The First Check-Up At Week 9

……….Transferred from My Little Munchkin & I

Hi little one! How are you doing today in Mama’s tummy land? Hope everything is going on well inside there. Mama is just so curious about ourselves and can’t wait to go for our second check-up at the end of next month. Basically Mama is feeling just fine and there is nothing really extraordinary except the pregnancy symptoms. The aching butt is still there but already lessened a bit. There are a lot of things I want to know since I only got a few updates about myself and you during the last time. Furthermore since I keep comparing whatever it is I’m experiencing at the hospital with my friends in Malaysia and other prefectures in Japan, made me feel left behind. I don’t know. Maybe it is because of the different system or what but I will just make sure that next check-up will make me satisfied once we are out from the doctor’s room.

Now Papa is not at home since he brought the trainees to Matsumoto for sight-seeing. The trainees will be going back soon but they haven’t been brought to anywhere since the day they arrived to Japan. They should just be grateful anyway because they came here to WORK and there are many other people who wants to come to Japan too. The management also has to be blamed. You should arrange something for them. It might be the once in a life time chance for them to come to Japan so at least bring them to or show them somewhere or something definitely they can’t get in Malaysia. Duh! Anyway, the KIND Papa brought them out today. Haih sometimes the trainees really just made Mama on the nerve lah. the management too. The trainees are not slave you know. They also have hearts, feeling and and desire. So, who is the VICTIM now?

Poor Mama has to be alone during the weekends. I am surely already alone during the weekdays and even the weekends I never could guaranty that I would have Papa all by myself. Aiyoo I’m feeling sad to even just think of this scenario. But well, I’m already used to it. I knew Papa also always wants to give the best of his available time with us but he also couldn’t run away from carrying on his responsibility excellently. In fact, he sacrificed his needs a lot too. I hope Papa will always know his priority and won’t give too much face to the trainees. Most importantly he has to know the boundary between responsibility and social needs too. Anyway, Mama is gonna have you soon. Well, not so soon but InsyaAllah I’m gonna have you to make me occupied 24-7. By that time might be Papa is the one who will be craving for Mama’s attention hahaha! Okay, honey I’m just kidding. But I hope you WILL ;D

Talking about the first check-up. I went for the first check-up only after fasting month because we didn’t want to answer any unnecessary questions. We went there on Tuesday once I got back my renewed visa on Monday. Actually there is the nearest hospital to our house but the hospital no longer handle the birth delivery. But all the check-ups still can be done in here. For the delivery, there is one hospital in the nearest city which will handle it. So, basically there is cooperation between Shimoia Redcross Hospital in Matsukawa-cho with Iida Municipal Hospital in Iida-shi. So, we decided to just go to the hospital in Iida since I preferred the same doctor to monitor me from the beginning until birth delivery. Furthermore they even have female doctor and translator in the hospital. Unfortunately once we got there, the nurse said we should go to the hospital in Matsukawa first because it is nearest to us and only come to Iida hospital once the doctor in Matsukawa gave us introduction or refer letters later. So, we headed back. Seems like I had no choice furthermore even the nurse in Matsukawa advised us to just have check-ups in here and just in case anything happened, its’ going to be easy for me too.

So, we first settled with the registration. Even hubby can read Japanese but it was still challenging for him since he wasn’t used at all to ‘kanji’ of illnesses and things related to female. I was a bit stressed too since we took very long time to just fill up a few questions in the registration form. I was checked by male doctor. In Japan, they check on the baby using a tool like a long round stick called speculum inserted into the vagina. Yup, you heard me right! ;P Basically it is a vaginal check. Hubby was laughing at me since I made weird expressions on face when the doctor was making the vaginal check-up on me. Overall, the doctor said the baby was very healthy. We was then had a consultation session with one of the nurse. She explained to us all the process from beginning until the end, told us to get the Maternal and Child Health Handbook from the city hall, and so on. Lastly, my blood was taken. We paid at the counter and went back.

This is the picture of the baby’s scan that I got the during the first check up. Little one was only 2.3 cm long and I was already in my 9th week of pregnancy. The estimated due date also stated there, on May 27th, 2008.

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These are the pictures of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. We asked for the English version which is in blue too. This book is important for claiming for the baby’s insurance later.

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After that, on November 2nd, 2007, we went for the second appointment with the doctor. It was only a short visit. We just been given a report on blood test carried out, The doctor said everything was fine, I have no cancer, the hemoglobin level was okay and my Rubella test also showed I am good. Only that, now I am regret for not asking any more further from the doctor what does the number in rubella test result paper means and how about my hemoglobin level. Is it important for me to know or not? Anyway this reminds me to surf on Rubella so that I could know what the number in the paper means. By the way, is there any blogger friend is actually a doctor??? hihi 😀 Well, this is my first time experience remember? Anyway, on coming December 7th, 2007 we will have to go to Iida hospital since I will have to take particular test there. Following on the December 21st, 2007, I will have to go for the second check-up in Matsukawa hospital. Ouh yeah not forgetting on next weekend, Sunday, December 2nd, 2007, we both will be attending a one day session of pre-natal class. Hmm… this is the MAIN reason why I’m feeling to blog now 🙁

This is the Rubella test result. Is there anybody who knows what it means? Or maybe I should just ignored it already since the doctor already said THAT actually means I am healthy. I’m just curious that’s all 😀

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Since the beginning until now, I really rely on my pregnancy book. I monitor myself from time to time, how to take care of myself, what to do if ‘this’ or ‘that’ happens, what do I have to prepare for the coming and so on. This is in order to make it easy for me and to understand what it is going on with myself without too depending to the doctors. OF COURSE because I didn’t understand a thing what the doctor said. Hubby did understand. But it is me that is carrying a baby not hubby. So, so far as the doctors said OK or GENKI I would feel satisfy since I already knew what it were they had been checking on me. Plus, I don’t want to be depressed for not understanding what the doctor said. So, just take it easy. Same thing will go on during the pre-natal class next week. I am eager to go but at the same time I can’t cast this weird feeling in me. We are going to be taught on how to prepare baby foods too. So this will require us to cook there and then we can eat whatever we had cooked. I’m not going to enjoy this since I can’t sure what is it we will be cooking. Well, I’m going to prepare foods for us from home and… hmmm I better don’t think hard over the petty things lah right? Hubby can understand anyway. Furthermore, not that I have zero knowledge about caring a baby. I believe I could give good care to my baby even if I don’t attend the class.

So, basically that is all about the first check-up. I still have lots more things to read but I just don’t want to be worried too much. So I better slow down. I’m going to update about the things that I have bought for the baby, about our plan to conceive, how I did first know I was pregnant, how POPCORN could be very important during pregnancy hihihi ;P and so on. But all not in the same entry okay. I’m going to update depends on my mood. By the way, I had been having trouble with the Oggix so I’m sorry since I had deleted some of the messages. Blame Oggix! There will be a few changes going on soon too so err… please understand if I suddenly have to delete or accidentally delete or your messages or comments would accidentally gone 😀 anyway I am pretty satisfied with the template already. Malas dah nak godek2. Simple2 je dah la kan… So, till then! ;D

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