At 5th Months Of Pregnancy

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Today I mark the 5th months of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah everything is going on well so far. As I told before, there are so many things I wanted to update about but since I had been busy with stuffs so I kept delaying sampaikan certain stories dah basi pun. Tapi takpe I’ll ensure I’ll cover up the stories later. So without further ado and before stories terbaru ni pun jadi basi; I better take this chance to report on our development and progress so far. Mama nak cepat. So, today’s entry will be more sempoi than usual sebab Mama takyah pikir2 sangat if tulis dalam BM. That also means BI Mama memang teruk la sebenarnya ;P

Last week since Papa had 1 week of New Year Holiday, we didn’t waste the chance to do a few things we already needed to do. Most of the days, Papa brought Mama to visit baby departments and maternity departments at the shopping complexes near our house. Papa also brought Mama to Nishimatsuya which situated in Ina-shi, a neighboring town that took about 60 minutes to reach there by car. Tak la jauh sangat pun sebenarnya tapi Papa drove very slowly since it was snowing on that day. Area Ina-shi tu wahhh lagiii lah banyak salji. Mama rasa macam tak nak balik and nak duduk situ terus je. On the rest of the days, Papa brought Mama jalan2 near here and eating out aje. Besides, ada jugak a few days we just spent time at home and we both had discussions over your name and we also studied a few things on the pre-natal class module book yang Papa beli kat hospital haritu. Still, there are many other things to cover up. I needed to rely on Papa sebab Mama tak bleh baca Nihongo. The module book is quite useful. It touches every important major topics dengan sangat ringkas tapi padat especially on how to take care of a newborn. Dalam pregnancy book Mama buku tu tak specific sangat pasal newborn. Takpe, still have more times to study all that. Hah banyaknya! Kadang2 sampai pening kepala study macam2 ;P

Today Mama is going to focus more on shoppings that we had done. Firstly since Mama’s body dah already changed to 1 size bigger, so Mama sangatlah memerlukan baju-bajan baru. I had bought new blouses, maternity jeans, maternity pant, bra extension, maternity bra, nursing bra, nursing pyjama, and maternity underwear. Maternity bra tu beli bape pasang je sebab bra lain pun still boleh pakai bila guna bra extension. Plus I don’t really like maternity bra and the module book cakap selalu2 kan not wearing bra at home in order to stimulate nipples. I prefer nursing bra terus. Lebih selesa, kemas and jimatlah leh pakai terus nanti. Blouse pun tak banyak beli sebab I already have blouses yang also sesuai untuk dibuat as maternity blouses. Owh Mama ada jugak beli winter jacket yang baru. Warna putih. Siap ada bulu2 dekat hood. Reason? Sebab Mama cakap kat Papa I still didn’t have jacket yang ada bulu2 hohoho! Tapi rasanya macam terbesar la plak the jacket for me erk! Somehow, some of the things akan bertambah lagi lah nanti and ada lagi benda2 lain nak beli bila dah sampai masa nak guna.

Other than that, last time I did tell about red bumps on my tummy kan? The bumps dah disappeared. But suddenly right after that I had been feeling itchy on my tummy. I tried not to scratch but 2 days after that I noticed there was somewhat like rashes on my tummy. Merah menyala n the surface was quite kasar. I couldn’t see lines like stretch mark though so I really thought it was something else. Until on the second night, I couldn’t even sleep and asyik tersentak sebab terlampau gatal. That really made me miserable! I browsed the internet and checked in my pregnancy book and I thought I could have got Intertrigo or PUPPP. When I compared the pictures I found from the net with my skin, mine looked more like PUPPP. I was already freaked out! On the tomorrow of the day, we went to pharmacy and bought Baby Magic Stretch Mark Cocoa Butter Massage Cream by Mennen. I applied a couple of times once I reached home. Fortunately, this cocoa butter cream really worked wonders on my tummy! The redness and itchiness started to ease off right away and they fully disappeared 2 days after that. Phew! Maka tak jadilah Papa bawak Mama g hospital, Alhamdulillah.

The very helpful Baby Magic Cocoa Butter Cream

Baby Magic Cocoa Butter Cream

By the way before that I told my friend, R, about what happened and I did mention to her that I applied the olive oil I had been using once a day before sleep at night. Dia cakap, “You ingat cukup kaaa 1 kali saja!!!”. Hohoho macam tu ke? Rupanya kena sapu banyak kali. Actually when I planned to get pregnant, I already told my mom to send me Dr. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream tu tapi dia insisted nak hantar olive oil. Sebab dia kata doctor dia dulu pun suruh guna olive oil aje lagi elok because it doesn’t contains chemicals siap boleh buat masak lagi. So besides using my Shaklee Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream, I had been using the olive oil yang my mom hantar. Padahal boleh beli sendiri je olive oil tu kat suppa sini hihihi! Actually memang okay jugak guna olive oil n Shaklee Multi-Purpose Cream tu tapi kalau dah sapu sekali aje sehari takde maknanya! Memanglah ada banyak stretch marks cream of other brands kat sini. But since I’m not familiar with all the brands; so I don’t know mana yang bagus atau sebaliknya. Furthermore I have been referring to forum and kawan2 yang based kat Mesia so memang tau brands yang kat Mesia je lah ;P So mommies out there, how many times do you guys sapu the cream on your tummy everyday?

Anyway here are the pictures of my stuffs. Sorry gambar tak lawa. Camera salah setting.

As for Lil Munchkin’s stuffs, Papa had spent quite a lot of money for you tau. Siannn Papa. We love you! Sian Mama jugak sebab Mama la akauntan yang dok kira2 akaun tu so Mama la yang kena tgk all those figures huhu ;P For you, actually we haven’t bought many things yet because we feel it is way too early and it is not the right time yet to buy most of your stuffs. Tapi, kebanyakan barang2 yang cost big money we both dah belikan like breastpumps and the paraphernalia. Yang terbaru skali is, we already bought your stroller yeay! Mama n Papa yang excited tak sabar nak tolak2 stroller tu. Sangat kakkoi! ;D Actually we planned to buy it lambat lagi. Furthermore my choice of brands sebenarnya kalau boleh nak beli Peg-Perego Pliko P3. Tapi manala nak carik brand tu kat Nihon ni. Kalau ada pun tataula kat ceruk mana. When we went to big cities pun, we checked that brands yang ada were like Quinny, McLaren, Graco and so on. Tapi takkan nak beli dari jauh plus masa tu awal sangat lagi. As for shopping complexes near our house plak most of the brands yang ada kebanyakannya cuma Aprica, Combi and Katoji. Combi and Katoji ni Nihon’s brands which are also really not bad sebenarnya.

Actually after doing some research on the net, Mama found out Aprica, Combi and Katoji also are very good brands yang ada a few models strollers yang sangat excellent. So, Mama dah aim nak beli Aprica. Honestly Aprica yang Mama nak ni much better compared to Peg-Perego Pliko P3. Memang sangat best lah in many aspects. Tapiiiii the price also sangatttlah ‘best’ uhuk! So memang Mama plan lambat lagi lah nak beli. But suddenly on last week when we went to Apita masa nak carik bra extention, Mama terrrrrnampak 1 stroller Peg-Perego. Siap ada sale lagi n harganya sangatttttlah murah. We got to know that stroller tu harga murah sebab haritu diorang ada fair. So stroller tu baru masuk Nihon. Dekat Apita aje ada 3 bijik je stroller tu masuk and distributor memang bagi dengan harga murah sebab nak promote. It is actually Peg-Perego Aria OH Classico 2007. Hari esoknya the last day sale and after that stroller tu jadi mahal balik.

So malam tu Mama pun study la habis2 pasal Aria ni. Basically, Pliko P3 is much better than Aria OH. Mama baca review mmg byk mixed up opinions. Ada yang kata ok sangat2. Ada kata tak ok sangat. Ada kata 50-50. But actually from what I got from the reviews, it depends on the parents and baby jugak macam mana diorang guna. After considering our priorities, Mama rasa memang ok lah stroller tu sesuai for us. I like the design and a few other aspects of it. As for color no choice la sebab memang Toffee aje ada. Tapi takpela sesuai for both girl and boy. We both siap istikharah lagi malam tu. Tapi takde mimpi pape might be sebab Mama g gelakkan Papa masa dia baca doa hahaha ;P We went back to Apita on the next day pagi2 lagi and bought the stroller because harga dia sangattt murah even if it wasn’t on sale, 10,000 Yen (+- RM 299). Bila dah sale lagilah berganda2 murah, 7000 Yen je (+- RM210). Itu yang sebenarnya buat Mama sangattt soooka! Kalau harga asal memang lagi mahal daripada tu, about 21,717 Yen (+- RM651). So untunglah mana nak dapat stroller yang ok macam tu dengan harga murah macam tu kan? Lagipun Mama pikir kalau nak beli Aprica Avenue (+- RM1,465) or Aprica Boulevard (+- RM1,370) yang we both planned nak beli asal2 tu pun mahal sangat. So takpela jimat kat sini and we could spend for other important things like car seat plak okay baby 🙂

Here are the pictures of Lil Munchkin’s stroller. Smart tak?

That’s all for today. Other stories will be updated in next entries plak kay 😉

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