When Tokyo Has So Much To Offer Part I

Sorry peeps for I haven’t been updating my blog so frequently like I used to when I first started blogging. It is now already quite a few days since we came back from Tokyo on last week. The first thing I’m going to say is though there were flaws and re-planning every now and then when we were in Tokyo but the short backpacking trip was really a blast to me. Although I don’t want to but somehow I have to admit it that the memories we had in Tokyo left a deep spot in my heart and it hurts every time when I remember about it (it is true but of course I’m exaggerating a bit ;P) Yes it hurts when it feels like something is missing. The something missing is that SHE misses all the moments SHE had in Tokyo so much. Frankly, actually there weren’t anything so perfect but the short trip was so much interesting to me and at least it brought me out from the so-common shell I have been in since like forever. Might be because I hadn’t been out afar from home for already quite a long time that made me felt so different than usual. In short, what more can I explain for you to visualize other than Tokyo is a metropolis whereas the place where I’m living in, Nagano-ken, Shimoinagun, Matsukawa-cho, Motooshima is indeed a rural side of Japan. Now without further ado, I better start with the trip journal.

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Since the morning until midnight I was busy preparing and packing all the stuffs to be brought during the trip. I made Walnut Banana Cake and Sardine Puffs (again, I got from Mama FaMi Fotopages..thanks a alot Mama!) as our lunchpack on the tomorrow of the day and also as the breakfasts when we were in the hotel. Ouh talking about baking does remind me that I haven’t been updating my recipes list. Sorry about that. There were loads of recipes that I’ve tried actually but I’m thinking of a better way to keep the recipes in a more organized way. May be I’ll set up a new blog or my own Fotopages specially for the recipes that I’ve tried so that it will be easier for me to refer and share with others too. I’ll work on it once I’m in the mood of doing it okay. When? I also don’t know? ;P Besides, I also cleaned up the house, doing some laundries, cooked fried rice for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. Only after midnight I took my bath and fell asleep in the bed. Whereas hubby, he just slept with his upper side body on the sofa because he was afraid it would be hard for him to wake up if he got to sleep so comfortably. I dozed off as soon as I closed my eyes at about 1.30 a.m.

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Suddenly we were awakened by the Subuh Azan at 3.30 a.m. Guessed I was so exhausted that 2 hours of sleep felt only like 10 minutes. After Subuh prayer, we had the re-heated fried rice and then took bath. I readied myself and packed other few more things into the backpacks while hubby also helped by cleaning and clearing the kitchen, taking out the trash and checking all the switches, doors and windows. Ouh I also asked hubby to help packed some keropok ikan for Namiki-san as our token of appreciation since he was the one who would be sending us to the highway bus-stop. I thought of giving him half of the walnut banana cake since that was the main reason why I baked the cake anyway. Unfortunately due to slight fault, the cake turned out not so okay even though the taste was actually quite delicious. I accidentally put in extra banana. I blamed hubby for this sebab at the first place dia tak setuju I wanted to bake the cake sebabnyer dia tak mau tolong. I insisted nak buat juga so at the end might be even dia merestui n redha jugak dengan saya yang nak buat kek. Tapi might be sebab redha tu adalah secara terpaksa maka ditakdirkan kek saya tak jadi. Akhir kata, saya jugakla punca salah nyer. Still I apologized sambil blaming him by saying,

“Tula Abang tak redha Rinny nak buat kek. Tengok kek dah tak jadi. Buat penat je buat (sambil mencium tangan dia konon2 minta maaf)” ;P

By the way Namiki-san had always been the one who had been bothered by us for many times already as the way out of desperation, by asking for his kindness to send and fetch us between particular places. This is also the reason why we REALLY have to get a car as soon as possible so that we won’t have to trouble others anymore. Namiki-san came at 4.30 a.m and straightly sent us to the bus stop. Then, the bus arrived at 5.40 a.m and finally we reached Shibuya Highway Bus Station at about 9.20 a.m after about 3 hours and half journey. We arrived earlier than expected since the traffic was so smooth. I saw that the other side of the road was heavily jammed at the toll and a few particular junctions. Surely because all the city residents were grabbing the chance of natsu yasumi by going back to where they came from.

Once arrived, we searched the way towards the embassy. We stopped at a photo shop since hubby needed to make his passport size photos. While waiting for the photos to be readied, we rested at a coffee house and just shared 1 cup of cafe mocha. Then, we took the photos and headed straight to Malaysia Embassy. It was my first time to be there and hubby too if I’m not mistaken. We been there for quite a long time since there were many people. Hubby’s turn was number 19 however luckily we managed to get it settled during the noon. Before that, hubby even had to run over to the photo shop again because he got his photos in the wrong size. He got it in Japanese passport photo size and the officer said that it wasn’t similar to the Malaysian Passport photo size. Poor hubby had to walked under the heat of the noon sun and unfortunately the photo shop was quite a distant away from the embassy too. Hubby returned to the embassy all wet with sweat as like he had been splashed by a pool of water. Euwww! Tapi takpela busuk-busuk n comot-comot pun you are always comel to me XOXO! 😀

While at the embassy, we met of course many Malaysians there and some of them were at hubby’s age. All of them including hubby are in their 5th year staying in Japan and apparently they came there with the same purpose. Hubby got to meet his friend too who is now working in Tokyo. We also got to know a husband-and-wife who are still studying but in a different universities. According to them, they have got married for only 4 months but the wife told me that she was in her 3 months pregnant! Unfortunately the husband is in Hiroshima whereas his wife is in Toyohashi. That is quite far away from each other. Well, at least not as far as we used to be. Still, I pity the wife but I hope she could go through her life during her early pregnancy period while being far away from her husband. That must be tough. However, that won’t be so long before they could finally stay together forever again. I also met my ex-schoolmate who is now working in Yokohama and he was there to pick up his passport. He was accompanied by his wife and they also have been married already for 4 months.

While waiting for hubby to settle with all the documents, I also had a nice chat with a Chinese man who is 1 year younger than my father. Apparently, he has been in Japan for 8 years and never gone back to Malaysia. He went to the embassy to apply for a new passport because his old passport was ruined in the washing machine. Actually his mother was sick and kept begging him to come home. Funnily, he could still think of not going back if her mom condition is becoming better. It was fun talking to him. He shared his stories of experiences and advised me about a lot of things. The most surprised part was he said in a rather asking way to me that hubby is a handsome guy hahaha! I laughed out loud right away and I did tell my mother about this too. I felt so funny and so unbelievable that the uncle could even think and ask or say such thing. I just thought that it was so awkward that’s why I felt so funny. I said to hubby that I don’t know where else to find which part on him is actually the handsome part hohoho! Hubby was annoyed with me definitely ;P Anyway hubby opted for passport with chip. So, he has to wait for 3 months more before he has to go to Tokyo again to get his new passport.

After that at about 2.15 p.m when everything was settled, we rushed to the Gotanda eki by train from Shibuya eki. We checked in at the Royal Oak Hotel sharp at 3.00 p.m which was situated only 5 minutes walking from the eki. We were dreadfully exhausted and it was really a relieved when finally we could lie down in a cool room. After having our late lunch with the Sardine Puffs I brought, we rested ourselves. Ouh by the way, it was only among the rooms or hotels available left that we could find. We didn’t get the cheap price since by the time we booked it was only a week before the natsu yasumi and that was already late. Many hotels had been booked and the price also rose due to the peak season. We spent about 15,000 Yen for 2 nights for a semi-double bedroom and the room was really small. We surveyed the hostels too but the price also rose up and the idea of shared bathroom really doesn’t suit us. Nevertheless, the hotel we stayed in was pretty convenient since it provided all the basic amenities (but not luxurious of course), situated near the eki, at the center of the city and the building isn’t hidden so it was actually quite safe around the area even during the night.

At first we planned to go out again during the evening like at about 4.30 p.m but we didn’t have the strength to drag ourselves out of the bed. In fact due to lack of sleep and rest, we slept like logs until about 6.00 p.m. After getting some sleep and took bath we felt a bit refreshed. I still yawned from time to time whereas hubby’s eyes were reddish. He always like that when he is tired or sleepy. At about 7.30 p.m after prayers we went out since we had planned earlier to visit Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre or we just called it Shibuya Mosque anyway. Once we reached the nearest eki to Tokyo Tower and after surveying the area, hubby didn’t feel confident to go there by walking since it was already dark. He didn’t know the condition of the route towards that place and the place itself during at night. The routes and park might be deserted and it might be a little bit difficult too to find ways during the dark. Although I was quite disappointed but due to safety reason, we headed back and preceded with our next plan. We took the train which headed towards the eki nearest to Marhaba, the Halal Pakistan Restaurant. Well, the route towards the restaurant surrounded by several love hotels, other foreign cuisine restaurants and not so many people walking passed the area except couples and I noticed quite a number of Chinese people there. Honestly I felt quite scared too walking in that area.

We entered into Marhaba and sit at the empty table at the corner. The ambiance was..calming although the restaurant itself not that exclusive and there were lots of Pakistan’s elements in the restaurant. There were not many customers left since it was already about 8.30 p.m and the restaurant closed at 10.00 p.m. Ouh we encountered a few Malaysian students too who were just finished eating (I assumed so since one of them was smoking urghhh busuk ;P). Their table was just beside of ours. They were from Toyama if I’m not mistaken. Hubby approached them first and asked what foods they usually ordered. Finally we ordered lassi drink, pure mango juice, chicken briyani rice, mutton briyani rice and something like fried spiced chicken popcorn which I forgot what its’ name. The foods was superb only that we should had ordered curry instead of the chicken popcorn thus that made us didn’t eat our briyanis with the correct combinations. Since each portion was already too much for us to finish up so that’s why we didn’t add more order. However still, we REALLY devoured our foods hehehe. In fact, we requested the waiter to pack my unfinished beryani rice and also the chicken popcorn. The service was so-so since the waiter-cum-cashier-cum-owner-of-the-restaurant wasn’t friendly at all and quite harsh. He didn’t blurt a word at all while entertaining us except at last when we paid the bill there was a slight arigatou gozaimas that’s all. But that didn’t bother us at all and perhaps he was tired too. The most important thing was we were happy because our fully-stuffed tummies were happy 😀 Macam bulan jatuh ke riba okay dapat makan beryani kat Jepun ni. In our place manade restaurant Halal. Selama ni pun buat beryani pakai perencah beryani Maggi je hehe. We walked slowly towards the eki and straightly went back to the hotel.

The worst part was, due to the sudden so much walking in a day; my right foot got blisters and it hurts so much too. Hubby had to help massage my foot and applied some Gamat balm that I brought along. I have small feet and I always couldn’t bare to walk or stand in a long time or else it would be painful. Or was it because I already gained kilos that made my feet got more burden? Furthermore, I had long notice that I don’t really walk correctly and I don’t give balance pressure to both foot. The right side always received more burden than the left side. I tried to change the way I walk but I never succeed. I think, that is influenced by a part of genetic too, no? Not like hubby. He got very nice feet and the soles of his feet are very smooth and soft too. He walks in a so balance way and he is the person I knew who always has the most silent foot steps ever. Err this is already out of topic isn’t it?

By the way, I think I might have lost a few kilos due to the sudden active walking. I better should! We walked walked walked to the here and there all the time! If only I have a weight machine I could have compared my weight before and after I went to Tokyo hehehe! ;D


To be truth, I’m panting now due to the massive typing and thinking. I really can’t think and my productivity is slower when it is so hot. So, that’s all for now hehehe ;D

To be continued……….

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