I Need A Hiatus From Blogging

The title said it all. I need a hiatus. Really need of it. Honestly, I’m not so in a good shape since for a while already. You might sense it from my previous entries. Don’t get me wrong, I am okay physically and mentally except that sometimes I got into my low points and that were when I were quite disturbed mentally. No lorrr there is no problem at all. Excepts all the problems I created myself from some over thinkings geeeee! It’s a habit and I am born with it. I think most first children are like me, no?. Talking about characteristics of a first born, here is an excerpt I found from the internet and there are a few characteristics of the first born stated,

“…One common characteristic of many first borns is that they tend to be perfectionists. They strive for unrealistic goals, don’t deal well with criticism, are devastated by failure, are frequently pessimistic, and take on so many responsibilities that things can go out of control…”

See? Have you read it? That all are sooo ME! All of them. Clearly stated. But hey, that are only a few of them. We got many good qualities too okay. I just took the weaknesses ones to suit my entry today. To add some more about my low points, yesterday I got all the expired medicines tablets, P*na*dol, Uph*m*l and ubat gatal on the counter and I placed them there in order to show them to hubby. I should have thrown them away already but I continued to cook. Once hubby got back, I told him, “Abang, ubat2 ni kan banyaknyerrr mcm best je kalau makan sumer kan. Uishhh byk kaler plak. Skali kan kalau R makan tetiba Abang balik tgk R pengsan kan hehehe (giggling happily)”. Then he said, “Apsal suka sgt cakap benda mengarut2 sekarang ni? Suka plak siap leh gelak2 lagi tuh. Berdosa tau. Itula beza orang ada agama dengan orang takde agama bla bla bla…”. Well, that’s why I didn’t swallow them all since I haven’t lost my mind yet okay hohoh. In fact, even if I do, chocolate cakes would be much delicious rather than the pills right? hehehe ;D They look very tempting you know, with the cute round shapes and colors ;D. Seperti gola-gola.

Whoahhh I’m feelings so lazy and so blur to think of what to write duh~~~. Well, actually I just want to express my thoughts here that I really have to take a break from blogging for a while. My schedule has gone topsy-turvy and the insomnia has made it even worse so I need to manage everything back to normal, even much better than before. Furthermore, I have a few missions that I need to focus on, really really focus on to which discipline, firm, determination, concentration, hard work and yada yada yada would play as important roles in me.

To tell the truth, I got carried away with blogging and bloghopping already and it has become uncontrollable. Honestly, I have become boring with it but seems like it has got into my blood; I never stopped doing it everyday. Besides of all the reasons I stated in my previous entry, I have come to my senses that I can’t swallow this kind of routine anymore. In fact I have become tension with myself (kelakar tak?), and finally whined and cried towards hubby last night (that’s when I realized I needed to make a move already). Sometimes I think haku ni tah apa2 jela kan and kesian la my hubby bucuk have to deal with my ke-ntah-apa2-an, ke-mengarutan n ntah-apa-ke-mende segala. I knew that sometimes I made him lost patience with me =P, but you have to bear with it la since I’m your beloved wife right. I knew you are so comel one so you always can be more sabar one meh XOXO!

Not that I think blogging is not beneficial at all since I filtered what I read too and most of them are very informative to me. I gained much useful knowledge along the way. But imbalance is not good right. Same like when you eat too much you might die faster. So now I’m already feeling like I’m in the process of killing myself hohoh! How blogging could be dangerous duh~~~ (at least to me ;P ;P ;P).

Cut the crap already!!!!! Back to my missions, they would be to study Nihongo more seriously (I mean, really serious), to do Yoga and other workouts in order to keep fit more frequently, to get back good sleep (a super good one), to manage my time more efficiently and beneficially and to settle everything (means many things) that I needed to do without delaying! (ouh I need to alter hubby’s pant which already tersadai dengan jarum n benang kat dalam baldi biru tu dah nak dekat sebulan, boleh???). So, good luck to myself.

During my hiatus, I might do some changes in my blog especially the template part. I don’t know when I’m gonna start blogging again but might be I would blog once a while when I feel like I miss to. I have to get everything on track first and really have to maintain it that way this time. Okay, that’s all. Don’t miss me =D I bet no one will ;P All in all, don’t forget me, that’s the most important one =D

Arghhh aku lapar!

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