When She Was As Busy As A Bee

That’s all I can say as a valid reason of my absence previously from the blogosphere. What? Don’t you believe me? Why? Hey, I said I was busy okay. Really! I had tonnes things to do regardless whether they are simply for fun or really need to be done. The list is never end. One thing accomplished, another new one came up! In fact, I have tonnes of other things keep being postponed too since months ago up until now!


Now without further ado let me rants about what I had been up to during the last one month. In conclusion, there were 5 important things that made our days really hectic which were each and every of it did drain us out physically and mentally. Anyway, here is the list:

Hubby took driving test and got his Japan Driving License:
Mission accomplished! Alhamdulillah 🙂

Went to Tokyo
a) To renew hubby’s passport: Would get the passport back in 3 months the latest. Considered mission accomplished! Alhamdulillah 🙂
b) Went to Tokyo Disneyland and outing around Tokyo: Dreadfully tiring but it was fun! Mission accomplished! Alhamdulillah 🙂

Hubby bought a car:
Finally the car was sent home by the dealer on Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 5,30 p.m after hubby got back from work. Yippie! Straightly went out to launch the car and have sushi treat on that night. Mission accomplished! Alhamdulillah 🙂

Renewed my visa:
We paid somebody from the Immigration Office to manage everything about the visa from A to Z. We just prepared the documents and translations. So now we are still waiting since it is still in the process. Hopefully I would get back my passport stamped with new visa in it on next week. The officer said I should be getting my visa without any problem but I couldn’t stop worrying until I laid my eyes on it. Err, considered mission accomplished too? Well, Alhamdulillah 🙂

We are officially broke!:
Thus, because of all the important things above; we realized it that we are already broke uhuk uhuk! Huwaaa! 🙁 We have been eating only rice with dried salted fish since then sob sob! Ecece I’m kidding lah padahal makin menggemukkan diri ada lah hehehe ;P Yup, we are broke but the money were spent on necessary stuffs so no big deal. Ouh, don’t worry we still have money to buy foods and do some small shoppings right hubby? No? Why?! hehe ;P So, as the self-appointed financial minister cum bank gabenor cum accountant cum treasurer or whatever-you-call-it-that has-to-do-with-monetary of the house, I now announce that we have to start saving again like before. Ehh, since when we stopped saving money?


Enough about that. Well as till today, we have been living 10 days with our new family member only that we are not sharing the same room all the time at all. He got his rectangle shape space beside the building and we can always see him from above. Ouh what’s his name? We should have given him a name already right? Let me just call him ‘kelabu’ aje lah (kelabu (Malay) = grey (English)). By the way, my brother said this when I chat with him last time:

My brother: “Mesti Abang Latif dah seminggu tido dalam kete kan? Mesti siap bentang toto kat dalam tu hahaha!”

Me: “Hekeleh manade! Hang la nanti kitorg bawak jalan2 mesti hang nak tido dalam tu siap bentang toto ;P”

Haih what a nostalgic memories. After this, there would be no more…

…running down the hill while chasing the train scene
…crossing the track in front of the coming train scene
…no more checking for train schedule, waiting for the train or missed the train
…no more sweating like pig after walking under the hot scorching sun
…sharing an umbrella while walking in the rain
…drenched clothes after a short visit to nearest supa while it is raining
…being splashed with water by passing car while walking beside the drain during raining day
…no more aching shoulders and hands after carrying heavy groceries from the supa
…no more panting after walking up the hill
…no more numb face, feet and hands after having a walk in the bittering winter cold
…and so on the list continues

but somehow I would ensure once in a while we would still go for a walk holding hands around the neighborhood…especially during the next winter…snow war is a must! 😀

Introducing our kakkoi ‘kelabu’s tyre’…..

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…..which is already have been drove about 130km by hubby only around the neighborhood and nearest town! Melampau tak? Mana tak nyer boleh kata tetiap hari keluar hehehe ;P


On the other hand, yesterday our place had been hit by the typhoon. The typhoon was moving up the north and it happened that our place is in the typhoon path. So it was heavily rained and the wind was blowing so hard yesterday. Towards the night, the sounds of gusts of wind blown becoming more frequent. There were sounds of banging and clanging here and there too. Luckily everything is back to normal today and none bad damage I could see yet that caused by the typhoon so far. Phew Alhamdulillah! 🙂

Also before I forgot, only today I manage to update the blog since I was busy baking during this week. I baked Marble Strawberry Cheesecake again??? on Tuesday, chocolate chip cookies again??? on Wednesday and Pear Crisp on yesterday fuhhh!!! I think I should update about my baking activities as soon as possible that has been postponed for months already urgh! Want the recipes? Just pray that I’ll be productive enough to update about this okay. Of course I’ll pray hard for myself too hehe 😉

Besides, Thanks to The Almighty for making our plans running smooth as planned. Thanks too for all the blessings that had been given. We have already moved forward with our next plans so the battle of life is always continuing. I pray to You that You will always guide us along the way and give us the patience and the strengths we need, InsyaAllah. After all we are just your humble and weak servant 🙂

Last but not least, sacred Ramadhan month is coming yeay! I feel as like it was yesterday I have just celebrated Aidil Fitri Eve but time flies fast! I couldn’t believe it that I have stayed here for over a year already! Still, not many that I had achieved so I better buck up after this gambaremas! Thus anyway, I would like to take this chance by wishing all Muslims Happy Ramadhan. I would like to apologize to anyone reading this if I had made wrong towards you or hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. I’m sorry okay and please forgive me. I hope we would be able to make use of this coming Ramadhan beneficially. Once it ended soon, it will surely be missed. So grab this one month chance because we could never assure ourselves that we would be able to meet another Ramadhan next year (a reminder to us especially ;P). Hope that we will be a better Muslim from day to day, Amin 🙂

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