My Little Munchkin & I :)

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Alhamdulillah FINALLY I am able to create this new blog dedicated especially for my coming little one. Being the typical ME, I have been stuck only on deciding the suitable name for the blog’s title and the URL for more than a month already. I just wanted it to be perfect but it seems like my rigidness has lead to crucial fussiness. Yes, that is so true! ;P Fortunately today I managed to make a proceed after only a few minutes the title suddenly popped up in my mind. Glad that I like it instantly and that makes thing much easier since I am already on my way producing the first entry now!

So what actually triggered me on creating another blog even though I already have my own blog? Opsss I have already mentioned earlier that I want this blog to be dedicated specially for my coming little sweetheart. Furthermore I don’t think it is a really good idea to mix my personal stories with the chronicles of my precious coming bundle of joy. Everything in the lil one’s blog should only be about all the wonderful and miracle things which of course are so not compatible with all the arghhh, sob sob, grrrrr, haihhh and so on available in my own’s hehehe. So, basically this blog will act as a diary for me to update on lil one’s progress and development and myself towards motherhood. Ouh how I wish that I could have created the blog since the earliest of time that is since we started to plan on conceiving. Never mind, it is never too late since I am only at my 2++ months of pregnancy! I believe I could cover all the stories since the beginning 🙂

My Little Munchkin & I

What a very cute title isn’t it? I didn’t really know how I could come up with the name but it just hit my mind just now. I was considering all the adorable words available in the Cuppycake Song thus when suddenly the word munchkin appeared. So I checked using the Encyclopedia Britannica and I got to know that munchkin actually means a person who is notably small and endearing. Small? Well, my baby will always be my little one no matter until how old he/ she will be. Endearing? It means to cause to become beloved or admired. Well, who doesn’t be able to be attracted to a baby right? Everyone like babies, except monster of course ;P Basically the stories will revolves around the lil one and Mama; also sometimes a little bit on Papa interference hehehe ;D So, that’s it. As simple as that. Nothing really fancy behind the corny name.

I hope that I would be able to blog about all the wonderful experiences throughout my pregnancy and most importantly would surely be all about my lil one. Perhaps that everything will be just fine, smooth and beautiful; and I pray everyday may The Almighty grant my each and every wish in my silent prayer always, InsyaAllah.

~From the beginning until the end, may Allah always showers us with all His blessings and guides, InsyaAllah, Amin~

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