When It Seems Like Time Is Passing By So Fast

I was so wanted to update the blog but I only manage to do it now. I was pretty occupied previously since there were many things need to be done and yet there are still loads of things to settle and focus on to. Even though sometimes I did have the time, but the mood to blog weren’t there and also there were times when I only felt wanted to lay down doing nothing. Anyway many things had passed by along the way, but everything has got mixed up already in the center of my skull. So I have to collect and sort them back one by one just to know which is first, which is not important at all and what are the things I want to tell behind the important stories. By the way, the so called important are of course not THAT important actually. I just feel like I have to tell about them, that’s all 😛

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

It was quite more than a fortnight ago, that was held a Beer Day at the company or should I call it factory? hehe. The event took place at the company compound during the noon. At about 3.00 p.m, my hubby and I went there walking. Ouh by the way, the company is only at the corner of the street, beside the kindergarten and I can always see the kindy from my house. Could you imagine how close the company is? It worth 5 minutes walking from home and that is the reason why hubby always got up only 30 minutes before 8.00 a.m almost everyday. Anyway the Beer Day was something like Canteen Day during my school time only that the Beer Day of course we could find so much beer all around. Once reached there, I could see a few stalls selling foods and the staffs especially the bosses were busy cooking and preparing the foods they were selling. Of course everyone were looking at us, I mean ME actually and I got greeted and introduced to some of the bosses and colleagues by hubby too. Well, they were very nice. I was happy that I got to meet the bosses who kept asking and worrying about me, and I kept bowing all the time too hehe. Actually I’m more comfortable with the Japanese bow rather than shaking hands. Ala 2 orang boss je yang salam aku pun. So terpaksala aku salam balik supaya tak memalukan dia.

The foods sold on that day were popcorn, BBQ squids, fried rice, ABC, soba, soft drinks, sweet corn and so on but hubby only bought the coupons for soft drinks, ABC, fried rice and sweet corn. All the foods were of course Japanese foods and nothing looked like the foods I mentioned in term of Malaysian foods. Although I didn’t fancy the taste but I always find Japanese foods as much healthier than Malaysian foods and well, at least I had tasted them. We purchased the foods at the cafe and found seats at the most front of the cafe. I got greeted by some other staffs and their families too while eating and by the time we finished, the lucky draw session began. By that time, some of them already got a bit drunk and they stood around us. One of the boss started yelling when the number in his card weren’t chosen. He also pushed the lady sat in front of me and wanted to share the sit with her. One of hubby’s friends also kept urging him to drink beer. There was also another boss standing behind hubby and chatting with him. After chatting and while we looked front, he put and pushed his hand on my shoulder. Of course I was agitated but still I managed to smile, laugh and act cool like nothing happened. After a few seconds he moved forward and said sumimasen to me. Hubby also realized that actually and we felt weird.

Well, nothing so interesting went on and finally we decided to go back before I have to see more wacky acts by drunken men. Hubby was already a bit worried for bringing me and he even told me stories about what usually happened when they got drunk hehe. While walking passed the stalls, the bosses urged hubby to bring back the BBQ squids and some other foods f.o.c. We already told them we couldn’t eat the squids since they put mirin on it but they said they gave us the one without mirin. Still, we thought it was cooked on the same grilling pan. In order not to hamper them, we took the squids and thanked them anyway. However once we were out from the company compound, hubby gave the squids to one of his friends who was walking in front of us. I hope the bosses didn’t witness that hehe 😀

Monday, July 16th, 2007

It was Marine Day public holiday on this day. We didn’t actually know what is actually Marine Day and how to even celebrate the day especially when we are living in the highland state, in between the mountains, at the center of the country and far from the seas. However, we planned to go a for a picnic by the waterfall on that day with the Malaysian trainees and 3 other Japanese ladies. The Japanese ladies are actually their friends with whom they play badminton every Saturday night’s with. Me? I’m a couch potato 😛 No, actually I would love to join them but realizing that I played like a kindy and there were many seeing me; I decided not to follow hubby anymore ;P We headed off from the trainees’ houses by 1 car, 1 van and 1 small pick-up lorry at about 9.30 a.m since the ladies arrived there quite late.

Ouh yeah, it was scorchingly hot on that day and a plan to have fun beside a river seems like a perfect combination. However, it wasn’t really our lucky day. Our planned spot couldn’t be entered and we were stranded for a re-planning for a few minutes at a road end surrounded by orchard and paddy field. Although it was still in the morning, I could feel as like the sun was 180 degrees above my head. Finally we headed to another place which is famous for playing Mallard Golf. There were many people playing Mallard Golf there and almost all fo them were citizens. It was already about 10.00 a.m at that time and that was when the 6.8 magnitude Chu-etsu earthquake hit the northwestern Japan. We didn’t feel the shaking at all since we were busy chatting and walking around and only 1 of the lady realized that when she got into the management office. We had difficulties on deciding which spot was suitable for a picnic before finally we trekked along a trail towards one wide and clear camping area.

There was a hut provided but it was locked from outside. The spot looked so breath-taking and we could see green pine forest, the hills, the small flowers all around the compound and also the presents of small butterflies flying around. Unfortunately, it was neither in the spring nor fall but it was during in the middle of summer and what could be more worst when the most important element was missing there! We could hear the sound of water running down the river but we couldn’t even see the river from where we were standing. The camping area was right beside the small river which was covered by the bushes and the wide main river was actually at the other side of the trail. Once we reached there, the guys started to make fire in order to grill the foods we brought. Among the foods we were having were BBQ chickens, chicken satay, peanut sauce, nasi impit, raw cucumber, sausages, fried mee, fruits and some other goodies brought by the ladies. As an overall, the foods were nice and as for me, only the BBQ chickens and the foods brought by T-san were perfect. Well, what do you expect from a bunch of guys right? hehe. Still, the foods were good though.

After some eating session, everybody seems dead bored already and didn’t know what else to do. Honestly it wasn’t kimochi at all since it was damn hot, with no enough shed to cover ourselves, no wind blowing and most importantly no water to splash! Even the foods were left on the table and mat uncovered because everybody also seems more worried about to safe themselves from being ‘cooked’ alive, including me. After having a few chats, the ladies and I played Frisbees together and it wasn’t long before the ladies decided to escort the guys who wanted to get into the river. The guys wanted to dip themselves in the main river which in reality was so swift! It was due to the past raining days for 24/7 for almost 2 weeks when the Typhoon Man-yi hit southern Japan. There were even big rocks everywhere in the river and the color of the water was deep brown which we couldn’t determine how deep the water could be. Now what they were thinking? As expected, the ladies prohibited them from getting in the water since it was too dangerous and although the guys seems eager enough but they didn’t succeed on confiding the ladies that they could guaranty their safety. I said to hubby that I knew the water looked so refreshing and tantalizing but why he wanted to risk his life as if he never saw a river before and he shouldn’t take safety for granted too. All of us just loitered around the hut, drinking and eating some more. After a while, we decided to pack up and we left the place at about 1.00 p.m.

We arrived home at about 1.30 p.m and that was when we realized how we got ourselves burnt by the sun. In fact, hubby got a sleeve-less shirt printed on his body hehehe it was really funny 😀 Only after that we switched the tv on and got to know how bad the earthquake actually was. Ouh yeah right after that, we felt the strongest following-shakes occurred.

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

At night, there was held the Summer Festival in this village. We went down the hill by walking and there were many girls wearing yukata. I wished I could wear it too if only I have my own gang hehe. The festival wasn’t a big one and not as interesting as the ones I usually saw in tv. Might be the village is just a small one but still I had fun since it was the first time for me to see such things. In fact, I really had been looking forward for such event since I reached here. There were parades by adults and kids, dancing performance, firecrackers exhibition and selling stalls. We only bought ourselves 1 cup of bubble tea each. I was delighted to get to drink bubble tea and what more to actually found it here. T-san who actually selling the bubble tea with her friends and I managed to take a picture with her. Funnily, she grabbed a Taiwan girl wearing yukata standing behind us to get into the picture too hehehe. Well, glad that the girl was so sporting and frankly I did wish to get a picture with one of the many girls wearing yukata there. We took some picture and videos but the videos were shaking since they were taken by an unprofessional cameraman ;P Anyway, we went home before 9.00 a.m. and R came to our house with her kids. As for hubby, he went to the trainees’ house once his friend, S from Okaya came here.

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

We went out for an outing at Apita, the nearest shopping complex to our home by the train. Ouh yes the funny yet worst part was we had to ran down the hill so that we wouldn’t miss the train. If we missed it, we would have to wait for more than an hour for the next train to come. Yes, you heard me. Well, this a small village so that’s why. Anyway the train supposed to arrive at 12.58 p.m and from my past experience the train usually would be late for 1 to 2 minutes than the actual time. But on that day while were still walking fast down the hill, suddenly we heard the announcement and siren of the train which will be arriving. Obviously the train arrived1 to 2 minutes earlier than usual and at that time we could already see the eki from above the hill. All we needed to do was to pass the bridge and cross the road. I hated it that I had to run marathon and hubby was already far in front of me. Luckily there were not many cars on the road and being in Japan, the driver would always stop to give way for pedestrian to cross.

We were the last person to arrive at the eki and even the station inspector let us passed without buying the ticket first. The gate was fully lowered down by the time we reached the track, but we still crossed it and that was when I heard the honk of the train which I believed was directed to us. To add more spice to the story, the menggelabah hubby grabbed my face instead grabbing my hand in order to pull me out of the track hahaha 😀 Whereas the menggelabah me actually thought the train would be coming from the right side. No wonder I couldn’t see the train even though I could hear the train was coming nearer. If only I realized the train would be coming from the other side, I would cross the track more hurriedly! Well, what was I thinking hehe. I was totally panicked and confused. We laughed once we sat and I snapped hubby of why he grabbed my face. We were panting and sweating like a p*g and I believed that even p*g itself doesn’t actually sweat so bad. We continued to laugh very hard, even after we got off the train. Seriously it was such an adrenaline rush and I already thought what IF it could be more worse than that, I’m sure we would be at the front page of the tomorrow’s newspaper hahaha. Ouh my Na’uzubillah, how I hated such situation and I swore not to repeat that again next time. Tapi sebenarnya probability for the train nak langgar kitorg tu mmg 1% je la pun sbb train tu mmg berenti jauh from the gate itself. Train tu pun dh slow n berenti pun masa dia honk kitorg. Driver train tu just nk bg amaran kot kepada kanal2 nakal ni hehe. Kalo aku nk menari2 dulu kt track tu pun sempat tapi x pernah dibuat org la kan. Unless la train tu menggelabah n terlajak or driver train tu lupa nk tekan brek ke or brek dah tercabut ke kan hehehe. Since eki kt sini kecik je so that’s why org kene melintas kat kawasan track yg ditetapkan aje. Tapi if kat eki yg besar sket, usually mmg ada jejantas lah.

The place we went was only 2 ekis away from our house and I already love that place once I stepped there for the first time. We went to Cainze Home which was situated beside Apita. Cainze Home is actually a big d.i.y centre and I could find so many things that I have been wanting to buy since then in there. We surveyed a few stuffs then only after that we headed to Apita. At apita, we went to 100 Yen shop and I bought a few muffin cups, onigiri moulder and a few cooking utensils. After that we went upstairs and it looked like summer sales was going on. It ended up with me buying 2 blouses and yup I was happy and can’t wait to wear them soon! While busy choosing the blouses, one lady approached us. We got to know that she is an Indonesian Muslim who married a Japanese and already has 2 children. She said that she was from Bandung and has been staying here for 11 years. She seems keened to ask me to work with her once she knew I’m not working but worried hubby indirectly refused by saying I could also work at his company once I’m ready soon. Well, he couldn’t trust her just yet but then however we did change phone numbers since she told there are religion class always being held in Nagoya and might be she could ring to inform us sometime.

After paying for the blouses, we went down stairs and got into the sushi restaurant. Since it was already 3.00 p.m there were not many people in there. I always prefer such time since I don’t like crowded places. Anyway the sushi was superb and fresh indeed. We could feel the difference of the sushis compared with those sushis we usually had at Tenki Sushi. We really devoured the taste and had fun eating hehehe. Although the price was quite expensive but it was still worth for the foods and service served. After that, we took the 4.23 p.m train and went home.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

On the other hand, yesterday I got a phone call from R telling that her husband’s uncle had passed away during the weekend and she had been crying for 3 days. She also told that her son who previously had an operation at the stomach and had been warded for nearly 2 weeks in the hospital is now already at home but still in the recovering process. Finally, she also told me that her husband was at the hospital and will be operated at 5.00 p.m soon on the same day! After asking about this and that, I got to know that everything was still manageable for her. In fact, we laughed a lot about her husband since there was actually a funny story about his hospitalization. After all, the only conclusion I could make was she needed someone to talk to, to express and update about her life with. She did it for the sake of telling someone in order to satisfy herself since I couldn’t sense any other hidden reasons of her call. I felt sorry for her and I felt uneasy since I thought I should do something to ease her burden but I didn’t know what to do.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Ouh today is really a mess. It couldn’t be any more messed-up day for me rather than today. I intend not to talk about this anyway hehe. By the way, I called R just now asking her about how was the operation went on and all. She said everything was okay and her son is also getting better. We chat and laughed over a few things too. Now I feel comfortable a bit and I plan to go to her house this weekend. I should be thinking of what goodies to bring for her then.

As for tomorrow, hubby will be having a 1 day training and on Friday he will be taking his Japan driving license test again. Hope the luck will be on his side. Besides, maybe on next week we will be going to Tokyo for a couple of days. The major reason is to renew hubby’s passport and we need to do that before the end of this month since my visa will be expiring on August 30th. Since we don’t know when we would probably go to far-away Tokyo again, so we planned to do some traveling. Ouh it would be so much fun! In this month also we will have to renew my visa and suppose that there shouldn’t be any problem for me to get my 3 years visa. All in all, I hope everything will be going on smoothly as planned. I hope that the time to hop on to next plan would come soon, InsyaAllah 🙂

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