When The Holiday Has Come To An End…

…my life has turned back to normal as how it was hmmm. I still can’t get enough of it even after having 1 week of the past New Year Holiday. Last night when I was about to sleep I already started missing hubby. He already fell asleep long before that when I hugged him tight before I closed my eyes. There would be no more staying up late sessions after having midnight movies which followed by midnight talks in the middle of the dark in bed without having to worry about waking up late on the tomorrow of the day. There would also be no more someone to keep me warm during the early morning coldness and accompanied me to be having late rise of the day. Plus, no more someone for me to bug to with an order of breakfast in the morning too (eheh morning la sangat! ;P). In fact today, I sent hubby to the door with sad feeling…well not that sad lah actually but I don’t know how to describe it. It was more towards the feeling which I don’t like to feel. I think I just can’t get enough of him. As I always said towards him, if only I could roll him into a blanket so that I could wrap him around me for the whole day hihihi ;D Anyway this is my entry on January 10th last year, Brrrrrrrrrr!; where you can see a few pictures of snow in the village. This year betul2 terasa global warming nya. Sigh…I want snow!!!

For the past one week the weather has changed from gloomy to sunny and now back to gloomy again. The starting of the holiday, witnessed the the snow falling and had the neighborhood looked all white in the morning for the first time. It got piled up about 2 to 4 cm of snow blanket before the neighborhood suddenly changed color back to normal during the afternoon. Nevertheless luckily I grabbed the chance to walk outside with hubby and played with the snow for a while on the night before that. The days after, they had been quite sunny and even at night we were sweating sleeping under the thick futon. This is totally different compared to last year. It was so cold last year for the most of the winter. Even when we got ourselves snuggled up together, I still could shiver until morning. Also on last year, every morning I could see frost clearly on soil, trees, car roofs and grass surfaces through sliding door. All the windows, steels and sliding door inside the house also got really wet in the morning and even produce a bit non-pleasant smell for the whole season. Even I did rub and wipe the areas everyday, the smell didn’t just go away until the end of the season. This year, the dew in the house has already dried up by itself before I even think to take the towel.

Scenery outside of the house I managed to capture right before the snow started to melt in the afternoon. Ciput betul salji tahun ni. Dasyat betul.

Anyway, the whole 1 week had been spent quite in a very beneficial ways. Many postponed matters had been covered up or at least started to be worked on. We didn’t waste the holiday by getting into fight as usual like before hihihi ;P So, this means I have changed a lot and him too. This pregnancy phase is quite a big contributor in refreshing our relationship. It is really a blessing in disguise, Alhamdulillah. Hmm, we didn’t go anywhere really interesting except hubby. He went to Nagoya with the trainees but I didn’t go along since he hesitated to bring me for a long ride by car. I got bad cramps after traveling to Nagoya an Tokyo during last times. However hubby didn’t forget to bring back souvenirs like cute paper weight from Nagoya Aquarium (but only realized by me that it is made from China and no wordings at all that mention Nagoya Aquarium on it), beautiful Nagoya Castle fridge magnet and the yummy Turkish Kebabs and rice for me. Thanks Mucuk mmmuahhh! Whereas the plan on snowboarding had been canceled since the boss said the place they planned to visit is still too crowded with visitors. So might be they are planning to go there on the end of this month.

The paper weight and the fridge magnet

Other than that, we just did a lot of outings to the neighboring towns. I did a few shoppings too especially on maternity stuffs and baby’s stuffs. Besides, we also surveyed the prices, searched and studied a few new things in the baby’s departments too before we needed to buy them soon. Basically, the rest of the times were just spent at home. Well, nothing really special since everything happened or done was all just a very mundane things. So, no need to mention each and every of them lah kan. Ouh by the way, remember about the Mont-Thabor Donuts from Azubujuan that I mentioned in previous post? We did went to the bakery shop in Apita because we were already craving to buy some by our own since the first time tasting them. However UNFORTUNATELY we got to know that the donuts are made using shortening from animal source isk isk isk :((!!! So, tak boleh la makan dah. We were sungguh KUCIWA BESAR masa keluar daripada bakery tu. Apparently, we asked first from the baker for confirmation before planning to buy the donuts. Last time makan tu kira rezeki lah tu sebab tatau. That happened to be for the first time and also the last time. Cisss blah la kau donuts! Nanti aku balik KL aku makan donust banyak2! 😛

Last but not least, Darling Hubby asked me what I want for my coming birthday end of this month. I actually had been silently hoping he won’t ask since I planned to buat-buat lupa about it. But apparently he ALWAYS remember about that and has been thinking over it lah! However since he already asked, I put a few terms and conditions and he has to obey them. Basically I don’t really know what I want but of course I have things that I want may them be materially or subjectively. Anyway, here I listed down the terms and conditions:

  1. Based on “It is the thought that counts” concept.
  2. It shouldn’t be expensive.
  3. I don’t want flowers and teddy bears. But if you still want to give then just give lah.
  4. I don’t want anything like last years or anything which commonly related to birthdays.
  5. Cakes and other foods are necessary but those are only sampingan sahaja. I love foods ye Ayang. Mind to bake a cake for me again? ;D
  6. Err…I want something very special, so sweet and memorable.
  7. I want you to surprise me with something that will make me feel so happy until I be so speechless to mutter a word.
  8. Ala takyah buat benda susah2 pun takpe.
  9. Hmm I don’t really want something in material. Sebab hari2 lain pun boleh beli.
  10. You have to make me feel special for the whole week as the way I am even though perut haku sudah boyot. Hey it is your child inside me womb okay! ;P
So, basically that are all the terms and conditions I could think of for this time. Hmm main reka n tulis je tu. Sila lah pening2 kan kepala ye Ayang hihihi! Itula sapa suruh tanya kan dah kena ;D Hahaha! Mmmuahhh!

Lastly, ini what I made during the holiday. Sedap! Chicken orange steak and mushroom rice Japanese style.

Yummy! Nanti nak buat lagi ;D

PS- Sorry tatau apa nak citer. Banyak citer pasal Lil Munchkin je. Nnt check the baby’s blog for more updates okay! 🙂

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