When Finally She Is Back To Blogosphere Again

It has been not a so long hiatus when finally I decided to continue on blogging again. To be exact, it had been only 30 days of my silence. Honestly to say when I was on ‘hiatus’, I was feeling so peaceful and worry-free which I found out so amazing and kinda weird too. Before I came out with this blog before, I always thought of how I really needed a platform for me to express the burdens I was keeping inside of me. Surprisingly, this was not what I felt when I was on my so called ‘hiatus’. In fact, I thought about to quit from blogging forever! hehe. Nahhh…

So why I’m here again? Simply because I’m not really the kind of doing thing halfway before it is done. It is not the time yet for me to stop since I have so much things to endeavor and to experience along my path of life. I believe that the road I’m going ahead is still so long and I want each and every piece of bitter and sweet I gained along the way to be written. The memories are going to be remained as reminder for myself, all the loved ones, friends and any people I encountered along the way.

Now I’m feeling like rejuvenated to write again. Might be because of the new look. I feel more confident, secured, and comfortable within the new look. I like the soft pink color that is so me, the cute flowery background, the font, the white background, the new positions, the colors and last but not least of course the wedding couple under the tree picture. Yes I knew, the couple looked so chubby, fat, ugly and whatever else that can go with them but nevertheless; they are cute still. A friend said this new template looks childish. Hmm maybe kind of it, but well what to do since all the pictures I liked were all kind of like this. Might be I keen to like cartoon, flowery, heart shapes, pinky color and cute images; so that’s why I chose this one. I was having hard times to make decision. The more pictures I found the more I was confused so finally I gave up and uploaded this picture and background instead. Even though it looks childish but the picture shows a couple on wedding. Kids don’t get married, so this picture suits for adult in a cute interesting way hehehe! The one most firm and rational excuse to ease my satisfaction ;P

Anyway, I kind of miss my friends too. Here is one of the ways of how I’m keeping in touch with some of them and I have made some new friends along the way too 😀 I’m looking forward to get to know more nice people out there. One more thing is, I really wished to get back what I have written in my old blog to the here so all these while I had been waiting for the exact date as when the subject took place in a year or two years before. Tomorrow is one of it. Well, nothing fancy and interesting actually. But that was one of the important thing happened during one phase of my life and I never wanted myself to forget of it. I am sentimental, can’t you see?

Just to note, many things happened along the way during my silence and I did lots of thinkings too. Oh yes, like I ever stopped thinking, duh~~~ 😛 The most important thing is I did a lot of settlements too for many things in many aspects. I hope that everything will continue to go on smooth until the end and I am able to maintain it this way or better. I hope by continuing to blog again won’t make me distracted and carried away until I left other important things that I should be doing or attending everyday. Oh yes, I’m using the pseudonym as Choc’s Lover, yes I know it sounds lame but since I love chocolate and honestly I couldn’t think of anything more interesting so that also can do. Not only that, I have deleted all the pictures of us hahaha. I don’t know, but I just feel comfortable to be more discreet.

What should I write first? since everything is mixed up in the mind already. Well, lets start with the weather, ouh how lame! ;P Goshhhh, it is so hot now at here here and although I already let the sliding door and windows wide opened, with the wind blowing gently in and out of the house and with the fan switched on with medium speed; I still can feel my armpits are wet and the sweats running down to the shirt duh~~~~~ Yesterday I told hubby once he got back and gave him to smell my shirt at the armpit and my cute sporting hubby did it hahaha! Well, we love being silly to each other all the time, in fact we are really silly indeed 😛 😛 😛 Actually, we have the air-conditioner but we try to avoid using it as long as we can. Hey, the fan is cheaper! hehehe ;P

Honestly I pretty overjoyed since I hadn’t been sweating for months already. Ouh how I miss Malaysia’s hot and humid atmosphere. Sometimes I felt like I was not healthy since I rarely sweats since I lived in here and it made me felt like I had been keeping too much toxin in the body. Only now I discovered through some readings that that’s why four-seasons country’s residents as for example Japanese (I don’t know about other countries) always go to onsen (hot-spring bath) or hot spa to have some body dipping in the hot water. This is good actually because it burns so much calories in the body, it makes the blood movements more efficient and smooth, it kills the germs on the skin and studies showed that people who always go to spa at least I think 3 times a week (I don’t really remember how many times actually) can prevent themselves from cold and fever until 60% hmmm!

Might be I should encourage hubby that we should start ofuro bathing a few times a week if not everyday hehehe. He doesn’t like it since he thinks it uses so much water and takes more times for one bath trip and as typical Malaysian usually we take bath at least two times a day except for winter when sometimes we take bath once a day. I really wished we have the temperature controller installed so that we could set the water temperature before bathing and the water can be used a few times instead of one time only. Anyway, ofuro bathing actually do makes me tired, sleepy and boiled after that and hubby doesn’t like that. So, that’s why it is only should be done before sleeping, not like us typical Malaysian who take bath in the evening before dinner. Hahaha oh weird hah how bathing style can be a culture from one country to another. Okay why am I talking about disgusting sweats and so boring bath styles (like I never took bath before) topics duhhh~~~

Here comes another story. If I’m not mistaken, on last 2 weeks I was having conversation with R when she came to my house. She asked me about a few things regarding Islam and I answered her straight away. Actually she was kind of arguing but I explained to her in my own way. Not that I didn’t know the answers but of course my answers were not well arranged, mixed-up and a few points missing. Do you expect me to answer like in the exam? Hello?!!! Honestly, I didn’t really feel comfortable and it wasn’t easy too to explain about one thing which you have so much knowledge about it towards the person who has nearly zero information of it. So I was like, “ouh, which one to go first”, “ouh how to tell you hmm”, “hmm do you get what I mean?” and yada yada yada. Plus, even though she was asking me but she already set her mind that whatever my answers would be, she wouldn’t accept it and kind of giving, “ouh yeah yeah yeah whatever the crap you are talking about”; so I wasn’t really in the mood to explain to her myself plus it was hard to make her understand. I never asked her to believe what I believed but since she asked, she should just accept whatever I said with open mind and heart and she could just forget it straight away after that if she wished to.

So, I wasn’t so satisfied and felt kinda annoyed and told hubby when he got home. I told hubby that it was like the same thing as from what I read in the translation of Al-Quran that even though we told the non-Muslim what is true and sometimes even they knew it is true and could see the rational in that, they won’t accept and tolak mentah-mentah (I don’t know how to say it in English) what we said. It is because Allah close their heart to accept the truth. I forgot from which Surah and Ayah I read about this but if I find it back I will paste it here. Somehow after remembering back about the translation excerpt I felt okay and thought, ‘never mind, Al-Quran already said it so that’s why it happened that way, so I shouldn’t be angry with her acts’. Might be next time I will tell in here what we were talking about. Anyway we were talking about polygamy, trusty, loyalty, prayers and wearing scarfs.

One more thing was, in between the conversation we were having she said something like this, “Susah kan Islam?” or “Islam makes things difficult right?” (with dislikes face). Of course I replied to her right away, “Takdela mana ade susah bla bla bla” or “No nothing is difficult in Islam bla bla bla”. Not because Islam is my religion I defended my opinion, but what Islam brings and the teachings in Islam are all lead to goodness so how could I decline that? Each and every DOs and DONTs in Islam have the reasons lie behind them. Actually, the DONTs are only tiny pieces compared to the whole lot DOs but we human always look at the DONTs as very big and so important that we can’t anymore see the goodness and advantages come with the DOs. Take drinking alcohol for an example. Why on earth alcohol is so important when it can’t give any goodness at all and at the same time there are lots of other drinks without alcohol in the world to be gulped down?

It was my fault too that I always whined towards her on how difficult it is to live in Japan with the different culture and all. I think that is normal to a foreigner in any country though. She said I’m so scared to go out alone because people would look at me since I’m wearing scarf on my head. I said of course that wasn’t the main reason. I told her the main reason is that how I am a homer person myself. How I would never go to the grocery shops near to my house alone and how I would drag my sister or brother along or else I would never go out at all. How my mom would nag towards me when I didn’t go out from the house at all for one month and get exposed under the sun. How nonindependent I am that up until now I would never go out myself by taking bus or go anywhere far or non-familiar places except if there is somebody to send and fetch me back. I’m not scared at all because I’m wearing scarf? duh~~~ but I don’t feel comfortable to be the center of attention that’s all! But I told her that I would go to her house when my hubby can accompany or send me to hers. Besides, I told her that imagined she herself in Egypt or Pakistan or wherever which most women there wearing scarfs. I bet of course everybody would look at her if not because she isn’t wearing scarf but at least might be because she looked different than others right?

To put this in the most simple example. Don’t you whine when you live in other country where you can’t find foods you like and all, do you? So, I whined about a lot of things towards her as same as how she whined about living in here towards me. It is not the religion’s fault but it is the compatibility of you yourself to live in extraordinary environment out of your shell! No, I’m not angry but I’m just whining now and how I’m relief to express what I thought in here. I thought if she is Malaysian she could understand me better but actually she doesn’t really. In fact, I found out that some locals at least did really respect me when I’m answering when they themselves asked about my religion. Well, never mind. That’s just a small matter and it already passed. Now I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t whine in front of her anymore and I don’t want her to have false perception towards what I believe.

I better put this to a stop besides I don’t like to talk serious issue in the bloggie. I hope there won’t be anyone arguing with me in here ouh duhhh~~~ I have more things to do other than entertaining others. If you don’t agree with me so just be silent and divert yourself away. You don’t have to feel offended because if you had read carefully, I didn’t at all underestimate or accuse or judge anything with whatever you believe.

Ahhh that’s all. It’s already so lengthy for today. My heart feel ‘berbunga-bunga’ (how to say it in English?) when thinking about tomorrow’s entry hehe. Well to give a clue, it is just something history…ouh I’ve told that earlier right hehe. Tata! 🙂

PS: I f you guys don’t mind please comment on what you think of this new template and please tell me if there is anything wrong with it okay. Mucho gracias!

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