The Second Check-Up At Week 15

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

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Hi Lil Munchkin how are you doing today? I’m sure you are fine since I saw you were actively kicking and stretching yesterday 🙂 Anyway Papa has to work today, AGAIN on Saturday. Poor Papa right? But never mind, that also means Papa is working hard for our own goods in the future. So Papa, we love you so much and we always pray all the best wishes for you every now and then. Mmuahhh!

Ouh on yesterday I had my second check-up at another hospital, Iida Municipal Hospital which is where I’m going to give-birth-at later. So, yesterday I woke up early and after hubby went to work, I had my breakfast of a bowl of oats and a mug of hot Milo. Actually earlier I thought hubby wouldn’t need to go to work first so I made the breakfast enough for two and thought of sharing them with him. Ended up I had to finish them up all by myself. I ate the thick oats quickly since I didn’t want to be late. After a while I felt a bit nauseous, but I kept eating and struggling to finish up a few more oats left. Then, I took big gulps of Milo and rushed to the kitchen.

Suddenly the nauseous feeling became so obvious and I knew I was going to puke. After that I hurriedly searched for some sweets in the cabinet under the sink but turned out it was already too late. I vomited some of the oats and Milo into the sink. It was my fault. Even before pregnancy I am usually easy to feel nauseous in the morning or during the time when I needed to rush. So, I ate too much so quickly and didn’t let the air from stomach to come out first too. Plus, I’m also feeling that I couldn’t really eat much at one time nowadays since the expanding womb has taken some space in my stomach. So… there went my pregnancy record 😛 I have failed to maintain my record of NO-VOMIT during pregnancy ;P

Although it was my second check-up but everything I endured yesterday was all for the first times. Since what I had gone through during the first check-up were quite different things. Our appointment was at 9.30 am and we reached the hospital at about 9.15 am. The hospital, of course much bigger than the one in our place. There were lots of clinics or rooms each with its own particular number and functions. The patients? Well, soo many too. I first went to the toilet since I started to feel panicked so my bladder got full faster. I accidentally terbuka pintu toilet because I tot takde org dlm tu. Nasib baik sket je. Sapa suruh makcik tu tak kunci pintu ish! Nasib baik masa tu dia cuma tgh betulkan baju aje. After registration, we were directed to the maternity clinic and there we filled up a form.

After that I was asked to go to another clinic at another wing and there I needed to collect my urine for urine test. Before getting into the toilet, hubby asked where we needed to go after the urine be collected and the nurse said to go back to the maternity clinic. I went into the toilet and came out with the cup filled with urine. I asked hubby where to go to to but he just started to make way towards the maternity clinic and I just followed him with my hand holding the cup. Right at the end of the wing, I said to hubby, “Takkan lah kena pegi sana balik. Dah la jauh. Orang ramai plak tu. Buat malu je. Kalau tak, baik dia suruh guna toilet yang kat sana aje watpe sampai nak kena datang sini jauh2 kan???”.

Then, we turned back. Hubby asked back at the clinic and the nurses said to hubby to just put the cup through a small window right beside the last toilet for the urine to be collected. Hubby directly went into the men’s toilet to check for the small window and just before he reached back to me the nurse inside the clinic already came out to take the cup from me. Obviously, she saw me terpinga2 sambil tersengih2 sambil pegang cup tu kat luar clinic. Hubby pun satu bila dah tanya, tak tanya habis2 hish! Tapi sebenarnya ada miscommunication gak kat situ sebab masa mula2 tu hubby tanya benda lain but the nurse paham lain. I blamed hubby after that and then we just laughed. It was fortunate that we did turn back huh! I really wondered too how couldn’t I notice the window which obviously said to put the urine there? Takpe lah, first time kan? Lepas ni dah tau lah hihihi! ;D

We went back to the maternity clinic and checked my blood pressure and weight at the machines provided. Of course I didn’t understand at all the instructions on how to use the machines. Anyway, my weight now is 49.2 kg and I am at 1.52 m of height. Before pregnant, my usual weight was around 47 kg to 48 kg. So, obviously I’m going to be more heavy after this and since I have small feet; I just really hope it won’t hurt so much. Once my name was called, we had a somewhat like consultation session with the nurse. She asked many questions especially regarding my health and at the same time helped filling up the form she gave earlier which hubby didn’t know how to answer hihihi ;P Bukanlah hubby tak paham tp susah jugak nak paham especially bila ada kanji2 yang he is not familiar with. She made a shock remark too on my blood pressure result because it was quite high. Hubby told her that I did run before doing the test.

Anyway, we did ask a few questions regarding my conditions and most importantly of course regarding the placenta and foods served during confinement since I need to stay at the hospital for at least 5 days before permitted to go home. She made notes of all that. About the placenta, we explained and asked her to proceed and help us with the matter so that we can make all the necessary procedures later. I also asked about the doctor who is going to assist me during labor but she said there is no fixed doctor system there. Besides, I also asked about the doctors who could speak English but she laughed shyly while answering us. Well that meant, there are doctors who could speak English but she didn’t really know who and even if the doctors could speak English, their English isn’t really good. Well, seems like I’m not so lucky but I hope everything will be just fine. By the way, there are actually pre-natal classes I could attend but the nurse also said it wouldn’t be effective too since I couldn’t understand Nihongo. So, hubby bought the module book in Japanese since they don’t have any in English. There are important notes in the book since it contains information as how it is applies at the Iida Municipal Hospital. Definitely lah hubby kena baca nanti. KAN AYANG KAN? 🙂

Then, we met the doctor and I was asked to lie down. The nurse checked my blood pressure once again because it was too high before that but fortunately it turned out that I’m actually fine. The doctor made an abdominal scan on me. Honestly I was nervous since the day before but right after I looked at Lil Munchkin image on the screen, I felt a BIG RELIEVED, Alhamdulillah. I was so happy to see Lil Munchkin was actively kicking and stretching. Tak boleh duduk diam langsung! 😀 I felt funny too seing Lil Munckin’s actions. I could see the baby’s eyes, nose, head, shoulders, hands, legs, ribs, and a few internal organs too. I heard the sounds of his heart beats, been shown his blood movements and the placenta location. We asked weather the baby is fine and the sensei said he is GENKI, Alhamdulillah. I also asked the doctor about my placenta location and all and the doctor said there is no problem at all with it.

After being briefed on Lil Munchkin’s condition, we were told that I would have to take blood test after that. My blood will be used to check on a few diseases such as cancer, hemoglobin, Leukemia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and a few other diseases which I don’t remember. I was asked whether I want to be informed or not about the result tests and of course we said YES. Then I was asked to sign the agreement paper. The doctor didn’t talk in English at all except only on a few terms when we didn’t understand the particular terms in Japanese. Itupun I was the one who blurted what he tried to say and he just mengiyakan. I don’t know, might because we didn’t converse with him in English made him wasn’t felt forced to speak in English kot? I didn’t speak in English because I wasn’t sure whether he could speak English or not. Tak nak lah memalukan sensei plak kan.

Right after that, we were asked to go to the same clinic where I did the urine test. My blood was taken and my left arm is still bruised a bit. Not like last time, there was no trace at all once I got home. Might be because they took so much of my blood until 4 tubes yesterday huhuhu. Habis darah aku. I looked at other place while the nurse trying to insert the needle into my arm. I wasn’t scared but I couldn’t help to not feeling nervous lah. Once done, we headed out and went back to the counter to pay the bill uhuk uhuk! We went home straightly after that, had lunch of fried rice, solat and finally hubby went back to work. In the evening after work, hubby went to play archery for the first time at a traditional Japanese archery centre. This means, besides going to play badminton on Saturday night, he will also be going to play archery on Friday night hish! Me? Isk isk isk huwaaa :((

Last but not least here is the picture of Lil Munckin. He is already about 9.3 cm long. Ouh yeah, noticed my name at above? That is how my name pronounced in Japanese hohoho! Kesian nama aku sesuka hati je orang tukar. Well, nama hubby lagi lah kesian hihihi ;D Anyway. Hubby also took videos of the scan but they aren’t really good since hubby isn’t really a good cameraman compared to ME. Hmmm what to do? I have to train him more so that he can take good videos and pictures of Lil Munchkin later. Ayang, you really have to practice more!

Can you see the head, arms and legs? 🙂

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Can you see the heart beating? 🙂

So, tah-tah! 🙂

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