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Hola! It is sooooo boring today. It feels just like any other weekday to me since hubby has to work today. As for tomorrow we are going to attend the pre-natal class for 2 hours only held at 10.00 am until 12.00 pm. Yeay! I thought it is going to be for a one whole day session but I had misread the schedule. I hope it’s going to be fun tomorrow and I get to learn new things especially related to skills on hands like handling the baby and all. Since I don’t want to attend any more class after this so I hope tomorrow’s agenda is gonna cover important things towards motherhood as an overall. So, I hope the class is gonna give brief but compact information enough for a mother-to-be. Not that I can understand anyway. After all I still have to do more research and study by myself later too.

Anyway so far there are a few baby’s stuffs that I have bought. Although it is way too early but since I got the chance to go to Nagoya and Tokyo last time, so I grabbed the opportunities to scour for certain baby’s stuffs that I can’t get at my place. Here are the pictures of the things:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As you can see, there are breast pump, nipple cream, nipple shield, feeding bottles, microwave steam sterilizer and so on. I’m sooo fanatic with Avent stuffs and just sooo excited to use them but unfortunately it is too hard to find Avent in Japan. I only found it at particular stores ONLY in certain big cities. So I just made do with whatever I could find. I got to buy the Avent and Medela stuffs from Babies’R’Us Nagoya and Babies’R’Us in Chiba. As for the Pigeon microwave steam sterilizer, I had no other choice to choose. I asked around but there were no Avent can be found. So we just settled with the quite-costly-too pink Pigeon. But I found out the Avent apparatuses don’t fit well in it and I’m kinda regret now. Hmm I still have to use it anyway so I have to learn to be more creative lah later. As for the breast pump, I only found Avent Manual Isis, Medela Mini E, Medela Swing, Medela Harmony and Manual Medela. Since I’m not interested in Medela, so I opted for Avent instead. I’ve already told hubby I don’t mind if other things like clothes, baby cot, and stroller are not gonna be branded ones but I am REALLY gonna make sure I have Avent set for breastfeeding and also only the best for toddler’s feeding set later.

Most of them in the pictures are apparatuses related to breastfeeding. Yes, I’m planning and determine to fully breastfeed my baby until he/she is 2 years old. Last time, when we already had a sketched on our family planning, I bought the pregnancy book as I told in previous entry as to guide myself along the way making my preparation towards conceiving. Although we didn’t confirm yet on our decision but such preparation especially to gain more knowledge was important for me so that I could be mentally readied if suddenly we could proceed with the planned plan. I believed that when I’m mentally prepared, I could surely make better actions then. Eventually along the process, among other important informations; I also stumbled upon a lot of informations regarding on breastfeeding. I was first read a blog which I can’t remember who is the blogger and the URL of the blog itself that gave a link to Kak Fid’s blog. From Kak Fid’s blog, I got to know about Susuibu.com website and also her other blog mysweetstory.

Since then on, I’d been her very loyal silent readers for quite a few months already. I read her blogs and website and even made notes for my own reminder. Right after I got conceived, I began to explore her blogs and the website more religiously. In fact now, I’m already adding more and more other websites’ URLs for my references. This is also the major thing that has been keeping me very busy since I got pregnant. I’m so eager to breastfeed my baby and I just feel so lucky I got to know the knowledge about breastfeeding long before I’m going to have my own baby. Sometimes I feel myself as like turning to be a fanatic on breastfeeding. I have been promoting my single friends to breastfeed too and they laughed at me since they thought it is way too early for them to be thinking about that. Well, I just think that I could be late enough to deliver the knowledge or at least the reminder once they are expecting later since they might already made their decision at that time. With the presence of the husband, extended family members, own family member and so on; it could be hard for me to influence the mind of the mommy-to-be.

From my numerous reading, I think I’m already ready enough to breastfeed my child. I have an overall knowledge about breastfeeding from A to Z but of course not so detail, but just brief only. So somehow, there are LOADS more things regarding breastfeeding that I have to gain. It is never enough. What more I’m not gonna know how my experience gonna be like and what challenges I’m gonna face with. However, living all alone only with my other half and being far away from families and friends in this foreign land made me be extra-careful too. I don’t want to even think about it but I will never know what God has planned on me later. How if my plans won’t turn out to be as how I hope for? So, I also need Plan B. I’m going to ask my mom to send me a small tin of infant formula so that I can feed my baby later IF I can’t breastfeed my baby. This is gonna be the last resort for me since I can’t let my baby starving and I DEFINITELY won’t give my baby plain water. Furthermore, I got to read from a blog that some of the hospitals here in Japan are using infant milk that has pork-related substance in it. Even other infant milks can’t be guaranteed the Halal-ness and purity of them since they might use other-animal-related substance too which the animals not being slaughtered properly according Islamic way. Wallahu’alam.

There are a lot of possibilities that can cause breastfeeding not to be an option. For some examples:

  • You develop West Nile virus or chickenpox (varicella). Using breast milk from a woman with these infections could pose a risk to the baby.
  • You are taking a medication that can pass into you breast milk and might be harmful to the baby, such as anti-thyroid medications, some blood pressure drugs and most sedatives.
  • Your new born has certain health conditions. Some rare metabolic conditions, such as phenylketonuria (PKU) or galactosemia, may require using specially adapted formulas. The rare newborn condition lymphahangiectasis may require a special formula.
  • Bla bla bla… search yourself.
Well, OF COURSE I really HOPE these things or whatever unfortunate things will not be happening to me and my baby. NA’UZUBILLAH. I keep praying every day that I’m going to be fine and my baby also gonna be very healthy plus everything is going to be smooth without any problem at all. Also I never stopped praying to Allah to make it easy for me and can make me to breastfeed my baby without any problem. I also add in my Doa hoping that Allah is gonna give sufficient milk for my baby because I intend to breastfeed the baby until he/she is 2 years old, INSYAALLAH, with high hopes Amin!!! I’m scared too when thinking about not being able to produce milk very soon right after delivery. It is actually the delivery of the placenta that signals the body to start milk production. I just hope that I won’t take long times what more until 2 to 3 days to finally produce milk. I’m going to study MORE on how to stimulate milk production, the right way to breast-feed, and how to increase milk. I already have a few things in mind to ask my mom to send for me. I guess maybe I should make a list later as a reminder and easy for me to refer then in the future. Fuhhh just to rant about this already made me very stressed!

Anyway, back to the things I bought. There are some friends who offered to give us some hands-me-down baby’s stuffs. We are more than glad to accept the offer… ops with BIG hearts too hihihi 😀 Even my only friend here, Mrs. R scolded me when I accientally told her about buying the feeding bottles. She already told me that she already had 3 un-used bottles at home. But of course I didn’t be confirmed by her. Takkan nak terhegeh2 beriya2 plak nak mintak2 kat dia kan. Malu la pulak. She even hasn’t told me yet what else are the things that she is going to give me. All I know, there will be a few clothes, bath tub, and feeding bottles. Hubby’s friend also offered to give baby’s clothes. I don’t want to over-spend on baby’s clothes since there are gonna be seasons changing and baby is gonna developed very fast too. Plus, the big-big stuffs like stroller and baby cot can be quite expensive too so we better spend properly only on needed things. I’m going to go shopping at Nishimatsuya because it offers good quality products with quite reasonable prices too. But I’m just gonna start with the shopping only in January and February. Since most probably we are going to move to a new house and we also have to wait for the new ‘budget’ lah ;P But it is Christmas sales are going to take place on December too. We still can save much from the bargain. So how??? Haih… By the way, I already need a few pair of new pants. Nevermind, I can just buy it at the nearest stores.

Hmm… okaylah that’s all the ramblings for today 😉

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