When Caramel Popcorn Could Be A Big Issue :) II

Continuation of previous entry……….

How is everybody today? I’m fine as usual. My days are getting better since the travels to Nagoya and Tokyo. Seems like I’ve already managed to put my mind back at ease. My mood and appetite is getting better and I’ve already started to enjoy experimenting with the recipes again. I hope this state would maintain longer this time since I’ve just realized I couldn’t really able to travel in the car for long hours. At least it is gonna be some times before hubby has to plan an escapade for me again. It could affect him thus US too if he doesn’t ;P Anyway, my aching butt is recovering bit by bit. I just hope I didn’t develop any blood cloth from the long sitting in the car last time. Perhaps it wouldn’t give any harm, that’s the most important matter though 😀 Now without further ado I better continue on our visits to Tokyo during last fortnight.

On the Saturday, November 17th, 2007, we woke up early since we were going to have a big agenda on that day. Since I brought a package of Milo+sugar mixture and chocolate buns, that saved us some times and Yen on breakfast. I put along other 5 chocolate buns into hubby’s backpack for our lunch later. Supposedly we planned to get out of the hotel room at 7.00 am but we both were too exhausted from yesterday’s so we went out at 8.00 am instead. We straightly preceded to our destination and the traffic was started to jammed only once we were about to reach the parking area of our destination. By the time we reached, the HUGE roofed parking area was already occupied and our car was among the first to park in the open parking area. We rushed to the ticket counter and finally made our way at about 9.00 am into DisneySea, Tokyo 🙂

There were already A LOT of people there but still convenient compared to when we went to DisneyLand on August. Even in the morning before we reached DisneySea, there were already long rows of cars queuing to get into the DisneyLand starting from the DisneySea’s parking area entrance! I really wonder how crowded DisneyLand could be that time. Anyway it was breezy on that day and the weather also a bit gloomy. We were shivering a little bit in the cold. Most people were already wearing winter jackets and only some who wore light jackets like us. But of course we wore a few more clothes inside but still that weren’t enough. At one point, I was feeling as like we were tourists who falsely traveled during the wrong expected season! hihi ;P I never thought Tokyo could be colder than Nagano. It looked like I was wrong. In fact DisneySea and DisneyLand are located just beside the coast so there should be much colder. I was late to realized that.

Anyway it was so much FUN to be in DisneySea. We even thought that DisneySea is so much interesting compared to DinseyLand. But I told to hubby, of course it was more favorable since it was cold weather and it wasn’t public holidays so of course it was much more convenient since there weren’t millionth people and there wasn’t scorching hot to tire us down too this time. Even only during the weekend holidays alone, the number of people looked SO ENORMOUS to us. By the way, we played almost all attractions in the parks. There are 7 main parks each with its own theme that are Mediterranean Harbour, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Cost, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. This time, we moved anti-clockwise.

In the evening, we went out to the picnic area for prayers. Unfortunately DisneySea is a bit small compared to DisneyLand and so the picnic area. We had hard times to find a suitable place to pray. We even asked the staff bust since they don’t provides such a suitable room, he suggested us the locker room instead. However due to past experience, we knew that locker room isn’t really a good place plus it could even be a shocked to the Nihonjins then if they stumbled upon us praying there. So we headed to the picnic area. Not so hidden enough since it has a booth there and people kept coming to do something there but somehow it wasn’t really opened so it was good enough. We just ignored all people there furthermore we were already late. Next time we shouldn’t wait until really late lah hohoh 😛 After that we rested there for a while and had the a few buns left.

We re-entried into DisneySea and enjoyed the night scenery for a while. It was Christmas 2007 Celebration theme in DisneySea at that time. So there were huge Christmas trees, Christmas songs being played, the souvenirs sold also has Christmas theme on it and so on. Not long after that we went to Mermaid Lagoon again and had dinner there. We just had some fries, a pan of seafood pizza and carbonated drinks. We continued to play with other attractions left and took more pictures of us after that. Unfortunately our camera isn’t really good for taking picture at night. We had been using Sony Cybershot DSC-T3 and bad side of the camera is it has slow capturing for all other functions except Auto function. I have quite a steady hands so I could take hubby’s picture without big problem. But his hands are always shaky so my pictures turned out very blur. Only a few pictures he took were okay. Even though there were some people offered to take pictures for us but unfortunately we had to decline since our camera is very sensitive.

There were only a few attraction we didn’t play such as Caravan Carousal because it was too boring and childish, Venetian Gondolas because it was closed during the time we wanted to play to give way for show, Big City Vehicles because hubby didn’t want to since it was already too late plus it was just a common ride by car, Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits. All the rest were because the attractions weren’t advisable for expecting mom so we didn’t want to take risk even though I think the rides weren’t really that harsh. But better be safe than regret right. Actually that was also one thing why hubby was a bit unhappy since those quite spine-chilling attractions are his favorites. I was a bit sad too lah since I thought as if hubby didn’t enjoy it to go to DisneySea with me 🙁

Ouh not forgetting, the attractions I enjoyed the most were Aquatopia, Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, The Magic Lamp Theater, Mermaid Lagoon Theater and followed by the rest. But the most exciting park for me among all was of course Mermaid Lagoon which happened to be the most suitable park for kids hmmm :] and followed by oh every ther parks! I really love DisneySea and perhaps we could go there again someday ngeee 😀 Lastly, we enjoyed the night scenery and took some more pictures until our camera worn off duh! We enjoyed the peak closing show for the day which ended with firecrackers show at the harbour, bought a few souvenirs and went out of DisneySea at about 9.45 pm. We headed back to the hotel right after that and arrived there at 11.00 pm. I straightly did whatever I had to and went to sleep. But I couldn’t really sleep since hubby went out to Odaiba to meet his friends. I was worried-sick until about 2.00 am when he finally got back duh! He said the place wasn’t far but of course because of the complicated city roads, thousands traffic lights, millionths zebra crossing and so on so that already took huge amount of times.

On the last day, Sunday, we woke up early again and checked out before 9.00 am since we had a few more destinations to go. We went to Odaiba City and enjoyed the coast scenery. We saw people fishing, walking the dogs, feeding the sea birds, jogging or just strolling along the beach just like us. We took pictures with the Rainbow Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Fuji TV Building, Aquacity Shopping Mall and walked along the Public Parks. It was so peaceful and I really miss the beach air 🙂 Finally we made our way to BabiesRUs in Chiba since I wanted to find some baby items which I couldn’t get at my place. At about 11.00 am we headed back to Tokyo and went to Ginza for lunch. Well, we will never drive any where near Ginza again since there were always lots of people there and the parking was also expensive. I knew Ginza is a famous spot for shopping but since I never went there; I never knew Ginza is full with high-end brand boutiques and heavens for people with BIG $. Just to be driving in the center of Ginza itself was already the sharp pain in the ass huh!

We found a parking and went straight to the Rasa Malaysia Restaurant since I was craving for char kuew teow. Before that, I told to hubby to look at the cars parked there too. Almost all of them were so gleaming-gleaming and luxurious, you know. Except our car lah of course ;D Once out of the car I already told hubby that it must be expensive to be eating there but we had no time to find other place furthermore we really wanted to eat Malaysian Foods so we just preceded with the original plan. We ordered Char Kuew Teow, Mee Goreng Johor Style, Roasted Duck, Sirap Bandung, Cincau, Salad and Bubur ChaCha. Overall everything were satisfying, delicious but not really met my high expectation. Yet we were out with full and happy stomachs. We had a little walk in Ginza but decided to just got back to the car. After a few hardships finally we managed to get out of Ginza successfully and headed straight to Asakusa Mosque for prayers.

I like Asakusa Town since it looked like an old town. Very silent and…DEAD too hihi. I met a Malaysian while praying there. Anyway right after that, we went to Sensoji Temple which is also in Asakusa. The place was so crowded with people since it is one of the famous tourist spots in Tokyo. We took a few pictures but most of them were shaky. We bought some souvenirs as requested by the trainees and also for ourselves. It was already dark at that time. Then, we hurriedly got to the car, settled ourselves, went to the petrol station and finally made our way home. This time, we used the highway. We kept talking while in the car and even though I was so sleepy but I stayed awake to keep hubby accompanied. We stopped once at a rest area to go to the loo. It was SO COLD and WINDY and even when I once opened the car door a strong gust of wind directly blown towards my face. I instantly shivered right there and then! We rested at the cafe and had a cup of hot cocoa each and shared a bowl of soba. Lastly, we continued our journey and 2 hours after that we reached home safely, Alhamdulillah. It was sharp 10.00 pm when we locked the house door.

While I couldn’t wait to snuggle in the warm house atmosphere, I was shocked to find out that we were greeted with the very COLD air inside our little crib! 🙁 Brrrrr…..

Ouh wait! Where is the ‘POPCORN’ story? Well, I’m not ready to tell it yet actually. But once when I do, I’m gonna share it in my baby’s blog. Somehow that ‘popcorn’ issue did affect me much la Darling Hubby, you know that? ;P

These are the pictures of us while we were in Tokyo. I have edited the pictures with our faces on it. Sebab tu lah even dah lama tulis entry ni tapi lambat nak publish sebab nak kena edit gambar dulu. Penat tauuu. Tp nampak mcm still recognizable kan? So, I think I’m gonna delete the pictures with our faces on it later. So, nasiblah ye siapa sempat tengok dengan yang tak sempat. Kalau saya tetiba baik hati saya tak delete lah. I doubt that ;P

These are the pictures of things we bought. Tak banyak pun. Barang baby plak yang banyak. Mahal plak tu. Kesian Papa kena kuar $ BESAR hihihi 🙂

These are a few pictures of our visits to Nagoya on the week before going to Tokyo. Actually autumn view masa tu mmg cantik sgt. Tp kabus soo tebal. Gambar mmg xcantik. Kena tgk dgn mata sendiri baru nampak cantik.

Lastly, ini gambar tak berkaitan. Pictures of some of the foods I cooked after balik from Tokyo. Takla seberapa pun. Tapi boleylah buat lepas kempunan sbb dah lama tak makan. Already in highly-spirited mode??? ;P

……….So, that’s all about our visit to Tokyo 🙂

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