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I don’t actually plan to blog today but somehow I do feel like I need to update about us. Owh before I go further with my rambles, just to say that finally today I ‘pooped’ (ops where is my manner???) on a very successful mode and now I’m feeling soo satisfied yeah! To be exact, remember about my mission to control my body weight gain? So, I have been controlling my food intakes since at the end of last week. Exactly after I freaked out once I discovered I had already gained 700 grams only in 1 frigging week since the latest check-up, arghhh! Why so fast??? I became very annoyed and pissed off right after that and definitely hubby was the poor victim hohoho. But I don’t understand why should I constipated lah? Just to inform, I must do my business everyday and must successfully doing it hihihi 😀

Haih anyway, I have been monitoring mainly over my carbohydrate and sugar intake. I eat less rice but at the same time I increase to take more vegetables and fruits. Besides, I also avoid sweet foods and drinks even though… of course that is quite harddd to do. However, I do give excuse to myself once in a while like only 1 small party pack of Crunchy which can be gobbled down in one chew! 😀 So, what I do is I always devour of about 30 seconds the taste of the very precious Crunchy sweetness melting in my mouth. Ah~~~ nikmatnya. Ice cream? No, I haven’t eaten any ice-cream since the last check-up. I also opted for non-sugared Milo and just plain green tea over others. Hmm it is really obvious that I do really like ice-cream since I got pregnant. An ice-cream never could make me drool over it before this and there were a few times our ice cream stocks in the fridge needed to be thrown away after being kept for more than half a year! No, I don’t pamper my cravings but still during midnight I could not stop salivating until I got the sweet stuffs I crave for. But of course I just be patient and pray for the cravings to go away lah. Does Lil’ Munchkin really like sweet stuffs? Darling, it is not good to eat sweet stuffs you know. So you better stop making me craves towards SHU-GARRR, puh-leaze~~~ 🙁

On other things, firstly… somehow I feel a bit regret for buying the stroller. Why? Because it is quite bulky, can’t be folded into umbrella pattern, suitable to be used for baby 6 months onwards only and it is quite immobility. In order to make the stroller suitable for infant, so that’s why I planned to buy the infant head support later so basically I don’t really mind about this. What I really mind is its’ bulkiness. The stroller will have to be folded to be flat mcm transformers tu. Confirm kene masuk luggage if nak naik flight. Dah leceh I have to dukung the baby and baby also tak selesa. Kalau masuk perut flight, confirm la dah ambik lebih luggage weight kan dah rugi. Pastu kuar nanti stroller tu dah jadi belacan hohoh. N then kalau nak jalan2 naik bas or train confirm la susah nak angkut n seret especially at crowded places hmm. Memanglah mula2 dulu we plan to buy this stroller then buy another umbrella stroller untuk jalan2. But then terpikir plak why didn’t I buy one yang already perfect in all aspects we listed. Actually the one we bought to okay boleh je nak angkut2. Like in the reviews I read, ramai je org angkut g travel sana-sini n sangat satisfied plak tu with the stroller. Might be I’m feeling the stroller is susah nak angkut sebab I am smalllll and shorttttt kot??? hohoho! ;P

Infant Head Support

Baby Crib Bumper

Lastly, I had been scouring where to buy infant head support to be used in the stroller and baby crib bumper. I have found the infant head support which can be bought online but I just hope they have it at their outlet branch which we planned to go soon. As for the baby crib bumper, I never found it yet in all shopping malls I had went. I really don’t understand why. I thought baby crib bumper is very important for baby’s safety. But however not until I found the below information in the very just now. Phew! Nasib baik tak beli lagi. In my opinion, rasa macam sangat betul jugak information tu. So, I’m planning to share it here with others and as well as a reminder to myself. Anyway, I got it from here.


Are They Safe?
Crib bumper pads are a very common baby product, and parents often use bumper pads thinking they are increasing the safety of their child’s crib. However, many health agencies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) awareness groups are now recommending that parents skip the crib bumper, saying the need for crib bumpers has passed and that using these products may actually put children at greater risk for suffocation or death.

Why Do We Use Crib Bumper Pads?
Crib bumper pads became popular in older-style cribs where the slats were far enough apart that a baby’s head could become trapped between the slats, posing a suffocation risk. Today, all cribs sold in the United States and Canada are required to have slats close enough together that it’s nearly impossible for an infant’s head to fit through. So why do we still use the crib bumper pads? For some parents, the reason may be as simple as liking the way the bumper pad looks. The matched crib bedding sets in stores are often cute and the package deal makes for a nice coordinated nursery. Other parents are worried about their child’s arms and legs sticking through the crib sides, and some worry that the baby will hit his or her head on the crib sides and cause injury. According to Health Canada, it is nearly impossible for an infant to hit his or her head hard enough on the crib to cause bruising or injury. Health Canada also reports that serious injury is not likely when a child puts his or her arms and legs through the crib slats. The baby will either remove their arm or leg from the slats if possible, or make enough noise to alert a parent for help.

Which Groups Have Recommended Against Bumper Pads?
Some major children’s safety organizations have recently suggested that parents and child care providers should remove crib bumper pads from baby cribs. The groups include: American Academy of Pediatrics, Health Canada, National Center for Health and Safety in Child Care, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the First Candle/National SIDS Alliance. Some state and regional Back to Sleep campaigns now recommend removing bumper pads, as well.

Why Do These Groups Recommend Against Crib Bumper Pads?
One reason child safety organizations recommend against crib bumpers is that they pose a risk of suffocation. Just like a pillow or thick blanket, crib bumper pads can restrict a baby’s breathing if the bumper is up next to the baby’s nose or mouth. Suffocation risk is greatest when babies are very young and unable to move themselves away from potential hazards. Rebreathing of air is another concern with crib bumper pads. The bumper reduces the flow of fresh air around baby during sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that some infants, when they are overheated or lack sufficient oxygen during sleep, are unable to arouse themselves enough to prevent hypoxia and death. The AAP states that re-breathing of air may in fact be a contributing factor to SIDS.

Since many infant safety organizations now recommend that nothing be inside the crib at all, the safest route for parents and babies would be to remove crib bumper pads altogether. For day care centers, the push for increased sleep safety may soon result in states mandating that child care providers no longer use crib bumper pads. For parents who are still concerned about their child sticking arms and legs through the crib slats, and feel that they must use a bumper pad, there are new mesh crib bumpers on the market today that allow more air to flow through the crib.

Source(s): http://www.mommysthinkin.com/snuggle_nest.html

I really wish and sooo eager to write about ‘pregnant me and sushi’ tapi asyik tangguh2 je. Aha! don’t give me any comment regarding it yet until you read what I’m going to say. Hihi macam ade je prang nak baca ek ;P I hope I’ll come up with this topic next time. So, stay tuned! 😀

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