The Fourth Check-Up At Week 21

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

On last Friday we went for our pregnancy check-up appointment at 2.30 p.m at the hospital in here. As usual the hospital was so deserted might be because most patients prefer to come to the hospital in the morning. This time, other nurse checked on me. Firstly my blood pressure was taken and as usual the number was quite higher but this time only a bit elevated from the recorded ones. I also had my weight checked and now I am already 52 kg heavy. Apparently I had gained 2 kgs since the past 1 month which was double than I should. Right after that, I had my urine collected and this time I also only managed to collect a few which was even a bit lesser than 25 ml, the least level of urine to be collected. The nurse came back immediately and I got my not so good urine test result right away. Then only after that I went in to see the doctor.

I was directly asked to lie on the bed for ultrasound scan, the most awaited session as always yeay! 😀 The doctor started to scan me and hubby looked on. I tried to look up on the screen too which was situated above and slightly beside my head but it was hard though. The image appeared was quite dark and all I could say is I didn’t really understand the image visible. The doctor said it was because the baby is already big so its’ image couldn’t be captured on one frame. Even hubby could see most of the image, but he also didn’t really understand it. However, the doctor did show Lil’ Munchkin’s head, stomach, shoulder, thigh, legs and a few other things. He also said the baby is now 34.6 mm long which is at the best size for its’ age. While the weight for the baby now is already 448 g at the age of 21 weeks and 3 days. The only thing I could see clearly was Lil’ Munchkin’s beating heart and the heart is now already big. I didn’t feel satisfy at all and didn’t really enjoy the ultrasound scan because I couldn’t really see the image and hubby also couldn’t capture good video of the scan. However as an overall the doctor said the baby is doing very fine, Alhamdulillah. After all that was what more important to know than the visible image right? 🙂

After that, we had a bit consultation session with the doctor and the doctor explained all about the baby’s condition. As for my condition, just like the nurse who checked on me earlier; the doctor also made remark on my tremendous weight gain in a month. He reminded me to be careful on my food intake and just consume healthy food. He said I have like 5 to 6 kgs of weight more to gain. While on my urine test result, apparently I had a slight increased of sugar and protein in my urine. However he said that were nothing to be worried about because it could be error during the test since my urine collected was very little. So might be I got other substances mixed together since I couldn’t even take my midstream urine only to be collected. As for the sugar level, he said might because I did eat sweets before coming to the hospital so that was sometimes a common thing to happen. Furthermore my blood pressure didn’t increase tremendously so he could be assure that there is no problem with my health. However, of course he reminded me to be careful and he hoped to see my urine test result to be back to normal during my next visit.

The nurse then took my blood pressure reading once more just to be confirmed. As expected, the reading is way below than the first reading as usual, in fact this time it was lower than the past visits reading, phew! So, that really means I’m healthy. Lastly, we had proper consultation session with the nurse and this time we had a longgg discussion regarding my health and weight. In order not to receive many problems I should pay more attention on my weight gain. She said this is to avoid, blood pressure, diabetes, over baby weight, small opening during delivery because of the fat I gained, water retention, possible causes of C-sect, be detained at the hospital for insulin injection bla bla bla so on and so forth including hard to be back into pre-pregnancy shape after delivery later. I also asked her a few questions regarding birth delivery, about some foods, exercise, different weight gain range in other country and so on. Seems like hubby also very worried and he warned me to be careful so that I won’t need to be warded later.

Ouh not to forget, as usual hubby did ask about the baby’s gender and this time the doctor said he thinks it is a GIRL but he himself wasn’t sure though. So he said he will confirm back later when he is already sure about that. We both couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear hearing what the doctor said. Honestly we don’t care may it be a girl or a boy but hubby hope to get a boy as the first child. However all I want to say is somehow the part of getting-to-know-your-baby’s-gender feelings could be so thrilling, exciting and overwhelming! hihihi ;D Fuhhh… I’m just so nervous to even think about this. Well, I just hope the baby is doing great inside and outside later may it be a girl or a boy. Hmm actually at first I did think the doctor said like that because he was already boring with the same question we asked every time our visit with him hohoho ;P For our next check-up, the appointment is going to be in the morning. Because the doctor himself said he preferred morning so that he can check me all together with others ;P Doctor, I knew that you just want to have free time during the afternoon session right? I prefer afternoon session merely because there are not many people at that time and I can bug the doctor with a long discussion without having to worry about other waiting patients. Takpelah dah doctor sendiri cakap macam tu tanpa ditanya what to do right? Eh..who is the ‘customer’ here? Eh kene dengar cakap doctor lah! ;P

So, my resolution before our next appointment is to gain only 1 kg of weight during this 1 month. This also means no more ice-cream, cakes, sweets, cocoa drinks, sweet biscuits, chocolaty cereal, snacks and so on at this time. I ate ice-cream almost everyday during my last one month. Perhaps, that was the biggest contributor of weight I gained. Before pregnant, I never be too enthusiast to eat ice-cream pun hmm. Besides, I will try to eat in a smaller portion in a more slower pace. Kunyah 40 kali (lenguhhh)! Whenever I feel hungry in between regular meals, I will try to eat only fruits or plain biscuits or digestive biscuits or healthy snacks like nori (seaweed) and so on. In fact I have bought more stocks of fruits than usual. Talking about fruits hmm boring la… Balik2 epal, strawberry, anggur, pear, pisang, limau and so on. Tapi tak banyak choice la. If nak beli pun kena beli buah ikut musim macam sekarang ni asyik makan limauuu aje sebab limau yang murah. Buah tembikai and honeydew plak mahalnyaaa! Macam la org lepas makan tu nak frame kan kulit buah tu. Buah mangga, belimbing, betik pun ada tapi mahalll plus tak sedap pun sebab imported. Dah la cinonit je buahnya. Next time if pregnant lagi nak duduk Mesia la. Hari2 leh g pasar malam borong buah. Sebuttt aje apa nak rambutan, mata kucing, durian, cempedak, lai, pulasan, jambu batu, jambu air, laici semuaaa ada. Even imported fruits pun le beli longgok2 je tak mahal pun. Dah… cakap pasal buah kempunan buah la plak ishhh! :((

Other than that, next time before going to attend the check-up I must ensure to keep enough urine for the urine test so don’t go to toilet first before going out of house hihi ;P I will also make sure to eat at least 2 hours before the check-up. As for last Friday, I ate only 1.30 hours before check-up and I ate egg omelet to be exact. So might be that was also why I got protein in my urine? hmm. Ouh well… truly I do feel it is so hard for me to control my weight. Susah nyer macam mana actually to control weight??? Furthermore my appetite is really on its peak now. Not that I really want to worry about the weight since what’s more important is I have to make sure myself to stay healthy until the end of pregnancy. But it is very challenging to stay healthy too if my craving is always on sweet stuffs especially ice-cream, cakes and chocolaty foods! My mom said, kalau girl slalunya org mengaidam benda manis2. Kalau boy, slalunya mengidam seafoods. Although I knew my mom herself don’t trust this thing but the saying is sort of true to me lah hohoho ;P Huh… whatever. I will just try as hard as I can. I will try to gain only 10 kgs and the maximum I could exceed is only until 12 kgs at the end of pregnancy. The most important thing after all is to only take healthy and good foods so that I WILL always be healthy, InsyaAllah.

Last but not least, here are the picture of Lil’ Munchkin at Week 21 and the video of him/ her…

Lil’ Munchkin at Week 21

Lil' Munchkin at Week 21

Video of Lil’ Munchkin at Week 21. The video is not so clear but you can still see the beating heart there 🙂

Till then. Good luck to myself! ;D

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