When Caramel Popcorn Could Be A Big Issue :) I

……….Just ignore the title okay. Kan hubby kan hihi ;P

The weather is fine today only windy. Seems like it is going to be cloudy come the evening. If tomorrow morning’s temperature drop to at least -2 degrees C and it rains, I’m sure the snow would be falling yeay! But no I don’t think it’s going to be so. At this time already the weather should be more cold than this. Even the weather forecast haven’t mentioned that in fact it says the weather during midnight is going to be fine with moon visible to the eye. I interpreted that myself from the symbol shown ;P The wind is so strong now that I can feel the sound and vibration every once in a while especially when it hits the house.

The heater is on already for more than an hour. Yeah, it is that time of the year again. I really don’t understand why my house is so chilly. Perhaps because of the very good air ventilation system? I closed shut all window panes and sliding door and even at night I would close the door which separating the kitchen and living so that the cool air from the kitchen won’t get into the living. Ouh except two, I let the sliding door and kitchen window opened a bit during certain times to let the air circulation moving especially when using the heater. It could be dangerous if the heater is on but the air isn’t circulating. How I wish every house in Japan has heating system just like house in US or UK or wherever that heating in the house is a necessity. Well, whatever… I think maybe we should just a find a new heater. This one is so not powerful at all. Pakai minyak banyak je lebih tapi tak panas pun!

Anyway I’ve just came back from Tokyo on past weekend. As an overall it was BIG FUN but we are now real broke already isk isk! Hubby took leave on Friday and we started our journey by car at 8.30 am. Our main purpose to go to Tokyo was to take hubby’s renewed passport from the Malaysia Embassy. Remember that we went there on August to apply for the new passport? We used the car navigation system to guide our journey and chose unpaid road in order to reduce expenses. We really enjoyed the autumn and mountainous scenery along our journey. We even reached a few interesting places but of course we didn’t stop. Ouh by the way I brought along chocolate buns with chocolate filling and egg omelet filling buns for our lunch and breakfasts.

However there were a few annoying incidents while we were on the road. Okay basically of course we have to obey the rules on the road especially the driving speed limit. But there were a few times we encountered a few people who were over-obeying the driving speed limit. They were driving as like the road was theirs. Not that they couldn’t notice the long queue of cars following their cars’ butts. The road was small, one-lane and curvy so the road doesn’t allow over-taking other vehicles in front most of the time. What was more annoying, we could see the people in the car happily chatting, sight-seeing, eating and even throwing trash outside the windows and sometimes the driver drove like he was drunk urghhh! How selfish people could be?! BLUERGH! 😛 😛 😛

After some times driving, we realized it that we could be late to arrive at the embassy. So, hubby used the navigator to show him the shortest path. We selected it and unfortunately we were shown the path which needed us to drive up and down the hills. It was already too late when we realized it plus it could consume more time too if we chose to turn back. There were scarce car using the road and until one point we were already on top of the hill/ mountain that we found a warning sign about using the road in front. There were a hikers’ center at that area too where many hikers especially the elderlies enjoy hiking up and down the hill/ mountain. It seems like the narrow road in front was the road to go down the hill/ mountain. Hubby asked a small group of hikers whether we could use the road but they weren’t sure too. So, we thought of turning back and only God knew HOW MUCH bloody times we needed just to get at where we already were!

Before I started to say we are not going to make it to the embassy to hubby, one of the lady kindly told us that they think we could go through the road and asked us to be careful. Phew! We went down the very narrow road which was surrounded with cliffs on our left and right. I just prayed that there would be no other car using the road especially from the other way. Or else, I really had no idea HOW on earth we could settle that. Glad that it didn’t happen at night. Even during in the afternoon, it was damn dark being in the center of the forest. I think this is the road which you told me lah Murni (if you happened to read this). By using that stupid road, we only proceeded 10 km for past bloody 1 HOUR! Right after reaching the ground, hubby chose the highway and we straightly rushed or else we would be late. Fortunately we arrived at the embassy at 3.30 pm only half and hour more before the embassy is closed. Perfect! As an overall we took 7 hours that is about DOUBLE the time to reach Tokyo! Hubby’s friend used the unpaid road too while going to Tokyo before but he managed to arrived in Tokyo for only four hours. Well, lesson learned was never put trust on your navigator 100%. System is a system. Still stupid though ;P

At about 4.00 pm we left from embassy and heading towards our hotel. We booked-in at Weekly Mansion Tokyo online but I forgot which branch. That was among the only available hotels left we could find but this one situated in our preferred location and within our budget room price. It is situated in between of Shibuya and Shinjuku. Most of our preferred hotels were fully booked and I really didn’t undertand why since it was a normal weekend holidays on last week, not that there were special days or public holidays took place. Or was it a normal thing to happen in Tokyo since it is always a busy metropolitan and tourist choice of destination too? Anyway, once we reached the hotel we found out that it doesn’t provide parking facility and we had to park in the paid parking area. Only people living in Japan knew how expensive it is to park a car in Tokyo. The parking area situated within 5 to 10 minutes walk from the hotel. We checked-in and performed our prayers, qada’ and all because it was already late when we arrived at the hotel.

Right after that we both sat on the bed. Both exhausted and gloomy. We were thinking of what should we do. Why didn’t it come to my mind to ask first before booking the hotel whether they have inclusive parking area or not. But somehow I think it is a normal thing for hotels in Japan for not having parking area except the 4 and 5 stars hotels. By the way the hotel we stayed in was very comfortable suitable for long term stay. It is not luxurious of course, in fact we had to bring out our own thrash, there is no room service, no instant tea or coffee sachets but the good side is the room has small kitchen area, cooking utensils, fridge, cabinets, cupboards and microwave. So, worth the money though. We thought we could spend more on other things if we could save on hotel’s budget but now we had to pay more for parking alone. The rate was 200 Yen per 25 minutes from 8.00 am to 12.00 am and 100 Yen per hour from 12.00 am to 8.00 am. Anyway there was nothing we could do only to accept it. So because of that, we hurriedly made up ourselves to go out for dinner.

We went to Marhaba, a Pakistan Restaurant in Ikebekuro. We went there once during the August visit. We ordered mutton beryani, chicken something, beef something which was macam bergedil, orange juice for me and ginger ale drink for hubby. Well…it was satisfying. I liked the mutton beryani the most. As an overall it was fulfilling and worth the money. Delicious but not superb might be because Pakistan food doesn’t really suit our taste buds. After eating we walked around the area just to kill the time before returning back to the hotel. However it was so cold on that night and we didn’t wear thick enough of clothes. I thought Tokyo would be less cold than Nagano but I was totally wrong. I forgot that Tokyo is near the sea so the wind blowing from the see bringing cool air towards the land. We didn’t stay long before I decide to just go back to the hotel. Hubby thought of going out to Odaiba to meet his friends so that at the same time he could save on the parking fee. But I insisted him to just rest in the hotel because we had a super EXCITING agenda coming up tomorrow.

So that’s all for today. I’m going to continue in the next entry, When Caramel Popcorn Could Be A Big Issue 🙂 II

PS: I’m sorry. After checking I realized that I don’t have the pictures suitable to be uploaded in the previous entry. So just wait for the next entry okay 😉

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