When Tokyo Has So Much To Offer Part II

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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

As for today, the day for another big mission to be accomplished that was going to Tokyo Disneyland. We supposedly woke up the latest at 6.00 a.m because hubby wanted to reach at Disneyland early since it opened as early at 8.00 a.m. But due to our tiredness we got carried away and woke up at 7.00 a.m instead. In fact our heads still felt heavy and my body and foot ached when I stretched. But at least we felt much better rather than yesterday. We rushed out when we readied and it was already about 8.00 a.m. We boarded the train and at Shinjuku Train Terminal we had to take another train which would bring us to the Disneyland. During in the train terminal, we had to search for the right platform and train and such task itself was already so much confusing and tiring. Fortunately hubby already used to the system and it wasn’t that difficult for us. We were shocked to see huge number of people were heading the same way with us. By that time hubby was already panic and he kept regretting of how late we already were.

Talking about the train terminal itself, there were a lot of train terminals could be found in big cities like Tokyo. Obviously there were extreme difference to be compared with tiny eki in Matsukawa (our place). Each terminal itself was like having another huge city lies beneath it. The terminal was consisted of with several tunnels, floors, platforms and numerous number of shops and restaurants where you could go shopping, find almost anything you want there, eating, meeting up friends, dating, resting at any corner available here and there so on and so forth. As well as finding the right platform, tunnel, floor and train, just looking at the horrendous number of people rushing here and there all around you was already annoyingly exhausting indeed.

I couldn’t stop from thinking myself as an ant in the underground land. Even it had been many times already but still I never failed to feel amazed every time when I commute in the big city. I really amazed and salute Japanese with their train system concept and technology. The train even came one after another at every at least 3 to 5 minutes and loaded with people every time! There were thousands of people using the train every now and then because you could travel to almost any part inside the city or outside the city itself. It was developed to cater a super efficient, easy, fast and cheap transportation to users. I wonder when will MY country has up to this complex but efficient train, commuter or LRT system?

Before we boarded the train that would bring us straight to Disneyland, we had to go down several floors to be at the right platform. The journey to the platform itself took us a good 10 minutes walking hurriedly. The escalator itself was indeed looked so steep and hubby said that how deep this platform would be and imagine how far already we were from the earth surface. To cut the story short, we finally arrived at Tokyo Disneyland at about 9.15 a.m. There were zillions of visitors there and from my observation most of them were Japanese themselves. Since it was Wednesday I thought it won’t be crowded as that but turned out I couldn’t imagine how worst it would be if we went there on weekends! What made the day more complete was, it was SCORCHINGLY hot on that day. We got our tickets, entered and straightly lined up for like forever for the latest attraction of Pirates of the Carribean Ride.

By the way it was the 2nd time for hubby and 1st time for me going to Disneyland. We chose Disneyland over DisneySea since we heard many friends said DisneySea isn’t as interesting as Disneyland. Of course we weren’t sure whether its’ true or not. There were actually 7 main parks in Tokyo Disneyland and each land has its’ own theme. There were World of Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. Actually I had already made some research on the net at home before going to Tokyo and I already knew and planned which attractions we should visit, which we shouldn’t have to, where to go first and even where to go after that. Honestly there were dozens of attractions like shows, parades, rides and so on there which I believed we wouldn’t be able to finish up enjoying each and every of them unless we got the whole Disneyland all to ourselves. However due to the swarms of people at every here and there, we became lost with our plan and we just played whatever we stumbled in front of us when we got the chance especially the attractions which didn’t have up to more than an hour queue. Especially after the POTC queue which we spent for good 2 hours and half before we actually got to enjoy the real merely 15 minutes ride! Horrible!

We spent almost half of our day playing at Adventureland, Westernland and Critter Country only thus making us got to see the SAME river for a couple of times duh! Still, it was fun though since most of the attractions were outdoors. It was uncomfortably hot of course but I was thinking about I haven’t been exposed to the sun a lot so it was okay with me. Only after that, we preceded to the next park that was Fantasyland. We played a few rides and then we only took more pictures. After that we just walked around the parks, finding for beautiful spots, took pictures and that were the only things we did in Toontown and Tomorrowland parks. We didn’t play anything at the last 2 parks since we were running out of time to wait in the long queue and even the number of visitors looked like increasing instead of decreasing. Lastly, we bought a few souvenirs from one of the dozens of souvenir shops available. We hurriedly made exit at about 6.00 p.m and found a suitable spot for us to perform prayers at the picnic area. We could stay until 10.00 p.m at Disneyland but of course we couldn’t since there wasn’t any suitable place we could find to pray in there.

Frankly, it would be more fun if the day itself wasn’t that hot and the visitors weren’t that huge. We were okay with the weather furthermore there was nothing we could do about it. But we were kind of disappointed since we didn’t get the chance to enjoy as many attractions as we could. I was frustrated the most that we didn’t at all get the chance to enjoy indoor attractions like 3D adventure show, space rides, show performances and so on. I regret it that we should have made our way anti-clockwise instead of the other way round from the beginning. I felt like it was not so worth for the money we paid. Hubby told that visitor also could choose to come at afternoon or evening and the price of the tickets also much cheaper. So that’s explained why the Disneyland becoming more crowded from time to time. We noticed some Malaysians too at here in there but all of us were busy with our own business rather than to approach each other hehehe ;P

Tak aci tauu! They shouldn’t have made it that way! Mmgla ada byk attractions but of course kita pefer attractions yang best2 instead of parade, show menari2, naik omnibus pusing2 park or etc. kan? Benda2 ni bosan tau. Utk bdk2 or org ada anak kecik bolehla. One more thing is, hubby kata natsu yasumi ni sepatutnya cuti untuk memperingati org mati (if hubby salah kiter pun salahla ;P). Patutnya pegila balik kg or duduk rumah sebagai tanda menghormati org mati. Yg bestnyer, ramai jugak kiter jumpa org2 berusia or tua yg diorg sendiri2 sesama diorg dtg Disneyland tuh. Nak kata bawak anak ke cucu ke memang xde pun. N mind you diorg ni bukannya couple muda2 yg bercinta or mcm kitorg ni. Diorg ni dah baya2 mak kiter okay! Kalau mak2 kiter kat Mesia sana xde keje la nak g Disneyland sesaja sendiri2 hehehe! As my mom said, baik la dia g mengaji Quran ke apa ke hehehe. Ini tak, masa ni la diorg nak g Disneyland jugak. Patutnya bagi la chance kat foreingers kan hehehe ;P Tapi tula lain agama, bangsa n budaya so lainla kepentingan n cara pk masing2 kan. Saje je nak ngomel kat sini. But no offend ek. Kang ada plak yg terasa manala tau kan…Last time we went to USJ also during summer holiday n mmg ramaiii juga manusia disitu. USJ pun panas sbb dekat laut. But mebbe after all our expectation of Disneyland was too high kot plus we felt that the excitement we got at USJ was more amazing than Disneyland. Plus seriously it was extraordinarily hot n ramai sgt manusia kt Disneyland on that day.

However Tokyo Disneyland was a very interesting place and it could be the most ideal place especially if you have children with you since it has so much fun to offer. It was very family-oriented. But as for us, we prefer Universal Studios Japan more. Plus, after comparing both theme parks from various aspects; I think USJ was much more efficient, systematic, interesting, friendly so on and so forth. Well, you have to visit both if you really want to know.

On the way back, I slightly limping and had to hold on to hubby while walking. I stayed in the hotel that night since my feet really ached. Hubby went out at about 8.00 p.m since he promised his friends to meet up. Apparently he treated his friends at TGIF and came back at about 11.30 p.m. He brought back for me a fish and chips set, a prawn and chips set, some drinks and a box of PLASTER for my blisters ;P

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

We checked out at 10.00 a.m and made our way to Shinjuku Eki. We kept out backpacks in the locker and had a walk around Shinjuku City. We went into Kinokuniya, computer shops and also shopping malls. The main purpose was to find a pair of Crocs sandal for me but we didn’t know where was the right place to find it. All we could find was imitation of Crocs from China and sold with much cheaper price. We just walked and did some window shopping. Nearly to the noon, I was exhausted, hungry and my feet aching thus making me moody. I nearly cried since it was so hot and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Finally hubby brought me to the Halal Pakistan Restaurant named Karachi. We really had a blast time in there and automatically I turned into good shape since I had been recharged. Everything we had in Karachi was marvelous and superb! We met a few Malaysian students in there too and just changed smiles between each other ;P

I became delighted once we went out of Karachi and hubby said, “Oo tadi dia lapar rupanya patutla masam je. Sekarang suka je ek senyum je.” ;D We made our way to Shibuya Eki and had a walk in Shibuya City. It was much busier in Shibuya and there were throngs of people everywhere. At last I only bought a pair of Skechers instead of Crocs since we couldn’t find any genuine one. After all hubby didn’t actually like how the Crocs Beach looked like and we couldn’t even find other types of Crocs too. Seems like we went to the wrong place for Crocs to be sold. Anyway my new pair of Skechers are soft-cream-gold in color and very comfy too. I love it of course. Thanks so much Bie mmuahhh XOXOX! Actually hubby was being concerned and wanted to lift up my mood which was disturbed by the aching feet 🙂 Konon2nya kaki boleh baik if beli kasut baru. But if the kaki already sakit takkanla the sakit terus nak hilang kan? Tapi biasala pompuannnnn!

Right after that, we rushed to the eki and headed to Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre or we just called it Shibuya Mosque? We prayed comfortably in there we took a few photos too. It was very beautiful in the mosque and I was so overwhelmed that I have got the chance to get into a mosque after a year haven’t been able to see any in our place. Nak jumpa orang Islam pun susah. Apatah lagi nak jumpa org Melayu or Masjid yg bersepah2 mcm kat Tokyo tu. Okayla I know apalah sgt kan jumpa Masjid. Bukan nak jadi goody2 pun. But being in our place for 1 year je pun yg so kg n byk benda xde made me felt… haih susah nak describe. Kene sendiri rasa baru tau hehehe 😉

Finally, we rushed back to Shinjuku Eki to catch our 6.00 p.m bus at Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal. When we were already in Shinjuku Eki, we got lost in the eki itself! I told hubby that I thought we were heading to the wrong exit. Hubby mistaken South West Exit with West Exit. We both became so panic especially hubby! He said, “Boleh sesat pulak dalam ni! Kenapalah masa ni jugak nak jadi macam ni???.” We slightly ran while our eyes searching for the right sign. Finally we found the way and took our backpacks. We ran again towards the exit and until we reached the bus terminal at about 8 minutes before 6.00 p.m. We were panting so bad that my heart beating so fast! Hubby bought 2 bottles of water from the vending machine. I thought that we could miss our bus already. We got into the bus and the bus left 5 minutes after that phew!

We didn’t do much shopping while we were in Tokyo since we were actually on tight budget. Believe it or not, most of our expenses were spent on buying bottles of water (banyak sgt beli air okay!) and train tickets when we commuted from one place to another. Besides we really got ourselves enough of sun-bathing in our own way, drenched in sweat, to know how sky-juice could be so tempting and sunburnt so obvious that it didn’t vanish yet until now (after already 2 weeks). Hubby said, he was amazed with me since I didn’t go to toilet a lot as I usually used to especially at all when we were in Disneyland. Also he said because, all the water in me came out as sweat instead of urine hohoho ;P

At 9.30 p.m, Home Sweet Home! Ahhh~~~~~ Bliss!!!!!

Here are some of the pictures we took while we were in Tokyo and of a few items we bought. I don’t put many pictures in here especially of us. If you want to see more, ym or email me personally then I’ll give you the link 😉

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