The Third Chek-Up At Week 17

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

Hello… I’m back again, finally! Actually I really had been wanting to update about our progress but I just couldn’t or didn’t want to make an effort to do so, sorry! ;P I had made myself occupied with other things like reading, thinking and worrying over some matters arghhh!, scribbling over baby names books’ pages and browsing for baby names at this Crazyartzone website and so on. Hmm there are soo many beautiful names I like and I just feel like putting all the names for my coming Lil Munchkin. If only a baby could have many names, it would be very interesting right? hihihi. Greedy me ;P By the way, there are many names I don’t like too so this is good actually. If only I could NOT like more names, it would be much easier 🙂

Anyway on last Friday, December 21st, 2007, as scheduled; I went for my third check-up with hubby. This time, I had my check up at the hospital in the neighborhood. Yeap, I knew I just had my second check-up on the last 2 weeks before this third check-up but it was necessary since this hospital also had to have update on our progress since this doctor last saw me was during on the first check-up. Confusing isn’t it? Okay, lets just call the doctor and the hospital in the neighborhood as Doc A and Hosp A while the one where I will be giving birth soon is Doc B and Hosp B. I needed to be checked by 2 hospitals because Hosp A is the nearest to home but Hosp A doesn’t handle for birth delivery anymore so that’s why I also have to go to Hosp B. The doctors will instruct me from time to time to go here and there for this and that. Basically, that is how it is so far 🙂

My appointment as usual made during afternoon after lunch, at 2.30 pm. The hospital was quite deserted on that day and I was kinda like it. I hate crowded hospital ;P So, the first thing was I had my urine and blood pressure checked. This time I also couldn’t relax and the reading was quite high at first hohoho. After that, Doc A reported over the results on the many tests carried out on me at the Hosp B which I took during the second check-up. Turned out I am fine and I have no sicknesses or infected with any diseases, Alhamdulillah. The blood tests done to check on Hepatitis B, C, Diabetes, HBP, Cancer, Syphilis, Leukemia and so on (I don’ remember all of them). Then, as usual we carried on with the most interesting part which was abdominal scan hihihi! Surprisingly within only 2 weeks times since the second check-up, Lil Munchkin had progressed a lot! 😀 Last time, all the skull and bones were quite obviously visible which honestly was quite scary to me but this time Lil Munchkin looked more like a normal human. Perhaps, because the skin is getting thicker already. Even the internal organs looked less visible. But I still could see the beating heart 😀 Ouh yeah, the head also looked more rounder too. Last but not least the most amazing part was we could see Lil Munchkin was actively kicking and punching happily in my womb hihihi!

Besides that, Doc A told that the baby height is already about 11.1 cm which means Lil Munchkin had gained 2 cm more within 2 weeks times. While the head size is already about 4.2 cm, still small and long more way to go 🙂 Hubby did took a short video but unfortunately the doctor scanner position wasn’t at the center. But still we could see the baby movement quite clearly. At first Doc A thought hubby was trying to take a picture but since turned out it took so long, only then he realized hubby was taking a video. Hubby also said Hi and Hello to the baby and we all laughed ;P Ouh before the abdominal scan, I had my circumference of abdomen size taken for the first time and it already sized about 77 cm and increasing of course. I’m fat! 😛 While checking and when we were about to finish, the nurse made a remark on red tiny bumps on my stomach. She asked whether they were itchy or not and I said no. Actually I didn’t notice at all about them before but now, I am quite surprised there are quite a number of them but only on my stomach and chest. I Googled about it but somehow I just think might be this is because of the hormone thingy, allergic towards some kind of soap I use or oil I had been putting on my stomach. They are not really itchy but this is quite worrying too. I will see how is the condition getting towards to but I think they are just nothing to worry about.

Doc A also advised me not to eat too much and I should just gain 9 to 10 kg of weight only. I was already 50.1 kg during the third check-up which means I gained about 1.1 kg within 2 weeks times since the second check-up WOW! 🙁 Then after that we had the consultation session with the senior nurse. Well, as usual she asked about my conditions. Actually I’m progressing quite fine and everything seems to be normal and smooth. I know what is happening to me since I keep myself updated from time to time with the guide of my pregnancy book. I just HAVE to do this even if I don’t want to since I have no other choice. I don’t understand Nihongo remember? But anyway, I still told her what had been happening to me and asked her about those things. Well, you know just to be on the safe side and just in case I could gain any new information from her. But all I got was.. “…that is normal…” or “…memang macam tu skrg ni…” and followed by common advices I already knew. Yeah, what answer could I expect since I’m progressing very well without any problem too right? hihihi. So, as an overall Alhamdulillah to the Almighty for blessing us with great health and makes everything very easy for us both and eventually hubby too.

Honestly, I have so many things to blab about like foods intake, pregnancy stuffs, supplements, my conditions and so on including Lil Munchkin’s first kick! But I better save them for next time since it is already getting dark now and I just don’t like to blog during at this time of evening. Last but not least, presenting to you the latest video and picture of our beloved of Lil Munchkin! 😀

Do you notice the kicking legs? They are quite obvious right? ;D

Lil Munchkin at Week 17

Lil Munchkin at Week 17


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