When She Is Dead Bored :(

It is so cold today. It has been quite windy since last night. The weather also looked gloomy and the atmosphere is covered by thick grey fog too. I really wonder whether it is gonna be snowing tonight. The weather forecast predicts that it is gonna be very cold after midnight and the temperature would fall until -4 degrees C during early dawn. But it shows sunny signs there that means most probably this gloomy cloud above might move to other place and it is NOT gonna be snowing here lah.

Hmmm I really hope it is going to be snowing MOREEE than last year. I can’t wait to play with snow. I have already told hubby we are going to play with snow together again at the car park area behind this mansion. Hubby doesn’t want to but since he is the only friend I have so he still HAVE to lah hahaha! Despite of that, I am DEFINITELY going to miss the chance to enjoy autumn scenery again this year. Might be I have missed it already sigh… Last year we still didn’t have the car. As for this year, it seems like it is already too late and we don’t have time for autumn sight-seeing anymore. That means, I still don’t have a proper picture with the trees yet 🙁 Anyway, the mountains all around our village now look obviously multi-colors. Very beautiful autumn scenery. Maybe I should take a few photos of the mountains before all the trees finally go naked.

I’m having a little bit of headache and feeling a bit sleepy too. Hmmm anyway hubby didn’t come home for lunch today because he got work to do and tonight he is going to sleep at the trainees’ house since they will be going back to KL on tomorrow’s early morning. So he has to check on them and ensure everything is okay before he can come home after that. That will be at about 5.30 am tomorrow. He could just sleep at home but it is hard for him to get up in the morning especially when it is cold so he better be there to stand-by. So, that means I’m not going to have a beautiful sleep tonight huh! Might be I’m not going to sleep at all huh! huh! Thus, I’m going to be VEEERY sleepy tomorrow huh huh huh!

Actually I’m feeling like want to bake something today. Either bread or cake or pudding. But… I guess I’m just too lazy to move my ass lah. Especially when it is so cold and I’m feeling sleepy now hmmm. Ouhhh, I’m gonna make some bread pudding since I have a few more slices of bread and milk to finish up hihihi nyum nyum! Anyway, I really wonder WHEN am I going to do the house cleaning again haih. It has been quite some times already hahaha! SO BAD! Actually the house looks okay and everything is well arranged only that the dust layer is getting thicker euwww! Nevermind, I’m going to make it done by tommorow, or the day after tomorrow, or the day following or might be on the weekend ;P It is just that I don’t like the idea of I have to liftt up the heavy (ye la sangat) vacuum from the back of the cabinet, climb up the chair, push big and heavy stuffs and so on. I’m just worried of myself that’s all ;P ;P ;P Sebenarnya malas kannn cakap je lahhh!

Ouh it is already 4.40 p.m now and dah masuk Azan Maghrib pun. So, to end the entry for today I’m going to make the tag given by Kak Yana looong time ago during September. Sorry okay Kak Yana baru ari ni nak buat. Rasanya Kak Yana pun dah lama lupa hihihi. Tag ni pendek aje takyah pikir2 so that’s why I choose to answer this tag. Here it is:

Take 5

5 Things In My Bag

  • Purse
  • Minyak cap kapak
  • Tissue… lots of tissue
  • Camera
  • Make-ups

5 Things In My Wallet

  • Alien Registration Certificate – I am and alien in Japan hahaha!
  • Some Yens
  • Pictures
  • Insurance card
  • Particular details notes for identification of me and hubby that I made myself

5 Favorite Things In Bedroom

  • Plush toys
  • A few type of ointments for different purposes
  • Comfy complete bed set
  • Lotion
  • Huggable HONEY BEAR for good night sleep – Without him I never can sleep peacefully 😀 when I was still single I always nagged my mom to sleep with me ngeh ngeh ngeh!

5 Things I Like To Do

  • Internet surfing
  • Reading
  • Baking
  • Sight-seeing
  • Devouring good and delicious foods

5 Things I’m Doing Now

  • Thinking about to sleep for a while
  • Thinking about what to cook
  • Surfing
  • Thinking about life
  • Hoping the headache will ease later

5 People I’m Tagging

  • No one
  • Anyone who wants to do it
  • Anyone who doesn’t know what to update about in the blog
  • Anyone who is dead-bored like my
  • Anyone who is thinking what to do

So……….toodles! 😀

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