When She Got A Surprise!!! :D

It was raining cats and dogs in that morning. I was walking in the rain with an umbrella in my right hand. I was busy looking at the hectic and wet morning atmosphere before suddenly I entered into a roofed-pavement. I didn’t close my umbrella though because the roofed-pavement was just a short one. While walking, I was passing a guy who was going different way as I am when suddenly I accidentally hit the guy’s umbrella with my umbrella causing his umbrella to torn and couldn’t be used anymore.

He: Alah!
Me: (Continuing to walk while looking at him) I’m sorry!
He: (Just looked at me smiling, ignored me and looked a bit annoyed).
Me: Sorry ek!
He: (Just went away…so I am).

I reached the end of the roofed-pavement. Weirdly, it wasn’t raining at this side. Outside, there were 2 stalls side-by-side each operated by 1 makcik looked so familiar to me. The stall were selling all kinds of Malay kuih-muih and nasi lemak delicious enough to start your day in a more perfect way. I was considering which stall to buy my breakfast from before finally I settled at the one on my left.

Me: Makcik, nasi lemak 1, goreng poseng 1 dengan kuih buah melaka tu 1.
Makcik: Goreng pisang nak yang besar ke kecik?
Me: Err yang besar lah.
Makcik: Ni buah melaka (showing me kuih buah melaka packed in small white plastic bag). Buah ni ada ulat (telling me as if it was a normal thing).
Me: Err nape pulak nak kena ada ulat makcik???

Suddenly…Ting…Ting…Ting Ting Ting…Bedebush!… When I was in the kitchen…

Me: Orang tengah mimpi beli nasi lemak, kuih buah melaka dengan goreng pisang pastu tetiba Abang kacau. Tetiba bangun waktu tu. Selalu macam tu.
Him: Yeke?
Me: Kalau tak, sempat orang makan sumer tu. Sedap je. Even dalam mimpi. Cisss!
Him: Hihi!

Yeah…so bad it was only a dream. It happened during today’s morning. It always happened like that. All my beautiful food dreams would suddenly banished when it were on the peak 😛 😛 😛 Benci betul! Takpela takde rezeki nak makan. Even only in dreams kan. Kedekut betul!

It was so cold today in the morning. I was shivering. It was extraordinarily cold. When I checked, nor wonder lah since it was about -5 degrees C. But I don’t put high hope for snow anymore. I think it is just too late already and it could be no chance for snow to fall since it is at the end of January already. Last week, it were raining only but non-stopped for 2 days might be because the days weren’t cold enough. Or else, the whole village would already could be seen with snows mounted everywhere. Ahhh malas nak cakap. Mostly next year I won’t even be getting a chance to witness any snow at all in the village.

Well, let’s proceed with more interesting story lah! Yesterday when I was continuing having my lunch right after hubby went back to work; Ting…Tong! the intercom rang. I looked at the screen and I saw a delivery man outside. I opened the door and got the parcel for me. I straightly knew who the sender was and what was inside the parcel. The parcel was sempoily packed in the Universal Studios Japan souvenir plastic bag and wrapped with the helps of lots of tapes. I hurriedly opened the parcel with a big grin from ear to ear :D…

Firstly I opened the wrapper…

The wrapper

Ahah! Could already see what’s inside! It was a box of KFC inside the white tupperware!

A box of KFC inside the tupperware

Tadaaa! There were 3 pieces of Spicy KFC chicken inside!

Spicy KFC chickens

Finally, the time for finger licking good had arrived! Each bite savored with thought of appreciation. Burp! Alhamdulillah 😀

Complete meal

Apparently, a few months ago I had a chat with someone about my craving towards KFC. If I’m not mistaken, the incident happened when I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy. That was when the hormone was really took charged in my whole body system causing me to crave for everything I hadn’t been eating for already a long time. Long before I was pregnant I was already kempunan for all kinda foods sebab dah lama tak makan. Whatmore when I was under the effect of roller-coaster hormone ride. Somehow as I progress along my pregnancy, I have long accepted the faith that no matter what; I would never get certain things that I want including foods. Turned out I feel it is quite easy to live with that in mind. I be more happy and just appreciate with whatever else I could get.

Back to the chatting scenario, that someone did tell me that she planned to go back to Malaysia with her family at the end of the year and she would post the KFC for me. Of course I objected her since I’m sure I could still survive my pregnancy without the KFC. Plus I didn’t want to trouble her. Anyway to cut the story short, yesterday I got the ever so special surprise from her. Definitely I was so overwhelmed and the feeling was speechless! I thanked her right away for many times and I just couldn’t stop thinking of how I owed her so much. It appeared that, she just reached her home in last Sunday morning after the long hour flight from KL. Then she straightly went to the post office to send the KFC for me so that I could get it ASAP. OF course when I received it, the chickens were not crispy anymore but surely they were still good to be eaten! 🙂

I called hubby right away after opening the parcel and he was so surprised too and said, “Okay nanti kiter makan sama2 ek?” hahaha tak malu betul! ;P But then of course I shared the chicken pieces with him knowing that he also got the syndrome mengidam of KFC more than I do. Sometimes it is just so sad to see the husband is acting more worse than the pregnant lady, you know. I really pity him. Luckily, he isn’t the one experiencing the morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms for me like some miracle pregnancy stories I heard. Except the foods part lah. If not I’m sure it would just broke my heart to see him suffer. Although I kinda like it actually because that could make my pregnancy experience more easier ;P Since we had the special KFC chicken, I prepared some other side dishes in order to complete the course. I made mashed potatoes topped with black pepper demi-glazed sauce, salad of lettuce, corn, baby tomatoes, steamed broccoli and boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise, fried potatoes and additional fried chicken. Ahhh~~~ in the end we laid our backs against the sofa with the full happy tummies.

Yeah I know what is so special about getting to eat KFC right? After all it was just KFC, not an expensive gift or whatever to be bothered about so much. Of course she thought it was only a small deed of her. However, definitely it was so much meaningful to me. Considering we have only been corresponding through YM, despite of we never met each other and I don’t even know how she looks like yet she still took the hassles to give me the surprise. Our friendship only started in this blog when one day she left a message in my chatbox telling me that Lotteria Ebi Burger can’t be eaten. Started from that day, we corresponding with each other through email a lot. She always helped me with a lot of things. I already always appreciated her for all of that. Now…it was the KFC. Yeah…it was only KFC…but it wasn’t an ordinary KFC…it came with the thought of me from her which was really counts.

Come to think of it, she was a total stranger to me before! Because of the KFC, I feel that I am so thankful to God for blessing me one of a very special stranger souls out there far away from me to be my friend. It is just so surreal to me. To that someone, ‘you know who you are’; thank you so much deep from the bottom of my heart. Owh of course it is not merely because of the KFC lah. Even though actually this KFC thing which brought me to a point that really made my heart touched! 🙂 Owh my hubby also said thanks… which the conversation with him went on like this…

Him: Sayang cakapla kat kakak tu abang pun cakap thank you sebab hantar KFC.
Me: Apsal plak Abang nak cakap thank you? Kakak tu bagi kat Rinny bukan bagi kat Abang kan? Hahaha!
Him: Haah kan. Tak malu la Abang ni (Sengih-sengih sambil malu dan buat muka kecewa). Takpela Sayang makan lah sorang.
Me: Hahaha! Yela nanti kiter makan sesama ek. Cian Abang! (still couldn’t stop laughing) 😀

Last but not least, I’m gonna end my entry today with the tag given by Kak Nora long ago in September hihi! sorry ek Kak nora baru hari ni nak bayar hutang. So, here they are…

8 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am a perfectionist – I always want everything to be perfect. Nak buat pape ikut turutan, ikut peraturan, mesti bagus so on and so forth. Because of that I am also veryyy fussy. Masa primary school I would cry every morning if I could see even a very fine line kat my uniform and I would nag my parents to iron the uniform for me. Sometimes sampai lebih daripada 3 kali! Owh so much to tell! 😀
  2. I am a squarish or roundish -Anything I do or make mesti kene symmetrical. Sebab ini jugak kot I always tend to pilih even number. Kalau tak aku rasa serabut!
  3. I am schematic – Yeah whatever. Nerd ke apa ke. I hate melanggar peraturan. I always aim and work to be the best. I always be before time. I walk fast. I hate kawan yang terhegeh2…confirm aku tinggalkan hihi! I always want to be hurry. Sebab tu jugak I have so many high hopes and banyak pikiaq! Haih penat!
  4. I am super-duper spoiled – Dari dulu, kini dan selamanya 🙂 So much to tell.
  5. I am vulnerable – Yeah I am a sensitive person. Although sometimes people thought that I am a tough cookie. Actually I sometimes really pandai hide my feelings too. Because of this, I am easily-cried jugak. Ouh I have such a very active pairs of tear-ducts! ;D
  6. I am garang -Ahaha true! Kebanyakan orang cakap macam ni. But since I’m getting older; I dah pandai control my anger and don’t really show my anger to others sebab konon nak jaga hati orang la ceh! Ada orang kata I’m sombong and silent. Quite true. Taklah sombong cuma bukanlah ramah mesra alam tapi pendiam especially dengan orang yang tak biasa. Tapi jangan ingat saya diam2 saya tak pandai ek. Aku malas nak tunjuk pandai je.
  7. Anti-lelaki -Ahaha! True! I don’t have many boy friends. Bagi me lelaki adalah tak penting dalah hidup. Masa zaman student2 dlu especially zaman skolah selalu anggap lelaki ni menyusahkan hidup. Tak suka budak laki hohoho! Tapi ramai gak pakwe ek masa skolah? Camne tuh? ;P Tapi sekarang dah besar tak lah anti sangat. Biasa-biasa aje. Tak kawan pun takpe aku tak kisah. Tak mati pun ;P
  8. I love foods -I love eating. Especially cakes and chocolates and cookies and burgers and bla bla bla. But I hate to be fat. But now I’m already fat lah :((

Hmm itu aje kot. Ada banyak lagi la kan tapi dah nama random facts so bantai ajelah itu aje ek hihi.

So basically, that’s all for today’s babble… 🙂

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