When Her Eid Celebration Was A ‘Fantastic’ One

…Really? hehehe. It is already the second week of Syawal and back in Malaysia usually the atmosphere of Raya Celebration would last until the end of the month. So how was your raya people? I bet all of you have had a wonderful raya right? If not, I’m sure you peeps still did celebrate raya regardless even it was the less fun one compared to last year. My raya celebration experience for this year was the most ‘precious’ one. You have to be in my shoes in order to gain such experience, priceless! In other words, I celebrated my raya by didn’t actually celebrating it. Not that I didn’t want to but the time and situation which turned the supposedly-happy day into a horrible one.

On the night before raya I already lost my mood of celebrating and I already realized it that I wasn’t going to have a joyful raya on the next day. Since I got to know that my one and only friend couldn’t join me for raya party since she needed to go to somewhere in order to entertain her guest because someone from Malaysia came over. In the meantime of course she didn’t bother at all about raya unless it was the CNY. So, I was already hampered and started being sensitive. Okay I did cry a bit since I felt angry but of course I didn’t know who to blame to. Might be I was pissed off because I thought I deserved a better raya but my luck was fated not to be good. On the day of raya we woke up slightly late thus we missed the raya prayer time. After having breakfast and all, hubby went to the trainees’ house. I didn’t follow him because or else I would be the only lady there. Not that it was a big issue but definitely it wasn’t going to be fun at all for me especially when I barely know each of them. Plus knowing myself, I would surely cling to hubby all the time so I didn’t want to create any eye-catching scene over there.

After hubby left, I cleaned up and vacuumed the house a bit. Not that the house is untidy but I did it because I was feeling to perfecting the house since it was raya day. Hubby got back at about 11.30 a.m and brought back some foods for me. After that, unintentionally since I was so sensitive from had been holding myself emotionally since the night before and over a very slight misunderstanding we got into an argument. That was when I could no longer hold myself from bursting out in tears! Perfect! Apparently he wanted to make me happy but he didn’t know what I actually wanted. But by the time when I stated out what I wanted and I really meant it, he could be the least understanding other half on earth. On the afternoon, I received a very big parcel sent from my parents and it was full with raya’s kuihs modern and traditional and also so many other things. So, I healed myself alone by enjoying unpacking, restoring and eating the things I got. I had been crying on and off continuously for the whole day! On the night, I cooked some lontong. As for hubby, he got pissed off with me too and he came back late. He also slept on the couch that night without taking bath at all and the best thing was I have the futon with me so he was freezing until the morning while I slept soundly in bed. Hahaha ;P

However we made up on the next day. I explained to him and he finally understood. By the way, what I really wanted was, “Nak tengok citer2 Melayu pasal raya!”, aje sebenarnya but he was busy watching his Heroes ke Lost ke apa ke mende ntah. Pastu siap bleh tanya lagi “Sayang nak apa sebenarnya?!”, dengan muka bengang dia tu pastuh bleh tanya banyak kali plak tu. Makanya he did push the atomic bomb button unintentionally lah. Might be because my request sounds so petty to him that made it far for him to realize that I really meant it that time. Makanya, “Lain kali kasik apa yang orang mintak ye Abang so tak payah la susah-payah nak merajuk tido mengerekot tanpa futon lagi hahaha ;P!”. After that on the night, we went out to an electric and electronics shop and I got my breadmaker and bathroom scale from hubby. Tapi Tanita saya tak lah secanggih Tanita ko ye Puan Syana. Tapi still aku amik yang mantap punya la kan alang2 beli. Bankrupt lagila laki aku. Sabar Abang ye. Ala lagi pun nanti boleh la timbang berat sesama tengok sapa yang makin gemuk hohoho 😀

That was how my raya days for this year took place. Actually I did get invitations from my friend in Nagoya earlier but I refused since Nagoya is quite far plus I thought I could just celebrate my raya in here like last year. On the night before raya, as late as 11.00 p.m I was approached by my ex-schoolmate for the first time through YM and he was so eagerly wanted us to come over his place so that we could join the raya party. All these time, this guy has been living in Nagano too but we never spoke to each other even though we knew each other since school. Of course I was so delighted to go too and I already couldn’t stop imagining the excitement I would get. It would be very interesting and beneficial if we go since we would get to be introduced to many other friends who have been scattered all around Nagano all these while too. Unfortunately I had to turn down his offer since it was already too late, I didn’t prepare any foods to bring along (even he didn’t insist at all), we didn’t get ourselves prepared for a long journey and most importantly their party would held at the same time as trainees’. So, it wouldn’t be nice if suddenly hubby left the trainees alone all by themselves.

Anyway, I just made my satay, nasi impit and kuah kacang yesterday. The taste was okay but not as superb as when I made it for the first time during last year. So this time I already forgot that I should make some alterations plus I did actually follow the wrong recipe for satay, the less favorable one. Nevermind, I’ll try making them again next time. Ouh yeah just now hubby also told that he would get my passport with my renewed visa back by today, Alhamdulillah. I have been worried about my passport for almost 2 months and thank God it comes to an end. Next time, we will just do it all by ourselves. Not that the person we paid is can’t be trusted but we couldn’t stop thinking for the worst all the times especially when we didn’t have anything as proof to cite that my visa is on renewal process. I’ve been feeling like an illegal immigrant, seriously!

So, I think that’s all for my updates this time. I want to make the tag from Kak Nora but aiyooo Kak Nora macam susah la itu tag hehehe. Will do it after this okay. Need to think a bit. By the way, I have been thinking to launch another blog…..or maybe I just need to change my link and make some changes in this existing blog…..or what? Could you guys give me some opinions? Thank you. Selamat hari raya lagi lah kepada yang masih berhari raya ye. As for me dah lama dah pasrah and terima hakikat. Semuanya ada hikmah lah kan. Takpela redha je lah huhu 🙂

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