When She Has Nothing To Surprise Him With

Yawn~~~~ Hmmm I’m feeling so sleepy right now since I only went to bed at 3.15 a.m during the dawn after the Subuh prayer. Do you want to know why did I stay up and what did I do last night? Well, I played this Chocolatier once hubby downloaded it from Torrent and got it installed anddd I already got addicted to it once after I made my first chocolate! I played for about 3 hours non-stop and without I realized, I got carried away with the game by enjoying being a chocolate merchant who was busy making and selling chocolates. I accidentally been introduced to this game first time when I read one of the blog which I stalked. Then I stumbled upon this game again when I read Lina’s blog yesterday where in her entry she told how she got sucked up into the game, which eventually I decided to download it too. So now I’m trapped! Just as how I got trapped playing Pokemon game until I got headache and my eyes sored. If only I got real money by selling the chocolates hehehe. Hey I made muy bien money last night as an apprentice ;D

Last night I made ikan cencaru bakar and air asam and we devoured the tastes of each and every feed got into our mouths. Sooo heaven. I got 2 big parcels sent by my mom from home on last week and yesterday which contained many kinds of foods I ordered which the possibilities of them to be found here might come to 0%. So what did my mom send? I got the best Sabah dried salted kerisi fish, dried biggg squid (I wonder how big they might be if they didn’t get dried up), dried meehun noodle, dried laksa noodle, anchovies, dried prawns, baking ingredients (ovallete, strawberry essence, cooking chocolate, cream of tartar, bla bla bla), tudung bawal, baju kelawar (I didn’t order this but my mom gave me), Sunquick orange juice, belacan anddd sooo onnn…so many to list down. Fuh!!! Did you notice the belacan there? So that’s why I was so eager to make air asam last night. Before this I only used Maggi instant belacan paste and the taste wasn’t as good as the real original belacan. Furthermore I got allergic eating the Maggi instant belacan.

Once the air asam touched my taste buds, I suddenly felt as like I was in Malaysia 😀 😀 😀 (yeah keep dreaming ;P).


Me: “Abang, tetiba kan rasa macam ada kat Kuala Kedah. Macam kat Kuala Perlis pun ye jugak. Macam kat tepi pantai… kan?”

Him: Iye?

Me: (After a few more feeds) Tetiba rasa macam ada kat Klang plak kan hehe? Tak pun macam kat Umbai kat Melaka. Umbai tu glamour sgt sebab tempat yang best makan ikan bakar tau?”

Him: Yeke?

Me: (Still eating) Tetiba rasa macam ada kat Sabah plak tengah makan seafood hehehehehe!!! (Tersengih dan tergelak seperti monyet dapat pisang).

Him: “Sudah lah Sayang… Jangan lah bermimpi… Kembali lah ke alam nyata…”


As a result, last night while playing Chocolatier I felt my stomach aching so badly. Still despite of that I didn’t stop playing the game though ;P I held on with the pain. In the morning I told hubby that I got stomach ache and asked if he faced the same but he didn’t. So, I thought the food I prepared was okay only that might be I ate the super hot air asam so much that made my stomach burning fiercely. It was bearable still. I drank some milk a few times because I got to know from National Geographic that milk can reduce spiciness. I felt okay slowly after that towards the noon. Good that the pain is gone already or else I won’t stop nagging at hubby and he might piss off then 😛 In the morning before going to work he asked, “Sayang nak apa? Nak Abang cuti ke? Nak g klinik ke? Nak Abang dok rumah? bla bla bla.” My answers were, “Tak… Tak nak… Bukan… mmmm.” Obviously I didn’t know what exactly I wanted actually. I think I nag and bother him more when I’m sick. Nasib la ye Abang labu manis.

Now comes the real problem. Not exactly a problem actually but it keeps bothering me. My beloved’s birthday is arriving very soon on Monday, July 9th, 2007. I haven’t prepared anything or got anything yet for him. How could I get one though if I only go out of the house with him and all the money is in his keeping? I have some money but… how far could I go alone? To the nearest supa? Only what could I get for him in there. Vegetables??? Big NO. I could ‘curi’ the money from his wallet buttt again going out alone isn’t really my thing, in fact he would feel suspicious with me of course. Ouh I could buy presence from him online! Yeahhh and the bill would go to his credit card’s account and he would freak out since he never trust I’m able or know how to make transaction correctly without his supervision which might be true. Well, I could misread 5o,000 Yen as 5,000 Yen which is not impossible hehehe. Well, I mistaken 5 Yen coin as 500 Yen before while paying for something. Besides, I forgot to take my balance at the counter after paying… plus I forgot to take the things I bought after paying… got fight with him over RM20.00 while paying for KFC which turned out I was wrong and confused and then he and the cashier laughed directly right to my face duh~~~.

Hmm well frankly I really want to make something special for him but I don’t what and how. First thing in mind of course I’m gonna make a cake for him. In fact I have already prepared all the ingredients weeks before merely for this occasion because I’m scared the ingredient might be finished in the supa. After all, I always make cake before so it’s pretty common actually. What else can I do? Make a card? But I don’t have enough things to make one. Dedicate a song, give poem, send love email, send virtual greeting cards… I have done all that before. I want to make something really special at least, slightly different than before. Hmmm last year I gave him a book but up until now he hasn’t finished reading it thus my messages weren’t actually delivered to him. In fact, I was the one who read it for him DUHHH~~~ nyampah!!! Actually I told him already I’m not giving any presents anymore until he finishes reading the book which actually doesn’t bother him too much. Owh this husband of mine! (Kenapa lah dia malas membaca?).

Anyway, I can’t send virtual greeting card to him since his Yahoo mail got hacked. Ohhh yes about this thing, I really got pissed off. Why and how did this happen? We have many important documents just kept in the mail but now we couldn’t open it anymore. Hubby seems has given up since everything he did come to no avail. Is it really someone hacked his email? Or might be it is the Yahoo email system failure. The system couldn’t be 100% free of failure right? Among millions of people using the system, there might be at least 1% failure anywhere in the system. Hmmm I just hoped the mail account didn’t been hacked by someone we know. There are secrets too in there hehe ;P Well, I think I’m gonna make a cake for him. A delicious special one. Make a letter or card or email or whatever as long as I can convey my thoughts towards him. I’m gonna make special lunch and dinner too and hope that the meals will turn out delicious since I’m not a good cook myself. Lastly, might be we gonna go out for some sight-seeing. So, that’s all. Hope that everything will be going on just fine and will update about this later.

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