When Sometimes He Could Be Just So Lucky

Finally on last Friday, August 3rd, 2007 hubby had passed his Japan driving license, Alhamdulillah 🙂 We feel so relieved that we won’t have to wait for a couple of months more in order to get that 1 piece square-shaped card. Hubby was off from work yesterday in order to obtain his Japan driving license card at the driving test center in Shiojiri. Every time I remember about that, I just can’t stop feeling so lucky. Ahh, thank God for the MIRACLE that blessed towards us 🙂 The agony has come to an end, much money and time had been spent; and at last now we are able to hop on to the next plans that have been waiting for like forever.

Earlier on last Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 hubby went to his second 1 day driving class near here. The instructor said that hubby did well and manage to pass but he couldn’t assure of his succeed since like everyone knew the actual manual driving test is hard to get passed especially for the first timer. On the Friday, hubby got up really early and made himself. I just prepared his breakfast and we didn’t really talk since we had a small fight on the night before. I sent him to the door and we just changed pecks on the cheeks towards each other before I bid him take care and he slightly blurted a bye to me. I looked at him through the sliding door until he was gone from my sight and I continued to sleep until noon Zzzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz……….. I didn’t bother to say good luck to him or even packed him with tonnes of reminders and naggings as usual I always did. Even though I slightly felt bothered and guilty for being inappropriate during his critical time but still I tried to vanish all the thinkings in my mind. So, I tried to act normal as if nothing unusual or important was happening (even though I couldn’t really stop thinking about him) and I really did until he got back.

At about 3.00 p.m hubby called and said that he failed the test and he was on his way to his friend’s home. I didn’t feel anything at that time since that was actually what we expected earlier. From what others had said (most people he met said so) including the instructor, the tester and the candidates; no one yet had passed the manual driving test during the first time test. Nevertheless, deep in me I kept hoping and praying that a miracle would happen and the luck would be on his side. I didn’t want to be so optimistic because I was scared to get so disappointed like when he failed his first driving test before. Anyway, hubby called me again at about 8.00 p.m while I was making carrot muffin and the conversation went on something like this:

Him: Tengah buat apa?
Me: Buat muffin.
Him: Nak dengar satu surprise tak?
Me: Apa?
Him: Abang lulus la driving test tu hehehe.
Me: Yeke. Hmm nanti dapat hadiah muffin okay hehehe.

After that time, we were automatically being piece towards each other ;P Yup, he intentionally lied during the first call because he wanted to make a surprise la konon! However due to some circumstances, he got home at nearly 11.40 p.m. What a long tiring 1 day journey for him.

Hubby said that he didn’t at all expect that he would pass since although that was his second test but it was his first road test. During the last time, he failed the theory test so that’s why he couldn’t proceed with the road test. The funny part was, he even got the same theory questions that he got during his first time and obviously he managed to get full mark during the second time. He wasn’t sure whether they actually have a few different sets of questions or not. He was the last candidate and while waiting for his turn to come, he made friends with other candidates. All of them weren’t first timers except hubby and there was 1 Sri Lankan guy who was taking his 5th or 7th times test! Hubby befriended with the Sri Lankan guy and they discussed about where are the important points to be extra careful and so on. Each of them kept supporting and motivating each other. However at the same time there was also this 1 Chinese guy who kept being pessimistic while talking with hubby.

When the final time arrived, it was announced that 3 candidates succeed out of 10 candidates. Hubby’s name was the last name to be announced and of course he felt so thrilled and couldn’t believe himself. The other 2 candidates who succeed were the Sri Lankan guy and a Philippines lady. The Sri Lankan guy the one who was so excited when hubby’s name was announced. He jumped and slapped hubby hard on his back whereas the Philippines lady pat hubby’s hand saying that how jealous she was hehehe. Everyone was being jealous and surprised with hubby especially the Chinese guy (he failed… again… and he was so shocked with hubby) but they congratulated and happy with his achievement anyway hehehe. All of them are really good-good people 😉

Thus, on last Saturday hubby went out during the noon until late evening with his colleague on his quest to buy a car. Unfortunately the one he aimed already sold to someone else and another one he spotted is slightly over our budget. So now we are busy thinking and considering of which car to buy. He hope to get settle with the car before this weekend. This is because we are going to Tokyo this weekend for 3 to 4 days in order to renew hubby’s passport. Hubby opted to make the uncommon passport type, the one without chip or else he would have to wait for 3 months for the usual type that is the one with chip. So if anything happened it would be hard for him to go back since the old passport will be sent to Malaysia (if I’m not mistaken). This was asked by the officer at the embassy but actually hubby asked the wrong question. I think, he asked about applying for a new passport. Somehow, I still think hubby’s passport would have to be sent to Malaysia but I’m not so sure though. By the way, hubby’s visa is the one with chip and actually he just want to extend his passport valid period. Does anyone has an experience regarding this and care to share? Anyway what do you guys think? Should he goes for the one with chip or not? Any suggestion or opinion?

Also, since we are living far away from Tokyo; the idea of to stay back there until the passport is ready and to ride by car would save much money at the same time. As hubby said, we would spend 1 or 2 nights by sleeping in the car instead of hotel hahaha! Adoi kesiannya lah! ;P So, while waiting for the passport to be processed, we planned to discover Tokyo since it will be my first time there. One of the places that must be visited in my list would be Disney Sea or Disneyland. Somehow, there are still much things to be done and to get settled and how I hope everything will be fine as planned. This month is really a hectic and critical one. Pray for us yeah! 🙂 By the way ada sesapa nak offer kitorg a place to stay? Wahahaha! ;P Ada sesapa tau mana2 hotel yang agak2 murah and got easy accessed to other places? We are surveying for a hotel to stay but some are too expensive while some are too cheap but not so comfortable to stay in (ini kes toilet and bathroom shared… macam asrama la pulak… so susah la kan). Anyway if any of you have any useful information regarding our coming trip, please let us know yeah. Thanks in advance 🙂

As for other things to note, ouh well how I’m feeling so boring with my life since for the past couple of days duh~~~ 🙁 I can’t trace what is going on wrong but I just feel unexciting all the time hmmm. Besides that, I haven’t yet witnessed the real bon odori dances like the ones I saw in tv. There were summer festivals held in Iida City and in a few villages near us but since we don’t have a car yet so that’s why I didn’t get the chance to go there. I have the feelings that I’m already missed to see those interesting events and might be I just have to wait for the next year’s.



Well that’s all for now… until next time… 🙂

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