Nice Sunday Evening Walk At Week 21

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On last Sunday evening we went to one of the riverside near our village. Apparently the river located in another village with rows of houses on one side and a row of houses, apple orchards and paddy field on the other side. Papa brought Mama there since Mama has been staying at home most of the time and very rarely took a walk. Since walking is a very good pregnancy exercise, so Papa brought Mama there because we were already running out of idea where else to go. FYI, the place we are living in is quite a boring one and there are not many nice and available parks available. Anyway, it was Mama’s first time to be there and I love it instantly at the first sight. The river is quite long and very wide too and even the water was moving very swiftly since it had been raining 2 days before that. Papa said the level of water was quite high. He knew that because last time when he joined the company’s river cleaning day, they could cross to go to the middle emerged surface in the middle of the river. Actually, there was an electric power station located at beside of the river.

Honestly, there wasn’t anything extra-ordinary there except that there were graded small roads at both river side which allow people to have a walk there. There were not many people there though might be because of the coldness. Except I could see 2 to 3 people were walking their dogs there and a man jogging going back and forth to and fro each ends of the road. The day was very sunny and beautiful too. The sky was clear blue with a few white clouds scattered everywhere, the birds chirping, the cold wind blowing softly and added by the scenery of the peaceful village surrounded by the white-topped mountains all around, made me felt the moment was so perfect. It was so serene and pristine indeed. Papa parked the car beside an orchard and we had a walk along the riverside. Once in a while we jogged slowly as forced by Papa and we did play Pepsi Cola too hihi. At that time, the sun was about to set making the atmosphere to be quite orangy. Then Mama thought, that could produce artistic effects on picture. Hence, Mama started to give instruction to Papa on how to pose and from which angle to take the pictures from. Mama has to clarify it that Mama is always more creative than Papa hihi 😀 So, here are the pictures we took…

The clear blue sky and a row of white clouds

Clear blue sky

~~~Grow old together ;)~~~

Grow old together

Touch the sky

Touch the sky

Mama at week 21 of pregnancy. Sanggup buka jacket tu. Gigil2 n kebas2 lepas tu hihi ;P

At week 21 of pregnancy

The growing bump. Papa and Mama will be waiting for you, Lil Munchkin. Stay healthy and safe ya, InsyaAllah :)…

The growing bump

Do you see my bump? Yeah, it is more visible now but not that obvious actually. In the picture, I happened to stand with my body bent a bit forward. It is my habit to kinda stand like that. Furthermore the pictures are more focused on the tummy so that’s why it looked bigger. Somehow, it is going to get bigger than that soon. That also means I’m getting heavier from day to day and I already could feel that. In fact, I’ve started to move slowly every time I want to make a transition from standing to sitting to lying and so on. I just bare in mind that I don’t want to hurt myself plus I want to take precaution just to be on the safe side before I got any side effects. As for my conditions, everything is going on fine with me. On last week, I was shocked to experience morning sickness out of a sudden. Only later I realized that because of the toast I ate. I made the bread for breakfast purpose but it seems like my body really couldn’t tolerate the yeast consisted in the bread. Although it was mild morning sickness but it really enough to make me miserable. So, no more bread until May. Err, maybe I’m just gonna cheat for a few sessions of burger buns or buns once in a while lah ;P

Besides, I have been experiencing heartburn too. This one too really made me feel miserable every time I experienced it. Fortunately I manage to make it ease off already with a few precautions taken. I avoid hot, spicy, yeast-contained and oily foods as much as I can or at least reduce them in my meal. Other than that, I also try to take less foods as said to be banyak angin or sejuk like some kid of nuts, eggplant, cucumber and so on. I don’t totally avoid them since some of the foods do contain good nutrients too. So, I just take them only moderately lah. Besides that, I also face an occasional mild cramps on my legs and hands especially when I sleep at night and in the morning. This makes me scared a bit but I just hope this just caused by the cold weather as said in the book and not because of HBP. I also experience cramps on my tummy especially when I stretch my body in the morning. Sometimes when I stretched too much, I felt as like my tummy was about to be ripped off from my belly hohoh! Another symptom I started to feel more frequent now is back-ache especially in the morning after sleep. Most probably because I like to sleep lying on my back instead of my side sometimes so, that’s why. It is already not so suitable for me to sleep by lying on my back at this time of pregnancy or else my back and a few internal organs will get more pressure than they should.

Owh yeah, I weighted myself last night and the scale showed that I am already 52 kg. That means, so far I have gained about 4 kg during my pregnancy. This also means I have about 5 to 6 kgs more I could gain. According to my my pre-pregnancy weight and height, I should just gain between 9 to 10 kgs only in order to give smooth delivery. Even though I checked in the net I could gain as much as between 12 kgs to 16 kgs, but I really hope not to exceed 12 kgs of weight gain. I try to observe myself to only gain about 300 grams per week or 1.2 kg only per month. Whereas about giving birth, we have come to a final conclusion that is I’ll be giving birth here in Japan. We are still not sure whether my mom will be coming to assist me or not since we are actually hesitated for her to come if we couldn’t find a house before I give birth. Somehow I really hope and pray that everything is going to be safe and smooth. I hope we could move to a suitable house ASAP or at least if I have to manage everything all by myself, I have the strength both mentally and physically to keep everything in order, InsyaAllah. God, please grant my wishes, Amin…

Last but not least, regarding Lil Munchkin, the baby is already actively kicking and stretching now. Sometimes in a day the baby could be so silent caused me to poke him urging him to make a move. However sometimes I could even whine on why the baby couldn’t behave himself and stopped playing already? hihihi 😀 Actually I have started to feel the baby’s first kick as early as in Week 15. But I wasn’t really sure since I wasn’t familiar with the movement yet. All I can tell is it felt like a finger dragged against my tummy from inside. Unfortunately I don’t remember the date. So maybe I’m just gonna take any day in Week 16 as Lil Munchkin’s first kick noticed day in order to be noted down in the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. The most exciting thing is Papa also now can feel Lil Munhckin’s kicking starting from last week. I was so touched and almost cried when he said he could feel it. Although actually being the stoned-heart hubby as always the real nature of him, he was actually forced by me to feel the kicks and he didn’t seem very surprise after that though 😛 But of course when I asked him, “Suka tak?”. He did reply, “Suka la (smiling)”. But that was all lah. What a so not sentimental Papa you have there Lil Munchkin ;P

This Friday, Mama is going to have our next check-up. Despite of thinking about having to go on with the boring medical check-up routines (I don’t like to be checked. The thought of have to go to the hospital is already uncomfortable for me), I desperately can’t wait to have the abdominal scan session again! I’m sure you have grown up a lot more compared to last time we see you dear. Mama is already overwhelmed to even only think of what new things you have developed since the past 1 month. Truly, of course Mama can’t wait to see whether you are a girl or a boy. That is definitely the most exciting part!!! ;D We don’t mind for you to be a girl or a boy. In fact we already have the name for each gender. Now Mama already felt like if only I could have a twin of a boy and a girl so that I can use both name without having to wait for another pregnancy to happen. But Mama just could dream of that only lah since we don’t have have twin genetic runs in both families ;P

See you on Friday little sweetheart! XOXO!

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