at Jusco, finally! But then tu lah in the previous entry I found the source cakap not so safe. Even though honestly I think I better get it. I think it depends on the individual needs la kot kan. Tengokla macam mana nanti. If not pun don’t use it yet until the baby is able to lift up his head ke apa ke.

Nowadays Mama is so confused and also tension on deciding which names is suitable for you. Yup only Mama is having headache because Papa is already satisfied with the names for boy and girl. Furthermore he gave me the freedom to search for the names and he only meddle during making the decision over the names whether the name is okay or not. Once if we confirmed with your gender later I think that will ease a bit my headache lah. Actually there are lots of names I like and dislikes. But being the so fussy me, I want each and every name meets my criteria listed hihihi ;P Among the criteria are, the name must have good meaning in Arabic, the combination of the names will form a complete meaningful short sentence, I neither want a so common name nor a so extraordinary one and so on. Even though the doctor already confirmed with the baby’s gender later but I still want to be prepared with the other gender’s name. You know, just to be in case. It still happened a lot that the baby turned out to be the opposite gender than what visible during the scan. Never mind lah, I already have the names for both boy and girl but I just can’t finalize them yet. Takpela tak salah kan. Pikirla sampai puas hati ;P

On Sushi (I mean the raw ones)

Ahha….. after we done with our window shopping, Mama and Papa again went to eat sushi. Within 2 weeks times Mama dah makan sushi 3 kali hihihi. Sedap!!! Owh talking about sushi, I did refrain myself from eating any sushi and some Japanese foods like onigiri (the raw ones) since during my conceiving phase. This was because I am used with the saying that pregnant woman can’t eat sushi. I read a lot about this since before I got pregnant. I just wanted to be careful and prepare my body healthy enough to bear a baby. So I didn’t want to threat myself with even a tiny slightest negative possibility. However, I was having a very powerful crave towards sushi and I did salivating during the night when I tried to sleep during early pregnancy. Seksa! Weirdly to my surprise, none of my Japanese acquaintances ever heard such thing of no sushi for pregnant woman. The aunties even said, there is no such thing! I even asked some Malaysian friends living in here and it happened that they also eat a lot of sushis during pregnant hihihi. But I wasn’t confident enough but despite of my cravings I did some research on sushi. Baca baca baca sampai pening!

Apparently, it is actually SAFE to eat sushi lah (at least to me). To me, sushi is my good and very yummy protein resource. Sushi is originated from Japan but how come it is hardly for me to find anyone saying don’t eat sushi to me? Instead, why the books and resources from Western I read said as like it is dangerous to it sushi? Pelik lah. So, the conclusion I got is you can still eat sushi when you are pregnant but with a few conditions. Most importantly is to ensure the sushi restaurant is clean in terms of premise, food handling aspects, the raw foods used and so on. The raw stuffs also should be fresh and good to be eaten rawly. In Japan itself there are plenty sushi restaurants I can choose to go to and almost all sushi restaurants I went, all met above criteria. Kalau nak yakin lagi, pegilah restaurant sushi yang mahal2 tu. What makes me more confident is, the person who works as sushi maker must have necessary qualification before he/ she can make and sell sushi. So basically, he/ she knows A-Z about sushi and how to handle them.

However of course it is good to be extra careful though. As we always knew, definitely cooked foods is better than raw foods. So, I don’t really eat sushi so frequently. Some more, I do always choose only certain types of sushi and avoid to eat the ones which made with big fishes. This is to avoid over mercury content in the fish bla bla bla which is not good for pregnant woman. Besides that, just to be more safe sometimes I choose the cooked sushi like ebi tempura more rather than the raw ones. Furthermore the raw ones, as I read in the book, could contain nematode especially when the sushi is not handled in clean manner. But this is a very rare case. Especially in Japan, I am soo confident memang susah nak jadi macam ni sebab they are so used with eating raw foods everyday so diorg memang dah skilled lah. But of course if I be at other country I would be double extra careful. Hmm teringat sushi kat Carrefour. Sushi kat sana tak sama macam the real sushi kat Japan ni. Even though kecik tapi sedap la. Sangatlah fancy and interesting! ;D Since I have tasted the real sushi, rasanya macam yang kat Carefour tu taklah raw mana pun. Rasanya kebanyakan toppings tu dah masak sket at least. Ermmm terliur lah plak. Ish! ;P

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