When She Got Recharged During The Weekend :)

I’m sorry for not updating the blog for quite some times already. In fact, I haven’t been so active in blogging since the past couple of months, I realized. Things come and go, honestly there were so many circumstances that had taken place in our life but I just didn’t have the determination to blog about them all. Until the day before the weekend came, I had been feeling like I’ve just lost the passion to blog. I tried to came up with a new update for a few times but all just went halfway before I suddenly lost the mood and deleted all what I’d typed. Sometimes I was so excited to blog but I got stuck with words as if they just didn’t want the stories to be written.

Anyway, here I am again still safe and sound. Basically, I was fine and things ran smoothly as usual so actually there was nothing to be worried about. Some people had addressed their concern due to my silence, well that was so kind of you guys. I never thought anyone would care about me actually hihihi. Well, I’m touched so just imagine that I’m giving you a big hug as my token of appreciation okay ;D For others, okay I don’t mind if it wasn’t me that you missed but knowing that you kept checking for any new entry in the blog also made me feel warm in the heart 😛 But you better miss the writer first next time okay hahaha! Okay I’m just kidding 😀 this is not an interesting blog at all anyway.

To cut the story short, as for the newest updates (since I decided just to forget all about the stranded ones :P) We traveled to Nagoya-shi and Mie-ken by car on last weekend. It was my first real outing since we last went to Tokyo on August. So, it has been about 3 months I’d been in the town (read: village) without any super-exciting agenda to spice up our lives. Ouh except one thing! But let’s just save the best for last okay 😀 So basically, it was all about mundane or routine. Remember, my Eid Celebration was the most ‘fantastic’ one (read it as opposite :P). So, this is also one of the major reasons why I was being silence. I wasn’t feeling so lively due to nothing to really make me feel jolly except that ‘one’ thing that I mentioned just now. Until one point, I was already bored to death and my self-esteem was becoming low. Not that I didn’t have anything important or a must to do everyday. There are always a lot of them but that’s not the same. Right when the depression was about to strike, fortunately we got an open house invitation from hubby’s friend who is residing with his wife in Mie-ken.

Surely hubby was so excited and at the same time relieved because he could bring me for an escapade. We left the house on Saturday morning at about 11.00 am. We were nervous a bit since that would be our first long ride with the car. Especially when thinking that he would be driving in the much bigger town and surely there would be all weird or complicated road systems, made us so alert and careful. Compared to driving in Malaysia, even though Malaysians are more prone to drive brutally like maniac and the accident rate is way too high compared to Japan, that didn’t beat our nervousness driving in Japan. I always think that driving in Malaysia roads needs more skills than Japan roads. It is not that there are no road laws in Malaysia but at least we came form the same community even though we don’t really share the same road etiquette. We are good drivers okay ;D It is always hundred times safer to drive in Japan BUT might be because of the law, attitude, different system and so on that made me SCARED-TO-DEATH while we are behind the wheels. Hmmm, now this is weird eh? I should be more scared while on the road in Malaysia hihihi ;P

The weather was so fine, cold and breezy along the way to Nagoya. Hubby didn’t use the highway so along the journey we enjoyed the spectacular mountainous autumn scenery. We tried to stop a few times to take pictures but the fog was just too thick thus we couldn’t capture the scenery using the camera. The pictures didn’t turn out even as best as 70% from the real view. We also encountered a few tourists’ spots like gardens, lake, rivers and an autumn scenery spot but we didn’t stop because we didn’t have much time due to the very long journey to go. It is a bout 150 km in distance from our place to Nagoya. We didn’t want to take the risk of being presented with fine ticket and even almost all people obey the driving speed limit. Well, there were many who didn’t too okay. We only reached Nagoya at about 2.30 pm after about 3 hours journey. We made our way to the Nagoya Mosque first and reached there at about 3.15 pm. After praying, we walked to the Halal restaurant which served Indian and Pakistan foods. We ordered all one of nan, mutton curry, tikka chicken, rice, salad, mango juice and mango lassi and shared all both. Apparently we were the only customers there and we ate like no one else’s business. Yummy!

We finished eating at about 5.00 pm and after that took the chance to explore around Nagoya-shi. Since it was already dark and it starting to rain, we didn’t go to any interesting places there since we thought perhaps we got the time to do so on Sunday. We searched the city but I couldn’t find the place that I wanted to go to. I was a bit frustrated but then hubby assured me that we could find it on Sunday. Before heading to Mie-ken, we stopped at the kombini since hubby’s other friend wanted to sponsor drinks so he asked hubby to buy for him first. The journey to hubby friend’s house is about 30 km from Nagoya-shi. We left Nagoya-shi at 7.30 p.m and reached there at about 8.30 p.m. There I got introduced to Mr. N and his wife, Mrs. K. There were other guests too of about 20+ people but I didn’t know almost all of them.

Honestly I was so nervous to be meeting other people that I don’t know especially when I could say that it was only the second time I got to meet other Malaysians in Japan since I came here more than a year ago. Seems like I have lost my social skills long ago eh? I was also so tired by the time we reached there and my head was slightly aching. I didn’t really talk much with others and just answered to those who approached me. I’m such a silent person and not friendly especially when being with the people I don’t really know, what more for the first time. Furthermore, I am not from the same group as them since most of them are workers and students in Japan. I could start a conversation but I didn’t know what else to talk about as follow up. They were also busy chit-chatting with each other about their things and obviously I didn’t know what were all that about what more to interrupt or join them.

I chat with Mrs. K almost all the time since we are in the same group so of course we got so many things to share with each other hihihi. In the between while Mrs. K was busy entertaining her other guests, I just kept listening and smiling. I was so tired to think and my head even aching more due to the loud laughings and shoutings. However, they were all very nice people. I love being surrounded by Malaysians again after quite a long time and that really made me feel warm just like at home. Ouh yeah, the menus for that night were Bolognese spaghetti, nasi impit, peanut sauce, nasi minyak, ayam kuzi, and air sirap limau prepared by Mrs. K! Also we had sambal daging, cookies, cakes, drinks, oranges and a few other foods brought by other guests. As from myself, I brought one tin of orange butter cake and some chocolate moist cake. As an overall the foods were superb and I really had an enjoyable time eating others’ cooking. I’d been eating my own cooking for more than a year without fail everyday okay! So, I really had have enough of my own…

The guests left at about 11.30 p.m and after that only I ate more properly. I also helped Mrs. K with the clearing and cleaning before we finally got into the room. I stayed with Mrs. K in the master bedroom while Mr. N, hubby and 3 other guys took place at the hall. Actually all 5 of them were friends since their foundation programme in Malaysia. They were all JAD 3 and most of their friends had graduated and gone back to Malaysia for good last year. Mr. N is currently working in Mie-ken, the other 2 guys are doing their Master’s degree and now already starting to work also in Japan. While the other 1 guy is still in the process of completing his first degree. His scholarship had been terminated years ago but since he is determined to finish his studies, so he works at the same time. Hubby really had a blast time with his old friends. I took shower after the cleaning session, performed prayers and had a very long chat with Mrs. K. As for the guy, they went out to play billiard and only got back at 5.00 am!

Me myself was busy chatting with Mrs. K non-stopped like there was no tomorrow. We talked about so many things and even though I was so damn tired but I really enjoyed the moment to be having a real friend in front of me to have a chat with. I don’t know when else I would be able to do so. Suddenly we realized it was already 3.30 am and just decided to sleep. Well, we couldn’t really stop chatting yet that we continued to chat a bit more in the dim lighted room. Only at that time, the conversation speed became mush slower. Finally we slept at about 4.30 am. I couldn’t really sleep because it wasn’t our house, hubby wasn’t beside, and my body especially tummy wasn’t really felt well. My stomach kept making growling sounds! What a shame! I just have so many winds in me and my digestive system is working so slow and only really working at night. At 5.00 am I heard the guys came home. I stayed awoke since they were making so many sounds especially laughing heartily so out loud! Huh boys! ;P Only after when they slept, I got dozed off.

In the morning, I woke up at 9.00 am and straightly took my shower. I then changed my clothes and made myself. Mrs. K also already got up by that time and right after that I helped her a bit on breakfast. We just reheated the plenty leftovers from last night and Mrs. K made a jug of hot Nescafe. We ate first and continued chatting. Then only the boys woke up. Hubby got up first, took shower and made up himself. We then decided to leave since it was already 11.00 am and we were already late. After taking pictures together outside the house, we bid good bye with each other. It was a really nice visit. To Mr. N and Mrs. K if you happen to read this, thanks a lot for your great hospitality and most importantly thanks for inviting us at the first place! 😀

Right after that, we headed to Toysrus near there as being informed by Mr. N but unfortunately we didn’t find what we wanted. Then we went to the HUGE outlets center and my first expression upon seeing the building and once I got into the building was WOW! Even to be in the parking lots earlier I was already AMAZED. I think this was the first time for me to find a very big shopping center what more specifically functions as an outlet in Japan. I could see almost all brand boutiques from very high end towards the lower ones. We just got 1 jacket for hubby from Levis and took a few pictures. The place was swarmed by people even at every corner of the huge building. We moved out at 2.30 pm after the rush on jacket searching because we had a few destinations to go. I didn’t buy anything there since we were running out of time and I couldn’t shop in a hurry.

Upon reaching Nagoya Mosque, we decided to survey for other Halal restaurants near the area. While on search, unfortunately we got in a very minor accident. Hubby wanted to make a U-turn but suddenly a car came from behind then it happened. Well, it was a small road behind buildings and it wasn’t a busy one. It was slightly hubby’s fault too because it wasn’t really safe to make a U-turn there. But well sometimes things work depends on luck. It was fated that we were unlucky. It was just in a blink of an eye. Hubby already checked before reversing but the car suddenly came. We were so SHOCKED! Big time! I recited istighfar continuously right away upon hearing the small boom from behind. Hubby then parked his car at the parking area, went out and straightly saying sorry to the man. Fortunately that guy was also a gaijin might be from Pakistan. He drove a small red old car. Hubby asked him how to settle because we just thought to give whatever amount of money he asked instead of dragging the incident to a more complicated process.

Fortunately he didn’t mind. He was angry a bit at first but he still managed to smile after that and advised hubby to be more careful. Might be upon seeing us also are Muslim same as him and hubby also look-alike as him, so he didn’t mind at all. Alhamdulillah! Seems there was still a a bit lucky for us. We just glad that he wasn’t Nihonjin. Even he himself said that! ;P Our car dented a bit at the bumper behind. Then only we went to the mosque and after that walked towards the Turkish Restaurant. We were still in shocked during that time. Only after eating and a few chats we got recovered. By the way we oredered kebab with pita bread, fries, iced tea and some kofta if I’m not mistaken. We really devoured our foods. The foods were so yummy. Even the restaurant was much better with a more convenient concept and a bit exclusive even though it was just a small one. We even ordered two sets of meal to take away.

By the time we continued our journey, it was already dark. We planned to go to Nagoya Aquarium, Nagoya Castle and a few other interesting places but it was already late to visit all all of them. Perhaps next time we could come to Nagoya again and managed to discover Nagoya. We only went Yoshizuya, a shopping complex because we wanted to find a few things. Finally, I got what I wanted in Yoshizuya and I’m really satisfied and happy. Actually, besides my eagerness to meet other Malaysians; I really looked forward to go to Nagoya because I really wanted to eat Halal foods and buy the things that I’d surveyed earlier. I even did some research in the internet in order to find where I could get those things in Japan. Finally, at about 7.30 pm we made our way towards home. Hubby used the highway because it was already late, he was so damn tired to drive and it was much safer and less scary to drive in the highway instead of the road we used on the way to Nagoya.

Alhamdulillah, we reached home at 9.30 pm. I unpacked and rearranged everything, had some dinner, took my shower, performed prayers and went to sleep. As for hubby, he had his dinner, went to check the machine at the factory, iron his clothes, took shower, performed prayers and got to sleep too. Hah…what a very long and tiring journey. Now we are at our home in cold Nagano. I miss the weather while we were in Mie. It was so comfortable and just nice 🙂 All in all, although I miss all the good times I had in Mie and Nagoya however at least I’m now rejuvenated and determined to continue my life in Matsukawa 🙂

To hubby dearest, thanks for everything. But we better be more prepared and well-planned next time okay 😉

Last but not least, now I’m ready to share the ‘one’ thing that I’ve been saving. Well, I’ve launched another new blog specifically to rant about other new perspective in our lives. Just click the link if you want to get idea what it is about. Ouh it is still VERY new so please don’t expect much. There would be many changes coming up soon especially stories of course 🙂

PS- I’ll put a few pictures that I took later.

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