When It Is Still Not Snowing Yet :(

Finally after a row of warm sunny days, it is back to gloomy weather again today. It is expected to be raining today especially in the evening until tonight. Followed by raining for the whole day on tomorrow except a little bit of sunny in the evening. However, on the day after tomorrow, it should be cloudy enough for snow to be falling on the following two days after that. The weather had been quite warm and lovely for the past few days and in fact, the sight of snow on top of the mountains in front of the house has already vanishing. Only a small white caps left on top of them. Where is the snow has all gone? Actually I just can’t wait to play with the snow especially rolling myself on the snow bed like last year regardless I had been warned by my friend R not to do that since I am pregnant now hihihi ;P

Honestly, I don’t know what to blab about now sigh… I have stories to share but I think they all should be told in Little Munchkin’s blog. However I just can’t let my own blog being not updated right? Basically there is not much stories about me or us both since most of the things now tend to revolve around Lil Munchkin’s presence, so that’s why. Anyway on last Monday evening we went to survey a house. Well the house rent is quite considerable which is only slightly over than our currant house rent. Unfortunately although the house has 1 room but the overall width of the house is merely slightly bigger than our currant house. In fact, the living room is a bit smaller than the currant one too. So, we made a conclusion the house is not worth it for us to move into. Because of that, we are still trying to find one which is very suitable for us in term of house rent and width. With the addition of 1 family member soon, width really becomes a matter here. I wish we could find a bigger one which has two rooms and a dining area and the house rent also a bit lower than now. We could fit our terms if the house we find is a bit old. The one we are staying now is ridiculously expensive (because it is very new) despite of the very small width. Not only WE have been feeling so but even all our acquaintances had given such comment… “…takai yo!!!…” 😛

By the way today is the last day of working for hubby before he has his 1 week New Year holidays afterwards yeay! Which also means, he will be going to have the department’s party tonight too; as usual. Not that he likes to partay lah but it is a culture especially for Japanese working environment which also means it is not appropriate if he doesn’t go. I’m not really worry about the foods since he has his specially ordered in advance. But of course somehow I’m still worry lah about everything. Ouh the part that I don’t like the most is of course the bill because they have to share which also means hubby has to pay more. I say so because itu beer2 dan sake2 lah yang buat mahal. Tambah plak dengan daging2 oink2 n lembu2 kena ketuk tu mahal jugak aperrr. Padahal pakcik tu semputlah nak menyumbat sayur ajo! Ouh it is not that bad actually since usually he will be eating seafoods which is specially ordered. Well, at least with the expensive pay I hope he will be coming home with happy stomach, as usual 😉

This coming holiday also we don’t actually have a plan yet. It is SALES everywhere and how I really hope we could buy all the baby stuffs now with the great bargains. But unfortunately it is way too early and what most matter is we don’t have space to put all the baby stuffs in our house. We need to move into a new house first which is most probably only will happen in coming 1 or 2 months soon, InsyaAllah. Might be I’m only going to but some stuffs for myself like new pants and blouses since I really need new clothes with bigger size already! ;P As for hubby, he told me that he will be having 1 or 2 days outings with the trainees duh~~~! He also will be having 1 day trip up to the mountain with one of the boss to bring trainees to play with the snow which definitely I could not follow 😛 😛 :P!!! Benci!!!!! Never mind, I WILL hold him to myself and restrict the not necessary outing to only 1 day only hahaha! I don’t care. Yep I AM SELFISH ;D I just can’t be considerate enough in fact I DON’T want to yerrr Ayang. You know lah what will happen. Not that I want to cari pasal lah but I just really can’t okay….. 🙁 So to say, this is a reminder or a WARNING lah actually huahuahua! ;P Wow I sound like a queen control freak am I?

Ouh before I forgot, last night we went to eat *something* after months I hadn’t made a visit to the restaurant. It was so yummy! What is that *something*? kuang kuang kuang ;P Then right after that, we went to test our talent at karaoke box. Truly, it was my first time visiting a karaoke box. I never keen to even bother such thing but since hubby insisted, so we went. In fact, he had been insisting me for so many times before this. As for last night, he said he needed to practice for tonight’s karaoke session with the colleague. Well, it was fun. I knew I could sing hahaha! No lah! It was just that I sang better than hubby. I told him he has a good voice but unfortunately he is very bad at controlling his vocal hihihi! So, I acted as like teaching him how to sing. Not that I know about singing but I just told him as how my teachers told me during school years that’s all. We just enjoyed the session for 1 hour only since he has to work today. There is actually another thing he really enjoys to do that is playing bowling. He insisted me to learn and play with him for so many times before and he already gave up on me long ago since he never asked about that anymore. Might be I should ask him to bring me play during this holiday. I’m sure there will be no objection from him 😀

Last but not least, after quite some times already; I’m going to make our all time favorite Baked Strawberry Cheesecake (Mama FaMi’s recipe) again this evening. Mmmmm sedapnya! Here below I put up pictures of foods that I had made previously and some of them made long ago. Feast your eyes! Sorry, I’m just too lazy to paste the recipes; my bad 😀

While these are the picture of donuts from Mont-Thabor Azabujuban given by one of hubby’s boss. The donuts were superbbb and softtttt! I chomped them down whole-heartedly 😀 Since it was not Mister Donuts and when we browsed in the internet, we couldn’t find the exact ingredients of the donuts to be checked so we were confident enough to eat (we referred to the buns and breads ingredients). However if anyone ever heard about this donut shop and actually knew the status of the donut; please don’t hesitate to inform us okay, thanks in advance 🙂

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