When It Is Now Different Than 2 Years Ago

Here is another entry I got from my old blog. It happened on the exact date on two years back, July 4th, 2007; one week before I had to leave Japan and end my sweet moments with hubby. Reminder: Again, just read it and don’t laugh. That was ME 2 years ago so what do you expect heh? Hehe ;P

::Under One Umbrella::
July 04, 2005

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Walking home during the wet evening

Di sini..dh byk hari hujan tak henti2..Dah nk dekat 2 minggu..Abang kata because area Kyoto and Osaka now ada satu awan besar yg bawak hujan..But I dont mind..I love rainy day..Actually yesterday we planned to go for picnic at the waterfall and have barbecue there but unfortunately the weather did not allow us to go out from the house. However..I did go out with my hubby during the evening and we had a walk in the rain.. =).. Mmmm rasa macam best because we have not done such thing like that before. At first I did not want to go coz merajuk dengan Abang. Actually I have been silent with him for the whole day. Tapi Abang ajak jugak pegi coz we have planned that earlier and lagipun nanti dah takde masa nk bawak keluar jalan lagi dah. So.. I changed my clothes..While walking..Abang cakap sorang2 just to catch my attention.. He told me to hold him but I refused..After a while of his haaardwork he managed to make me smile.. (^-^)/

Hmm kitorang jalan dari rumah towards his university..Ritsumeikan University..Abang kata jalan dalam 10 minit dah boleh sampai..dekat aje. Padahal nak dekat 30 minit jalan baru leh sampai university dia huh! On the way to go there hari still cerah..the time was about 6.30pm..hujan still turun renyai2..it was soo cold. We chat along the way..laughing and quarelling..Keta plak semua laju2..Kesian Abang baju basah kene tempias air hujan. Though I have to walk far but I was very happy coz I could see the sight of this temporary hometown of my hubby..Kusatsuhi, Shigaken..Sebenarnya takde apa yang menarik sangat but..it was still enjoyable..I could see the Japanese house..I like the architechture..The house is very close to each other and looks small but actually it is big inside..even the aisle..the fence and the pavement are also small..Ouh yes..I like the cars too..Tengok keta yang macam2 style yang takde kat Mesia..Tgk bunga2 tepi jalan..Tgk org kayuh basikal..

Then ada nmpk couple baru balik dari univ naik basikal sama2..The guy bawak basikal then the girl duduk belakang sambil pegangkan payung..Even naik basikal tapi diorg pakai baju yg smart n cantik..Which is I can call it as Modern In A Traditional Way..Soo romantic..Before this penah nmpk one couple ni pakwe dia smarttt sangat kayuh basikal and the makwe was very sexy..sat behind..I think they were going to clubbing and..they ride a bicycle too..Pemandangan yang mmg susah nak dapat tgk kalau kat Mesia..Coz orang Jepun je yang byk pakai basikal..Abang kata kalau ada basikal dia pn nak buat mcm tu..Anyway..Abang cuma ada gensha or scooter that only can be ride by one person..

Sampai univ..I was stunned (sesuai ke this word) coz the univ is very beautiful compared to mine..The area is not as big as UM but it is indeed much modern and the buildings are beautiful.. Ada kolam air pancut..Well it looks more like a taman bunga..or like pusat pelancongan or something..much different than my univ..Surely I will get excellent result if I can study in a beautiful univ like this..hihi yeke??? Then..Abang showed me dia punya classes..the library..the field yang ada tulisan RITS made by the grass..Hmmm bila salji turun mesti lagi cantik..Then..we took pictures hihihi..Abang jadi cameraman..Fortunately tak ramai org masa tu coz weekend kan..Tapi ada gak org yg nmpk kitorg..Mesti dalam hati dia kata..Apa la foreign student ni kat sini pun jakun nk tangkap gambar wahaha..

At 715pm..Hari dh nk gelap..We walked back home..Makin sejuk masa tu and makin lebat plak hujan turun..Masa on the way balik pun..sempat lagi tangkap gambar jalan..Gambar signboard walkway and bicyle way..coz kat Mesia susah nk jumpa signboard ni..hihihi..Jakun betul bini Latif ni..Rasa penat sangat jalan kaki..Rasa dah sakit sangat tumit kaki..Before sampai rumah..kitorang singgah kombini Family Mart or supermarket mini..Beli coffee latte..keropok2..and nasi segitiga (my favourite Japanese food)..Lastly we walked again until we reach home..Along the way..in the rain..after the sunset..I hold his hand..he hold my waist..and under one umbrella…………………. When will we experience such moment again Hunnie? m_(^-^)_m

I miss those feelings when were living afar from each other 🙂

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