When She Reached A Quarter Century II

Continuation of previous entry……….

Ha ha ha betul2 dah basi cerita ni. But takpela it’s never too late to tell. Now without further ado, let me continue on what had taken place during the night before the end of January 23rd, 2008; my 25th birthday. After Maghrib, we got readied to dine out at a Japanese restaurant. As I told before, it was snowing heavily on that day so the car had been covered with thick snow. Hubby suggested that we could play with snow while cleaning the snow off the car and he too could heat up the car engine at the same time. To cut the story short, we went down and I started to throw away snow towards hubby. I just played around the car and hubby only once in a while throwing the snow at me. Well, it was fun and of course I was overjoyed with excitement and apparently did ignore hubby’s warn about wearing gloves. As a result, only after a few throws my hands were getting numb already and I kept rubbing them non-stopped. I did took a few pictures of us before I started throwing the snow again towards him. Lastly, I thought I’ve had enough because my hand were already getting painful so I just decided to take one more picture of me posing in front of the cleaned car with a wiper in my hand. Then, on the very right after that moment I shrieked out….. “Ayang mana cincin lagi satu???”. Ahhh sudah…..

Hubby also shocked and asked which one that I had lost and I told him it was the wedding one. He exclaimed to me what he said earlier about wearing the gloves but I didn’t. He also asked weather it loosed around my finger or what and I said yes. Apparently the ring fell off my finger when I was busy rubbing my hands but I didn’t feel anything since they were already feeling numb! Then hubby told me to get upstairs just to check whether I really did wear the ring or not and even though I was sure I wore it but I checked anyway. Well, of course it wasn’t in the jewelery box. I went down and we tried to find it around the car but to no avail. Ye lah macam mana nak carik dengan snow penuh macam tu? Lastly I said to him takpela tunggu ais cair dulu… let’s go eat first and we got into the car. But once the door closed I cried right away huahuahua! I couldn’t stop and I ruin my make-up which I put on specially to celebrate my birthday… tears and air idong sumer keluar. I already felt the world was collapsing around me, my birthday had been ruined 🙁 Owh sungguhla dramatik. I didn’t know why I was sensitive and I’m actually not good in handling with panic situation pun. Hubby tried to console me and I kept saying sorry to him. He said he would buy a new one but I said it is not going to be the same. Anyway I did ask him whether he was angry or not and he said yes but only a bit then I cried louder laaa!

I only fully stopped crying while we were about to reach the restaurant. Dah sapu2 muka… mekap2 sumer dah hilang… betul2kan tudung then we went in. We browsed the menu for like 15 minutes because we didn’t know what to eat plus actually there were not many choices. Lastly we only ordered the same foods we always ordered like tendon, takoyaki, tempura, green fanta for me (geram punya pasal!), juice for hubby, green tea and ice-cream desert only. But of course that were enough to fuel our tummies lah. Even though my mood was already disturbed but we tried to light up the atmosphere. We talked about many things and being mushy-mushy all the times hihihi. Ye lah of course it was me who loves all the mushy-mushy things and hubby macam biasa layan aje la. But hey talking about stuffs before we got married like how we got to know each other, how did he actually feel towards me, what he was thinking so on and so forth can never bore me. I love to hear to what he is going to say. I can talk and hear about all the same things again and again for like forever. I will feel on cloud nine during each and every moment talking about those stuffs. It never makes me satisfied and if only I could get into his mind and feel myself how he was feeling 😀 Jiwang karat la pulak. Tapi macam biasa lah until one extend hubby gave up sebab dah tak larat nak ulang benda yang sama ;P

What we had during the birthday dinner. Sket je. Pic birthday girl takyah ler ;P

Then after that we decided to go home. Actually earlier, we planned to maybe go to play bowling but since I was already in no mood so we headed back. Once reached the neighborhood hubby thought of bringing me to a park in front of his factory to play snow. But I hesitated again because I wasn’t feeling like to play anymore. Lastly we turned back and he parked the car at the factory beside our house with the car lights ON shown towards our our parking space. We scoured the area to find the ring by crushing the snow. But after about 10 minutes we still couldn’t find it so I told hubby let’s just get upstairs and I would find the it tomorrow. Furthermore I was thinking it was already late and he needed to get up early tomorrow. We got into the house, had shower, changed clothes and readied to sleep. Owh I did buat solat hajat before that praying that I would find my ring tomorrow. Besides, I checked in the Quran for Surah Al-Ma’un because the surah is good to be recited in order to find lost item. Boleh tak boleh terlupa surah Al-Ma’un tu surah yang mana satu??? Confused. Teruk betul. I even recited the surah until I fell asleep. Ye lah siapa tak sayang wedding ring kan. It is not how much the ring cost, how many diamonds on the ring, how big the diamond is so on and so forth but what worth is the stories that lies behind it. Be it, my wedding ring (it is actually my supposed-to-be engagement ring… that is another story to tell lah) is a plain white gold ring which has no value to be sold, didn’t cost a bomb, very simple, very small with a tiny single diamond on it but it is so much meaningful to me and can never be replaced. I had a restless sleep on that night because I kept having dreams about my ring and kept waking up every now and then.

In the morning after hubby went out for work, I had my breakfast. After that only I put on my jacket, jeans, tudung, socks and gloves. I just added the extra layers without putting off my pyjama pun. Basuh muka and gosok gigi pun tak ;P I started my steps with Bismillah and all other doas with high hope I could find the ring. The snow was already turning into ice. It was all wet everywhere and of course slippery too. I was actually scared because I didn’t want to risk my safety but somehow I braved myself lah. I walked slowly around the car with head looking down, my feet kicking and crushing the ice and one hand holding to the car. I made a few rounds around the car before suddenly I was about to slip down! Huh… that really made me gave up already. Then I said to myself… okaylah let’s make one more round pastu if tak jumpa jugak turun balik jap lagi bila ais dah betul2 cair. I walked again slowly and then lastly I stopped beside the co-driver side. I scanned all the thick ice below and suddenly I saw something small grey in color buried beneath the ice! Yup, that’s my ring! It was compressed into the ice which had car tire pattern on it. Somehow, the ice saved my ring from being crushed solely by the tire. Phew! I felt totally relived after that, Alhamdulillah. Jumpa jugak! Finally, I made my way up and started to play with my camcorder hihihi 😀

Huhu itu baru Allah bagi dugaan sket dah rasa teruk sangat. Lessons learned, lain kali jangan susah aje ingat Tuhan tapi bila happy terlupa or terleka. Dah tu lain kali sila lah be calm and rational… ohh ini susah… tapi takpe cuba jugak. Last but not least, janganlah bising bila snow tanak turun sebab bila snow dah turun banyak jugak benda tak best boleh jadi. Hihi rasa benciiiii sangat dengan snow bila the ring hilang. Tapi bila dah jumpa rasa macam nak suruh snow turun lagi hahaha!

Ini tak berkaitan. I cooked them for dinners. Sedap!

Till next time…daaa! 😀

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