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……….This entry should be posted last week but I only do it now. So…the story is outdated la dah ;P…..

Today Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 is my birthday. At this time, my age is about 25 years, 5 hours and 10 minutes since I was born on 6.50 a.m in the morning. I woke up today firstly by witnessing the snow falling heavily in the neighborhood. In fact until now, the snow hasn’t stopped falling yet and I just hope it will continue falling until there will be enough snow to play with. The atmosphere is all gray, white, gloomy, wet and cold. I’m just glad that the snow has finally decided to fall heavily today on my birthday. What a sombre yet a peaceful day to start the birthday with 🙂 Especially with hubby in bed right beside me until late in the morning just now not as usual. Owh hubby only went to work at 10.00 am since he wasn’t feeling so well. In fact last night the ‘birthday girl’ had to give a whole body massage using tiger balm as her token of appreciation towards him ;P If only today is weekend, I could take a walk outside and play snow with hubby hmmm…

Ah~~~ finally…….

Yesterday afternoon at 2.00 pm I went out with R and his youngest son, T to the town. The original plan was she wanted to treat me for lunch at a sushi restaurant but somehow it didn’t go as planned. Instead, she brought me for window shopping at Jusco, Daiso and Apita. While she brought some groceries here and there, we wondered around to see some stuffs including at the baby’s department too and I managed to ask her on a few baby’s stuffs so that I knew how, what and which are the correct ones to buy later. We had a long chat during the outing too and at the end she sent me home at about 4.00 pm. Actually while we were out she kept asking me whether I’m hungry or not. Since before going out I already had my lunch of nasi lemak daun pisang so I wasn’t feeling hungry. Apparently while we were already at home she told me she wanted to treat me for lunch but she didn’t know where is the suitable place to bring me to since there are so many things I can’t eat. She thought I couldn’t eat sushi because last time I told her about my rashes on the tummy so she thought I got allergies with seafoods. Then I told her I didn’t mind at all furthermore she already brought me out and I too had finally knew where to buy some stuffs I had been searching high and low before this since I came to Japan. Lastly she decided to bring me out again on Tuesday next week once she knew I was only allergic with the olive oil I used for the tummy earlier.

As for last night, I rested a while after getting home then only after Isya’ prayer I started to cook dinner. Hubby came back earlier compared to 2 days before and he went out again since he wanted to buy a slice of cheesecake for me at the bakery shop nearby. The truth is even though I really love to have a birthday cake on my birthday but I told him earlier that he didn’t need to bake cake for me like last year since I knew he must be tired and all after work. Furthermore I have to refrain myself too from eating so much of sweet stuffs because of over weight gained during last month. Unfortunately the bakery was closed and he went to a quite far bakery shop just to buy a cake for me. However seems like it was fated yesterday that I really shouldn’t eat any cake this month that although he found the still opened shop but all the cakes have wine in them. When hubby asked for none-wine one, the baker said there is no such cake which doesn’t has wine in it 😛 😛 😛 Instead, hubby only came home with a slice of mochi and pack of dango I asked him to buy for me. So, instead of birthday cake; I had my birthday mochi last night hihi. Thanks Ayang 😉

During halfway preparing the dinner, I took my bath then I continued cooking. After that we had dinner, watched movie, played board game and finally decided to sleep since hubby wasn’t feeling well. The lamp has been switched off and after hubby brushed his teeth, I made way for my turn. As usual, I would want to get into the toilet just before I go into bed. When I opened the toilet door I immediately shrieked upon seeing what on earth the huge paper bag being on the bidet cover inside the toilet?! I was still shocked and feeling weird when I got further to see the paper bag and it only struck to my mind that it was done by hubby upon seeing the wording ‘For My Comel’ on the birthday card envelope on top of the paper bag. That was only the time when I came to my senses and started to feel surprise and funny too! I ran to him first and asked him what’s that but he just acted as like he didn’t know anything though hihihi. I XOXO and said thank you to him then only I took the paper bag. I once again shouted like, “Apa ni Abang?! Kenapa berat?! Kan dah cakap dah orang tanak hadiah mahal. Ni mahal ke???!”. He just laughed and I decided to open the presents straight away.

There were actually 3 presents all together in the paper bag. Once again I asked, “Apa ni kenapa sampai 3???!” Then I slowly opened the presents one by one. Now, let the pictures do the talking…

Yikes! What’s that?!

Yikes! What's that?!

Wow! What are they?

What are they?


Oops sorry! Can just reveal only a part of it ;P Perasan tak the small-small lips at the corner below? I thought it was burung apela kecik2 ni. Rupa2nya kiss-kiss hihihi!

Bday card

As you can see, apparently I got a Panasonic Camcorder, the tripod and the camcorder bag for my birthday. But well, the main thing of course la the camcorder since the other stuffs are actually only side paraphernalia kan hihihi. It never crossed my mind to want a camcorder for my birthday in fact I did warn hubby no need to spend on unnecessary things since we need to use much money in time to come. However since hubby told me he got the camcorder with great bargain so I wasn’t hesitated at all lah. Furthermore we didn’t have a camcorder yet and this one will come very handy especially to record a video of our coming bundle of joy soon, InsyaAllah 🙂 So takpelah tak jadila nak membebel. Lagipun dah beli kan so just enjoy the gadget lah. Owh about the birthday card, believe it or not that was the FIRST card ever I received from hubby since the time we got to know each other about 4 years ago. He never gave me any card or letter except the virtual ones lah. But I had been wanting the real ones which I can read, touch, feel and look. The feelings upon reading the VIRTUAL ones were obviously nothing similar at all that could beat upon receiving the REAL one. Well, thanks Ayang for FINALLY I got one after all these years haih!

Well, actually I kinda forced and told him that I wanted a SURAT CINTA for my birthday this year. Although the birthday card isn’t something like surat cinta but I satisfied with the long wordings written. Even though I said to him that the wordings are somewhat like doa lepas semayang je hahaha 😀 Thanks so much Ayang for the efforts. I knew that it gained a lot of efforts from you to make something like that plus I knew the words written were all sincere from your heart :). It seems that hubby hid the presents in the car and put it in the toilet while I was taking my bath. Okay why in the toilet you might wonder right? Because that’s the only place in the house which is hidden and he thought I would only get into the toilet during this morning ;P No wonder he asked me what is usually the first thing I would do after getting up from sleep and I told him I would have my breakfast first. Actually, he too came back late on Sunday and Monday because he was busy doing present hunting and preparing the presents and the card for me. I already felt suspicious towards him because the way he answered me were not as usual he did before. But I didn’t interrogate him further because I didn’t want him to feel disappointed despite of the fact that I was really eager to know what actually he was planning to do ;P

Owh btw I also received a card sent all the way from Malaysia on Monday before that. Turned out it was from Shu and Azira! Thanks a lot girls I was so ecstatic to get it since it was the only card I got other than hubby’s! I only opened together with the card and presents hubby gave to me. Tahun depan hantar lagi ek sekali dengan hadiah n kek okay muahaha! Muahhh XOXO!!! 😀

The card from afar. Thanks darlings!

As for tonight, we planned to go celebrate my birthday by eating out. Hmmm nothing special lah. No choice pun. Either we go eat sushi or eat Japanese foods itu ajo. But at least okay la takyah masak kan…..

Okaylah, will continue with the second part entry after the dinner tonight…..Daa!

……….Ehh it’s still hasn’t stopped snowing yet up until now! What a very wonderful, white and cold birthday I have today eh? I’m gonna make sure to play with the snow later at least for a while……….

Will be continued……….

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